Microsoft E3 2016 Conference Discussion Thread /9:30 AM Pacific

  • @marcel said in Microsoft E3 2016 Conference Discussion Thread /9:30 AM Pacific:

    NOOOOOOOOOO. Why did they mention FIFA??? Just why??

    What's funnier is they make it a selling point for the XBL Arena, didn't EA themselves announce a new platform THEY were doing specifically for tournaments and events?

  • @ZyloWolfBane They might integrate somehow :)

    BTW, what does everyone think of the 79.99+ USD custom controllers?

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  • @marcel Cringe, that's what I think. They couldn't scam enough people into buying elites so they did this instead. Just gimme the plain black with textured grips and a decent price.

  • We Happy Few looks really cool. Definite BioShock vibes from it.

  • In the end, all I can take away from that conference is that I just need to buy a GTX 1080.

  • I"m very happy with being able to buy one game for two platforms.

    Being a parent where my xbox is on my main TV, I can still have the kids play a game or watch a show they want to, and I can play on my PC.

    I know Brad was down on it, and it seems a lot of people I've talked to don't see the point, but Kudos to Microsoft for letting me buy one game and play on two platforms. I won't have to buy a game like Overwatch twice in order to play on two different systems.

  • @MechaMessiah it's a niche feature, but cool that it's there.

  • @MechaMessiah It makes sense for some people sure, but it's just not as big of a selling point as they're making it out to be. if you're an average game enthusiast or even a twitch streamer that has a decent PC you simply have no reason to own an XB1 anymore.

    Whatever you can't play on XB1 you can play on PS4 or this new Windows 10 platform.

  • Good conference but xbox one s and scorpio are pointless to me without exclusives. why buy xbox one s if I know scorpios coming. why spend money on scorpio if I can spend that money on my PC and still play the same games and more.

  • @Alucard Exactly. Probably going for a companion-machine thing, but doubt it will pay off well.

  • Solid conference, but I wasn't really excited for a lot of what they showed. Most interesting one there was Sea of Thieves.

  • Solid 4/5 star conference. The pacing was good. The minecraft thing was a little dragged out, but it's a big hitter so it's understandable. The repetition of stuff was also a little weird. The two demos weren't really a good representation of the games either. So because of that it lost half a star. Also no big suprises so that's another half star.

  • I think I enjoyed this conference as much as the Bethesda one to be honest. 3 to 3 1/2 stars would be the most I'd give it.

    We Happy Few and Sea of Thieves looked great, Forza looked fun too even though I won't play it.

    The odd thing about this one is it doesn't feel like Xbox are targeting the 'gamer' that much anymore. I think most people who play a lot of games will just get a PC.

  • Very good conference. Probably the best Microsoft one i can remember recently. Much more hype than Bethesda and EA

  • Sea of Thieves looks really good. I wonder how the mechanics will work but hopefully its just mindless fun :)

  • The conference itself was directed really well, 5/5. Edit: gotta bump it down to 4/5 after that whopper of a PlayStation conference!

    As for the content, it's all just too dudebro and the same franchises for me. Sea of Thieves and Inside are the only games that stuck, 3/5.

  • Overall, a very good conference by Microsoft standards (those controllers look great and I need a replacement) but still WAY too much talking and corporate speak. Imagine if this conference had longer demos and less talking, especially Sea of Thieves which looked great and has that awesome jolly vibe to it. The art of hype has been mastered by Sony and MS would do well to follow suit.

  • Not liking the fact that I need an adaptor to use kinect on the X1s.

  • The whole concept of this press conference is crazy to me.

    "Yo check it out, the newest and hottest shit. Xbox One S. Sleek, small, 4k Video output. You're gonna love it. If you don't have an Xbox One, now's the time. "
    90 minutes later
    "Hey dudes remember that console we just announced? Well that's old news son. We've got the Xbox Scorpio. This blows that piece of garbage Xbox One S out of the water. It's got all of the Teraflops, legit 4k, the dopest pixels you've ever seen. You're gonna love it, and it's coming out just a year after the Xbox One S. If you don't have an Xbox One, you probably want to wait. Or get the Xbox One S? I'm not sure. By the way you can play every Xbox game on PC now. So if you don't want to wait you should probably build a PC"

    I get that they want Consoles to be iterative, but making your press conference a console announcement sandwich seems bizarre.

    • Xbox One S formally introduced. Frankly, I don't mind the size of my current One, but they've trimmed it down and added some other bells and whistles starting at $300. Don't want to get too in depth, but this announcement is still positive despite what they closed the conference with.

    • I love the Gears of War series. While I understand complaints about it's tone and multiplayer, they aren't game ruiners. The campaigns have been fun, the world and lore are really interesting, and if you don't like their take on competitive multiplayer - Horde mode is an extremely fun way to add longevity to the game. 4 looked fantastic in the on-stage demo, really like the direction they're heading.

    • Sea of Thieves... what a fun showing, looking forward to getting my hands on it.

    • Forza Horizon 3 I don't care for simulation racing games all that much, and haven't played the previous Horizon entries, but this looks like something I'd jump into.

    • The ID@Xbox segment was cool, and didn't feel longer than it needed to be, Below, Cuphead, and Inside all look like must plays out of the montage. Then they closed it with an awesome look at We Happy Few.

    • Haven't played a single Dead Rising entry or State of Decay, but between them, State of Decay 2 looks far more interesting.

    • Recore just looks like plain fun, don't really know what the game will be about, but it presented some interesting gameplay options.

    • Scorpio. I don't want a gaming PC. I want a console. I don't care if PC players can play the games that would've been Xbox exclusives. I like the idea of giving players options. I will get it. I don't mind them announcing it this early, I actually kind of like it, and think it puts them in an in good position moving forward.

    • Additionally they announced some cool features coming to Xbox Live, custom controllers where if they are succcessful could be expanded upon going forward, a few free games and beta announcements, and allowed a lot of time for third party games to showcase themselves. The conference flowed smoothy, aside from that Minecraft demo which dragged, unveiled and showcased a lot of games that are varied and releasing in the near future... which was nice compared to other conferences. It did feel like the major bomb was missing from the show, and it didn't help that almost everything leaked prior (except that damn AoE announcement, WHY DID I GET MY HOPES UP?!). All that being said, I thought it was excellent and proved to be on par with what Sony did in the Monday nightcap.