Is anyone still playing Diablo 2?

  • Hey guys. The D2 recently just updated a new patch that let the game support on the new Mac. I've been playing it on and off. I have to say, D2 is wayyyy better than D3. If anyone is interested, message me on here and let's run Baal.

  • I used to play it a lot when D3 first launched, but their servers are so bad with all the spambots clogging the service that it just runs horribly online :/ Unless that's changed.

  • I have to agree with you on that service part. It disconnects a lot...

  • I have fond memories playing Diablo 2. I miss it but There are so many other things to play.

    it would be awesome to connect somehow to the new battlenet along with warcraft 3.

  • If you haven't tried Path of Exile, see if you like that. It's definitely a game made in spirit of Diablo 2 while Diablo 3 lost all of its identity.

  • I get on Diablo 2 once every couple of years. I wish I was good at it, but I really just like making Hardcore Skeleton-and-bone-shield-only Necromancers. It's so relaxing to me.

    I got pretty into Path of Exile as well when it first launched. The world and story didn't really capture me, but the loot system was incredible. My laptop is dated and so I can't run it very well, but I plan on trying it out again pretty soon here. The next expansion looks cool and I really respect GGG. They are a model developer.

  • This game was insane, stay up late, play with online players, level up my amazon, good memories...