Games you play when catching up on shows and podcasts

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    I never understood multitasking. It always feels like a chore. I'd listen to podcasts while I worked at my desk at my old job but if I had to play a sort of less focused game like Mario Kart in order to be attentive enough to listen to a show, then I wouldn't even bother with the game.

    Isn't for me

    Same here. Even if I try to chat or do any small thing, I got to listen to it again. Main reason why I can't multitask might be because english is not my native language but I just can only focus on one thing at a time.

  • Dark Souls. I listen to a lot of history podcasts, and history podcasts jive really well with the Soulsborne vibe of exploring lost civilizations. There's also just a lot of dead time in Dark Souls between the moments of frantic action.

    I remember someone (Ian, maybe?) calling this out specifically on the EZA podcast, which is funny, because I was listening to that episode while playing Dark Souls.

  • @oceangrunge You got my interest and my attention at history podcasts.

    Are there any in particular you'd recommend, I haven't really heard any before, closest thing being some radio shows in here, but I'm definitively interested.

  • @bard91 I know you didn't ask me, but....

    I'd recommend Hardcore History by Dan Carlin. The newer episodes are available for free, but older ones go behind a pay wall. As far as the older ones go, Wrath of the Khans is totally worth it, imo.

  • @Sazime I'm definitevy gonna check that then.

  • @bard91 Revolutions and The History of Rome by Mike Duncan are both excellent and informative podcasts, if a little dry. (and History of Rome is hampered by audio issues in many of the early podcasts).

    The History of China is in the same vein, but has SO MANY ADVERTISEMENTS.

    In Our Time, BBC Radio 4's history podcast, is a great roundtable discussion of historical topics, but every episode feels rushed, like they only have the studio booked for an hour and everyone needs to get their points in as quickly as possible.

  • When i used to play FFXIV, I'd gather while listening to Fantasy Fiction. Oddly, when that podcast ended, so did my FFXIV subscription. End of an era.

  • Rocket League is great, play it often when watching Easy Allies stuff

  • Picross and Etrian Odyssey are my go to multitask games.

  • @CosmicBagel

    Hey man! Typically I play open world games like Just Cause 3 or Batman (any Arkham game) because after spending time in a world long enough I just enjoy traversing/doing optional things whilst multitasking with a podcast or whatnot. If you are ever in need of more podcast listening, let me know because I have a Youtube channel that we do a weekly podcast on (forgive the self promotion).

  • Bloodborne and Quake :)

  • @ChoppedLiver02 Back in the day, I'd dump other music CDs in my drive to listen to my other music CDs while I played games like Quake.

  • Going to update this any and all Pokemon 3DS/DS titles.

  • I think No Man's Sky is a good game for this. I listen to long Easy Allies videos with this.

  • @Sazime ooh baby that's good. I also used to rip cd's but I don't have a cd drive so I try and only buy things that come with a download card.

  • @ChoppedLiver02 Back in the day, we didn't have mp3 downloads, and games didn't support multitasking in Windows. You kids today are spoiled. :3

  • None. I focus on the show that I am watching to get the best experience.

  • Multiplayer games usually. If I'm playing a single player game I like to give the game my full attention. But there are exceptions. I'm finishing up Fallout 4 right now and since I refuse to use the fast travel I will listen to a podcast when I'm wandering around but when a conversation starts or something very important happens I will pause whatever I am watching or listening to and give my full attention to fallout.

  • I only can do it while doing simple things in wow. Anything more complex and i get distracted by the game.