Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread

  • I need to see some Crash!! XD

  • @Hoken said in Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread:

    I think they will kick back and talk some PS Neo during this conference. Maybe some extra information about Kingdom Hearts and Last Guardian. Will Naughty Dog reveal themselves? Who knows. Makes sense they'd ride the waves from last years super conference.

    No Kingdom Hearts (at least 3) until the fall. We might see them in a montage though. I just don't see Sony devoting time to 2.8

  • Sony has the opportunity to be the best conference yet again. #SavingTheBestForLast

  • Resident. Evil. SEVEN. It really looks like it's going back to its roots based on what we saw in that trailer. Can't wait to play the demo tonight.

  • I crit my pants. The pace was perfect, Kojima makes no sense as usual.

    And they didn't sit there and talk PR and spin doctor all this bullshit like microsoft always does, I LOVE that, I thought for sure once Andy House went on stage he was gonna spin, but no.

  • I'm definitely let down at the lack of Persona 5 or Ni No Kuni 2, but all around that conference was amazing. So much pomp and circumstance. I don't even really care for most of the games shown since I'm primarily a in to RPG's and platformers, but it still managed to get me hyped.

  • @michemagius

    @Smartzke said in Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread:

    Resident. Evil. SEVEN. It really looks like it's going back to its roots based on what we saw in that trailer. Can't wait to play the demo tonight.

    Nah, that was expected. They aren't mainline Sony games, those were gonna be show floor reveals from the get go.

  • @ObbyDent nothing they do will be as good as last year lolololol

  • @generic_person I actually thought this conference was better and well rounded than last year.

  • @ObbyDent I think everyone did. This press conference was awesome.

  • So God of War 4, Resident Evil 7, Days Gone (which I swear is going to be a Last of Us spinoff), The return of Kojima, the return of Crash Bandicoot, and The Last Guardian.
    Not a bad show.

  • Best conference ever! Better then last year imo.

  • The structure and pacing of the show was incredible. The tension of the opening score, the emotions of dad Kratos, the surprise of RE7... this conference just kept pouring it on in an almost unrelenting series of great reveals. We may not have gotten every game we wanted but the mix of highly anticipated and completely "left field" games was perfection. AND KOJIMA. Excuse the hype, but this is the new benchmark that all other e3 shows should aspire to be: make it about the games and show, don't tell.

    5/5 - Masterful

  • Opening and continuing the press conference with a live orchestra took the balls the size of Texas. It added so much importance and class to the whole event.

    I have never played GOW but will play here. It looks like a weird mix of GOW and Witcher 3. Gorgeous game and I want to see this relationship between father and son. Huber's Kratos reaction was amazing!

    Detroit was awesome and such a great way to show the decision trees.

    Great job by Layden for recognizing the Crash shirt last year and the nice touch about the Crash shadow behind him

    I was hyped for COD, say WAT?

    RE7 was amazing and completely unexpected.

    Days Gone was great and even better than I expected Bend to come out with.


    I recognize the importance of E32015 from a historical perspective, but damn, this is my E3 of Dreams right here.

    Sony barely stopped to take a breath. Layden and House were on stage for less that 5 minutes in a 1 hour and 15 minute stream. Sony just mastered the E3 Hype formula

  • 5/5 = 1.
    The one.

    • I have never really cared for Sony. I've never owned one of their home consoles, and until tonight I was pretty content with that. But I think its time for that to change. This press conference improved on last year's in almost every way imaginable. It wasn't totally contingent on people's fondness for the past, it primarily focused on the future.

    • I have no attachment to God of War, but it came across as a tad forced. It looked awesome, but something seemed off about it. No release info.

    • It was beyond put up or shut up time for The Last Guardian. While I don't totally trust that release date, had they not at least said 2016 I would have told them to just scrap the game. They went to the well with this game way too many times. It looks good and hopefully it hits it's release date - if it doesn't just bury it.

    • Horizon Zero Dawn impressed once again. I'm not sure I need to see anymore, I feel like I understand what that game is going to be but no release date...

    • I'm incredibly happy they did a demo for Days Gone. I'm curious what the actual game will be like, but the scenario they presented was fantastic. No release information...

    • Once again, another visit from Detroit and it showed way better than what we were shown last year. But again, another repeat with no real release info...

    • Infinite Warfare showing in this super serious conference, with a pretty mind bending demo level should do wonders for it's public perception. I've long preferred CoD's fast pace gameplay to Battlefield, and just when I thought I would be crossing over, CoD rallies. (Multiplatform release date shown)

    • Resident Evil 7. That trailer does all the talking. Give it to me. Now. (Multiplatform release date shown)

    • I have never played a Metal Gear game. Sue me. But I totally respect the series and Hideo's accomplishments. I don't quite understand his fascination with Reedus but what a cool fucking trailer, man ass and tiny fetus be damned. Looking forward to seeing what Death Stranding develops into. I won't harp on it's release situation as it's kind of different than the rest. Cool to see him treated so well, and to show off some new ideas.

    • I can't hit everything they touched on. Spiderman by Sunset Overdrive devs is very cool. The VR would've been better if those Batman and Star Wars announcements were full games, just demos aren't too big a deal. Lego Star Wars always looks solid. I couldn't care less about the Crash remastered, the only good Crash title was Racing, and that won't be included by the sound of it.

    • On a personal level, I'm glad they skipped over a lot of the JRPGS that I couldn't care less about. There's nothing they could really show to get me interested in them, I'm not a part of the target audience and that's fine - but it did alot for me. Additionally, the orchestra was a nice touch.

    • While last year's Sony announcements were great, only 1 of the 5 big games (Shenmue, Remake, TLG, Uncharted 4, and Horizons) shown actually released before this year's E3. I take issue with the 2015 conference being so widely regarded, when it was really just a bunch of nebulous anouncements. And they followed it up by doing the same thing this year. Aside from TLG, no exclusive release dates were shown. I think alot of what they're cooking smells great, but it's just so far off, I don't know what people are actually getting to play. I want to give it a perfect score but...


  • God of War was a big surprise for me here. Not that I didn't know it was coming—I just didn't expect to be so interested. I love that TLoU comparison Brad made in the stream because that's exactly what I got. The paternal relationship gave it some really nice quiet beats and a lot of unexpected emotion.

    Don't get me started on the rest of the presser. The hype from Insomniac's Spiderman and Death Stranding alone is going to keep me up all night.

  • Sadly God Of War was leaked over a month ago, so it wasn't a surprise BUT the trailer was really good, I like the change in pace of the gameplay.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic and we saw none of the gameplay or screenshots beforehand.

  • @Lexad said in Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread:

    @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic

    It's not like it's out of character for him, the whole reason he was such a monster was for revenge of his original family which went a little out of control lol.