Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread

  • Sadly God Of War was leaked over a month ago, so it wasn't a surprise BUT the trailer was really good, I like the change in pace of the gameplay.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic and we saw none of the gameplay or screenshots beforehand.

  • @Lexad said in Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread:

    @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic

    It's not like it's out of character for him, the whole reason he was such a monster was for revenge of his original family which went a little out of control lol.

  • This press conference

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  • Seriously, the orchestra was gorgeous. Just amazing all around


    Sorry. I just had to get it out.

  • I think Ben's reaction is my favorite.

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  • I am completely impressed by Sony's conference. All other conferences (except EA) were show and tell while Sony's were mostly show and damn I loved them for it.
    Given I only have a ps4 and no xbox I am already biased towards Sony, but I always was looking for MS to provide me an excuse to buy a Xbox, which their conference heavily played against. I mean I have a powerful PC sooo I can play all their lineup on that.
    Sony impressed with a steady stream of high quality announcements combined with a live orchestra which was a pretty bold move (at least in my opinion).
    What really struck me is the whole conference felt 100% genuine. Sony gets gaming or at least gamers.
    We are already versed in the medium and we know what we want and can for the most part instantly tell if a game is for us or not. We don't need fancy buzzwords that are probably thrown around in investor meetings.

    Overall I loved Sony's approach and I really hope this isn't a fad and they know why yesterdays conference worked and it wasn't just a necessity because of the live orchestra.

  • They had me won at a live Orchestra. Can we all just think about how amazing they were!

    After that it was just game after game, just phenominal stuff.

    Can't believe Kojima actually turned up - "I'm back". I assume none of that game is created but it was a very cool trailer.

    Most importantly. The Last Guardian looked incredible and I cannot wait!

    Well done Sony.

  • Super impressed with the way the way the show was put together. Very good pacing and some massive announcements. Resident Evil reaction by the Allies was just epic!!! :)

    As an Xbox One gamer, I usually just play PS4 when something massive and exclusive launches but I might just go out and buy PSVR when it launches to try out games like Batman, Star Wars X-Wing mission and even Star Trek VR or Steep (if it gets VR support).

    What I am a bit concerned about is the lack of release dates on some of the major announcements like @MiserablePerson pointed out.

    Has anybody seen any Crash remaster screenshots/video or any release date plans?

  • Oh my GOD this was absolutely incredible!! How did they do this? I am absolutely floored. So happy. Downloading the RE7 demo now, TERRIFIED.

  • Looking forward to Spiderman, this dev will so improve over the last iteration of the game.


    5/5 so much.

  • Ahh, finally after a night with mostly no sleep and a hectic morning at work, I have some spare time to gather my thoughts. I loved it!
    The EZA guys were on point during their post-show discussion, I liked the way they showed game after game, that epic orchestra synced with the video and the classiness of it.


  • Such a great conference! It was hard to decide whether to watch the conference or Huber's face the whole time. Such hype!

  • That was amazing. I hope other companies follow Sony's lead in making press conferences a dramatic experience, instead of a...hyped up investor meeting, I guess. Like why would I care about what your CEO thinks of RE7? Just show me the games. And be a badass and show me the games with a live orchestra.

    I think the biggest surprise to me (other than debuts) was actually Horizon. I haven't really been too interested in the game so far, but that fight she was having with the ancient robot was giving me serious Monster Hunter vibes. Also, mountable robot giraffes. I just kind of wish she would talk a little less.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn is all I need!

    Or well... Kojimas game makes me carefully optimistic :popcorn:

  • I just wish they gave Gravity Rush 2 a few minutes. Still, what a conference, think this is the new standard now. All killer no filler.

  • Greatest press conference of all time.

  • Death Stranding & Resident Evil 7 already made it the best conference, but the demo of Horizon, Spiderman, God of War, and even COD made the conference so much better! I hope other companies take a look at what Sony did and allow the games to speak for themselves.