Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread

  • God of War was a big surprise for me here. Not that I didn't know it was coming—I just didn't expect to be so interested. I love that TLoU comparison Brad made in the stream because that's exactly what I got. The paternal relationship gave it some really nice quiet beats and a lot of unexpected emotion.

    Don't get me started on the rest of the presser. The hype from Insomniac's Spiderman and Death Stranding alone is going to keep me up all night.

  • Sadly God Of War was leaked over a month ago, so it wasn't a surprise BUT the trailer was really good, I like the change in pace of the gameplay.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic and we saw none of the gameplay or screenshots beforehand.

  • @Lexad said in Sony Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference Discussion Thread:

    @ZyloWolfBane I consider it a surprise since we didn't expect Kratos and his son to be so sympathetic

    It's not like it's out of character for him, the whole reason he was such a monster was for revenge of his original family which went a little out of control lol.

  • This press conference

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  • Seriously, the orchestra was gorgeous. Just amazing all around


    Sorry. I just had to get it out.

  • I think Ben's reaction is my favorite.

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  • I am completely impressed by Sony's conference. All other conferences (except EA) were show and tell while Sony's were mostly show and damn I loved them for it.
    Given I only have a ps4 and no xbox I am already biased towards Sony, but I always was looking for MS to provide me an excuse to buy a Xbox, which their conference heavily played against. I mean I have a powerful PC sooo I can play all their lineup on that.
    Sony impressed with a steady stream of high quality announcements combined with a live orchestra which was a pretty bold move (at least in my opinion).
    What really struck me is the whole conference felt 100% genuine. Sony gets gaming or at least gamers.
    We are already versed in the medium and we know what we want and can for the most part instantly tell if a game is for us or not. We don't need fancy buzzwords that are probably thrown around in investor meetings.

    Overall I loved Sony's approach and I really hope this isn't a fad and they know why yesterdays conference worked and it wasn't just a necessity because of the live orchestra.

  • They had me won at a live Orchestra. Can we all just think about how amazing they were!

    After that it was just game after game, just phenominal stuff.

    Can't believe Kojima actually turned up - "I'm back". I assume none of that game is created but it was a very cool trailer.

    Most importantly. The Last Guardian looked incredible and I cannot wait!

    Well done Sony.

  • Super impressed with the way the way the show was put together. Very good pacing and some massive announcements. Resident Evil reaction by the Allies was just epic!!! :)

    As an Xbox One gamer, I usually just play PS4 when something massive and exclusive launches but I might just go out and buy PSVR when it launches to try out games like Batman, Star Wars X-Wing mission and even Star Trek VR or Steep (if it gets VR support).

    What I am a bit concerned about is the lack of release dates on some of the major announcements like @MiserablePerson pointed out.

    Has anybody seen any Crash remaster screenshots/video or any release date plans?

  • Oh my GOD this was absolutely incredible!! How did they do this? I am absolutely floored. So happy. Downloading the RE7 demo now, TERRIFIED.

  • Looking forward to Spiderman, this dev will so improve over the last iteration of the game.


    5/5 so much.

  • Ahh, finally after a night with mostly no sleep and a hectic morning at work, I have some spare time to gather my thoughts. I loved it!
    The EZA guys were on point during their post-show discussion, I liked the way they showed game after game, that epic orchestra synced with the video and the classiness of it.


  • Such a great conference! It was hard to decide whether to watch the conference or Huber's face the whole time. Such hype!

  • That was amazing. I hope other companies follow Sony's lead in making press conferences a dramatic experience, instead of a...hyped up investor meeting, I guess. Like why would I care about what your CEO thinks of RE7? Just show me the games. And be a badass and show me the games with a live orchestra.

    I think the biggest surprise to me (other than debuts) was actually Horizon. I haven't really been too interested in the game so far, but that fight she was having with the ancient robot was giving me serious Monster Hunter vibes. Also, mountable robot giraffes. I just kind of wish she would talk a little less.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn is all I need!

    Or well... Kojimas game makes me carefully optimistic :popcorn:

  • I just wish they gave Gravity Rush 2 a few minutes. Still, what a conference, think this is the new standard now. All killer no filler.

  • Greatest press conference of all time.