Streaming EZA non-live shows for community viewing

  • I have an idea that be interesting and fun for the community, though I know it has some draw backs.

    There are a lot of time slots in which there is no one streaming on Twitch, so I was thinking that you could use those dead-air times to stream a released video of an EZA show. What's more fun when watching the Podcast or Tabletop Escapades is if it watched with the community. I bet someone of use would love to hold out to watch it with people on Twitch, or we would even like to watch it again.

    The downside is that it could reduce traffic to Youtube if views are important, but a plan to alleviate this is to schedule a time in which the show will be on Youtube for a period of time before streaming it live for Twitch viewing. There's also the factor that you're not getting all the feedback through Youtube comments, though chat replay is there if needed.

    Anyway, I think this might be something to look into. It could be fun for the community without much consequence if planned well.

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    I like this idea! As I am working full time in Europe it is hard to catch the late streams live! however if we could come to twitch after to jump in it would be more stream like, even though for obvious reasons it is not the real thing. Having more people to talk with about what is going on really helps with community and I think it would be a lot of fun! But then as OP mention, it comes down to if they can make enough earnings from it contra YouTube.

  • I like it the way it is

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    Also a problem with someone needing to be there to monitor the stream, make sure there aren't technical difficulties, switching videos, etc. It'd probably be less work than playing a game but they would still need the time to do it. There is a twitch playlist feature that you can set up to play VODS from twitch, but it's in beta still I believe and not every channel has it.

  • It's a cool idea, but I think (for now at least) they should focus on keeping that stuff YouTube-centric. Technically all of their videos are still new-ish and people are still discovering EZA, so it'd be worth it to make sure the views come from where some advertising revenue is earned instead of for free on Twitch.

    Having a 24/7 stream between broadcasts can be some annoying work and full of technical issues (including having a computer setup that's always on and running, which would interfere if the guys would want to stream from home), and again considering how new EZA is, content would end up looping pretty fast. I help moderate Mega64TV where they do just this, and even with over 10 years of content under their belt, those Mega64 videos loop surprisingly often.

    At the same time, I absolutely do love the idea of watching these videos and being able to chat and comment with other fans about it in real time.

  • @Kristen59 I don't think it would be that much trouble, and it certainly doesn't need monitoring. Just start the stream, play the video, and go do other stuff. In fact, maybe they can even trust the access to the lovely moderators :smile_cat: to do it.

    @Smartzke I did talk about Youtube traffic with possible solutions to the problem. I don't know how much revenue is being generated with Youtube ads, but what I do know is that Brandon stated they are more concerned with visibility of EZA than they are with hits in a Cup of Jones episode. With the current schedule, streaming is pretty heavy in Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Thursday for the recent week for some reason), and most other days get just one stream. The biggest Twitch streamers have a consistent schedule that hits a lot of time zones and mostly every day. I think filling up some dead air in the schedule might help capture some audience that are only on Twitch outside of EZA's current Twitch schedule.

    And I wasn't talking about 24/7. That's crazy. I'm just talking about maybe 5 hours in the week however long is the Podcast or TTE or Frametrap when it's the bi-week. I got this idea a while ago, but when Bosman and Jones watched Pokemon Origins with a fairly decent amount of people, who really shouldn't find watching two gentlemen not gaming to be interesting, it really made me feel confident about this idea. People would love to watch and talk about the Podcast or TTE together. I know when I watch the shows, I would feel so compelled to talk to people about something funny, and the only place is the forum.

  • I like this idea, I know that a few other twitch streams do this, and with the variety of timezones that the fans are in, it'd be nice to watch stuff with people.

    Side note, I'd really love one of those maps where people pin where they live. Being able to sit back and see what percentage of EZA fans are from North America/Europe/Etc would be cool.

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    There was a brief attempt at GT to try a 24 hour stream channel where they'd have revolving content from the past and present play, though I'm not sure what happened with that.