E3 Bethesda Recap and impressions

  • Ok, let's get over this quickly.

    Disclaimer: I am writing this after a little more sleep because of E3 and timezones are weird like that, and being pushed forward purely by hype and overdosing with green tea. So expect some mistakes. Also, if you don't agree with something, or want to state your own opinion or highlight, feel free to engage a discussion. :D

    Recap: This is based off my badly made notes that I took during press conference.

    Starting off with countdown (Bosman might have opinion about this), the conference begins with opening a DOS acronym, teasing some release dates and projects. Then, a simple word: Quake.
    Youtube Video

    Well met Bethesda. Well met indeed.

    The cinematic shows us enough to be excited about, while not giving away much. All we know about Quake: Champions is that it will feature multiplayer as a spiritual successor of the franchise, will be PC exclusive, due to fast gameplay and graphic capabilities, and will probably be a first person hero shooter. It seems that Overwatch is getting a rival soon. But it's too early to talk about specifics. We don't even have a gameplay or release date (probably sometime in 2017). More info is supposed to be revealed at Quakecon.

    Next, it was time for Elder scrolls: Legends. Yeah, that card game.
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    The cinematic doesn't show much and is unnecessary in my opinion, but it was probably aimed for those overhyped ladies in the audience.

    And some gameplay:
    Youtube Video

    I have little problem with this game. While not as interesting as Fallout or Elder scrolls main series games, it brings new dimension in its genre. The two lanes offer different perspective on a card game. Plus the fans of elder scrolls franchise will sure try it out, but is it enough to become a decent competitor to, in the first place, Heartstone, that offers most simple and attractive online card game from popular studio.
    Elder scrolls: Legends will have an open beta in april and will also come on tablet, mac and mobile platforms.

    Next we had some updates on Fallout 4. The latest big DLC: Far harbour is supposed to be great addition to the game, but now we get some new additions to this game.
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    Featuring Fallout: Workshop, the new add-ons will let you build your own contraptions, your own vault and visit to the Nuka World. The reason, why I am most excited about this is because, our beloved Don Casanova is bound to make some incredible things with it. Personally, I've had my share of Fallout and it was fun, but I probably won't come back to it. The Workshop will be released in July 2016.

    We also got to see some new content for Fallout: Shelter. While I don't care about it, it is nice for those that still enjoy it (if there are any) and to show that they haven't been forgotten. Fallout: Shelter will also be coming to PC this July. While I don't care much for Fallout, there are features that I would love to see implemented in the potential Elder scrolls 6. And all this smaller updates of the franchise (Legends, Dark brotherhood and Skyrim special edition) seem like befitting distraction for its announcement.

    Next Skyrim will get a very frequently asked special edition with enhanced graphics. This will be a wonderful opportunity for console gamers, and for those on PC that either couldn't or didn't want to upgrade it with mods. The mod support itself will also become more accessible on consoles and PC. The enhanced edition will come out october 28th 2016.

    it was followed by a surprise: The new Prey
    Youtube Video

    This was what Titanfall 2 was at the EA conference. You could dispute that, by saying that it was Quake because of the starting position in conference and the excitement it received. And I see your point, but still, I think we haven't seen enough Quake to compare it this way. Titanfall 2 gave me a lot to chew on, while being excited for it. I got almost no information about Quake, so I'm a bit sceptical for now, while Prey gave me enough to gave me similar feels to Titanfall. Interesting, cool, leaving us hungry for more. I honestly can't wait to see how it plays. I don't really like horror games, but if the game looks anything like the trailer, this will be awesome. Prey will come out sometime in 2017 on PS4, Xbox1 and PC.

    The recent highly anticipated and well received FPS, Doom is also getting bumped up. Don is getting more tools to work with, with enhanced Doomsnap. They'll also be releasing 2 new modes for multiplayer, that needed improvement the most, and new DLC: Unto the Evil.
    In addition, for a limited time (I believe), you can play first level of doom for free. Rightfully so, it seems that Bethesda desires to keep the resurrected classic at the peak performance.
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    Next was not so impressive update for Elder scrolls online. Though they spent a lot of time talking about it, they haven't actually said much. Long story short: They have congratulated themselves, they are getting more popular and they are updating it on all platforms.

    The next was interesting announcement for Bethesda VR. It's especially interesting because two of the most popular games in their genres (Doom and Fallout 4) will be getting VR possibilities. While you will probably only be able to walk in the world of Doom, without actally shooting, it was heavily hinted that Fallout 4 will be getting actual VR gameplay. Say WHAAAAAAAAT?!

    it is easy to compare EA and Bethesda conferences. What was Battlefield 1 for EA, was Dishonored 2 for Bethesda.
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    We got nice visuals via The Void engine. While it was beautiful, we saw too many almost identical shots of the same scenes, while not getting actual gameplay until the ending part of the presentation, that honestly wasn't great. But while Allies seemed to be disappointed during the stream It was satisfying for me. I think Huber said that a lot of people said that it was very close to being a great game. I think that the sequel brings enough to cover that gap. You have two playable character, beautiful surroundings, expanded environment, interesting (robot?) enemies and while the combat remains to be iffy, the stealth also remains to be the strong point of the game. The diverse and deepened skill trees will also help with that imo. The game comes out 11.11.2016.

    Bottom line is that Bethesda conference was success, especially after the EA disaster. Still, Bethesda really lacked gameplay presentation. The only explicit gameplay of a new game, if we discard Elder scrolls: Legends (Pun intended :P ) was of Dishonored, and even that was not optimal and was overused. Still, I think that Bethesda opened themselves doors for an amazing conference with project announced this year, and those that will be later.

    Final score: 7.5/10 :clap: :clap:
    3.5 stars/5

  • Prey was a very nice surprise. I loved the Bioshock-esque feel of the trailer and the Fight Club-esque psychological thriller spin.

    And I'm a little disappointed with Quake Champions being PC only. Hopefully that will change ;) Maybe that will be an announcement for Xbox or Sony :)