Final Fantasy XV delayed

  • Would be a little disappointed if true, but it would give me more time to save up

  • I'm a bit disappointed if this is true, though Atlus is probabaly pretty pumped.

  • Would be kinda weird to delay a worldwide release in fear of a JP only release.

  • @michemagius Why would Atlus be happy about this? All this does it cede Final Fantasy's sales to western trash and crush Gravity Rush 2 entirely.

  • @Haru17 A final Fantasy delay would mean less competition for Persona 5 in September, at least in Japan where a lot of their sales will likely come from. P5 is gonna be big, but It'll be bigger if people don't have to choose.

  • @michemagius Oh right, I forgot about the Japanese release date.

  • The story of the making of this game is probably more epic than the plot of the actual game.

  • if anyone thinks the ps4k is coming this year really needs to think the thing hasn't even been shown and it almost September if the thing was coming this year thered be a leak on exactly what its specs were

  • I can't say I'm looking forward to this FFXV, I'll check it out once it is cheaper if reviews are good, but man I can't help but think the worst out of this, if it does turn out to be true. This would seem like another episode in what to me seems to be just a disastrous development for this game.

  • This looks to be true anyway. There has been some photo evidence. Image is a little big so I'll just post the link.

    Also I think this is completely unrelated to the Neo, the game just needs more work to it.

  • @tokeeffe9 I'm inclined to believe this rumor with or without the Neo, but that looks like the fakest leaked material I've ever seen.
    It could very well be real, but it looks real real fake.

  • I want the delay to be true so damiani can win the last guardian vs FF15 bet but i really want to play FF15 in September because there are no games that interest me in that month

  • @A7X458 Could you remind me about that bet?

  • Which game will come out first FFXV or TLG. Damiani said FFXV will come out first and Bosman chose TLG. If Damiani wins, Bosman needs to have a mug of milk tea with boba. If Bosman wins Damiani needs to have milk in his mug.


    give me the greatest birthday gift ever you sacks of shit!!!!

  • I'll know for sure today, if it's really about to be announced soon there's going to be marketing kit changes at retail stores. I know a few people.

    As for the actual delay, works for me. If it released in september I wouldn't buy it, too many other high priority games I'd rather take a chance on. Whereas in November everything that's highly anticipated isn't on my radar like Dishonored 2 which leaves my window open to possibilities if they actually fix what I found to be wrong about FFXV like the frame rate and highly unresponsive combat.

  • That release date might be a rumored date for the update for playstation neo version of final fantasy xv.

  • @MSBilal said in [RUMOUR] Final Fantasy XV delayed:

    That release date might be a rumored date for the update for playstation neo version of final fantasy xv.

    That wouldn't make sense. Part of the rumors going on include marketing kits being altered to show a new date, they wouldn't be advertising a date for an announcement on a version that won't be out this year.

  • How much time do I have to beat Persona 4?! I come into this FF15 thread and see talk of P5? I may have to buy a Vita and P4G used this weekend if I'm that short on time.

  • This game is going to fail miserably I think. I hope it doesn't for final fantasy sake. But pissing everyone off with delays is a sure fire way to already get their mind made up before they even play it.

    Also it doesn't seem all that good anyway. Played episode duscae. The combat is nothing. Which means it will rely on the story and characters. Characters were.. Okay. It better have a dam good story.
    I'm estimating another final fantasy 13,
    Im estimating a 7/10