Final Fantasy XV delayed

  • @babpel91
    Thats my thought as well. Besides if it means a little extra technical polish, and some extra time to set aside some cash for my colletors edition, along with getting my media room finished

  • Having been a part of the day 1 shenanigans myself, I understand his position very well.

    Day 1 patches really sucks for people who can't get them, and they cause unnecessary overhead for the patching process which nearly doubles testing time (testing the disc product and then testing the disc product with the patch). A lot of companies use them to sneak in to getting released on time, but I'm glad they aren't going to do it. It's bad for the game and for the team. Also, they probably will be taking a monetary penalty hit from various retailers as a part of their contract. Games that are delayed too close to their release have flyers, marketing, storage planning, shelf space causes problems for the retailers, so they are compensated.

    Also, the 2 months delay is actually about how long it takes to produce and ship the disc. Especially in the holiday season, the queue to get your copies printed is long. Then shipping is like 1-2 weeks worth for a global shipping effort at every store. Not many people know the logistics of it if they didn't work in the industry. Since they want to include Day 1 patching, they'll have the gold master on Sept 30, and it'll start the production process at that point.

  • @babpel91 that isn't even close to true. Watch any video game making of documentary. A lot of games are entirely broken until the final 3 months.

    • RDR
    • somewhat TLOU to an extent

    Final 90s days is when your game becomes what it truly is a lot of the time.

  • I mean, the delay can't make anything about the game 'worse' but it can improve things. I have no complaints, though I'll probably have to wait until winter break to play it now.

  • @GoTaco That's what I'm doing right now, Golden on the Vita. 55 hours in, maybe a little over halfway through the game. To be fair though, I'm playing on Very Hard (which really extends your time) and I beat the original on PS2.

    @Stephleref They can't please their fans? Final Fantasy XIV may be the greatest turn around a game has ever seen in the history of gaming. Universally hated turned into universally loved, one of the most popular MMOs in the biz. I don't even like the genre but I respect how wonderful this game is. They created an entire new development team to focus on classic JRPG style games and just had the generally praised I Am Setsuna released mere weeks ago. They finally announced the Final Fantasy 7 remake fans have been clamoring for for years. I don't think a 2 month delay on a game that has obviously had a lot of problems means they've lost their touch. If you saw the showing that FFXV had at the Microsoft conference, it was pretty apparent the game was getting pushed back.

    Will Final Fantasy XV actually be good after the delay? Definitely sounds like a decent reason to delay the game but after playing both demos, I know it's not going to do much for me. I didn't care much for the characters and the thing you'll be doing most in the game, combat, just left me feeling underwhelmed. I still hope it does well though and I'm really hoping that when/if we get 16, turn-based combat makes a glorious comeback... I just wouldn't bet any money on that happening.

  • I really don't get the logic behind delaying it until after Black Friday, but not into February. This can only bode ill for its success.

  • I am 100% happy they delayed it. First impressions are everything, and FFXV is a game worth polishing to perfection. That being said, if they need more time like January/February, they should do it.

    On the topic of the Neo, I will be SHOCKED if it releases in 2016. Hardware leaks are insanely difficult to stop, and I have a hard time believing they've avoided any type of leak this close to Holiday 2016.

  • @ZyloWolfBane I guess the date is confirmed now so

  • I've waited for this game for so long, one last delay is fine in my book.

  • @Haru17
    To be fair it is a name brand franchise, so I don't really see it releasing after black Friday hurting sales that much. (Hell there are a handful of series that could release after black Friday and still sell like cocaine laced pancakes)

  • Aaaaaaand. Atlus rejoices. At least it gives Japanese fans time to rebuild their wallets and me time to strengthen mine.

  • Disappointing but what can ya do? I kinda expected a delay after the showing at e3, I dont mind waiting a little longer, they really need this game to be as good as it can.

    Personally I'm more annoyed that they told us they had to make the other characters unplayable only to turn around and make them playable as DLC. Guess we cant really know until we play the game if that was legit and they added these DLCs to try and make up for it, or if they just wanted to cut playing as the other characters out as DLC

  • @DMCMaster Are ya kidding? The fact that it's a brand name franchise means that its sales deficit from the delay will eclipse certain AAAs' entire profits!

  • I'm okay with this.
    Well, I had planned a vacation in September specifically to have time to play XV but I'll cancel it and move it to November, no biggie. :grin:

    Not sure if I buy into that whole "We wanna bring the version w/ the day 1 patch to people who don't have internet access" but whatever, if they want to polish it it's okay with me. I waited 10 years for the damn thing, 2 months is nothing.

  • The internet access thing is a real problem. Plenty of people around the world don't have it and therefore don't have access to digital only games or indeed any updates.

  • @Haru17 Yeah I know, but you don't hear that very often from developers, is what I mean.

  • I don't mind.

  • @crimilde That's because gaming has a western and affluence bias, some of which is inevitable.

  • @GoTaco Huh? What does that have to do with what I said? I didn't comment in any way on the state the game is in. Just said that a two month delay isn't a big deal in game developement and happens all the time and it certainly doesn't make the game a trainwreck

  • I'm not getting FF XV until I get my hands on a PS Neo, period. There's no way I'm buying a PS4 now if a better one comes out in a few months. Therefore, this delay does not particularly matter to me but I am a bit concerned that they are having problems. Oh well....