Final Fantasy XV delayed

  • Personally this just makes sense in my head. I really couldn't wrap my head around that this game was going to come out in little over a month. Just seemed unreal to me. It coming out in late Nov just makes sense to me in my weird head. I kinda feel the same with Last Guardian, coming out this year, what/how?

    I do like the reasoning for the delay though. I think most, if not all of us on these forums, this isn't really isnt an issue but I think it really sucks if you buy a game and cant play the intended version because you don't have internet access.
    I would say though that if you don't have internet access maybe getting a new console isn't a great idea.

  • @babpel91 I misconstrued your comment.

  • @Haru17 all i remember is that bosman and damiani bet on which game would release first the last guardian or FF15, i think damiani bet on the last guardian and bosman on FF15 but I'm not sure

  • @FF7Cloud well im eating crow now