Nordic Games changes name to... THQ Nordic

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    Do you Remember THQ? The company that published games.. among a series called Darksiders.

    Then you might also know that they went bust and Nordic Games bought rights to a lot of THQs games.
    Now Nordic Games have change their name to THQ Nordic.

    Lars Wingefors says that they now Enters a new phase and have 23 projects in the works, which 13 of the 23 are yet unannounced.

    What do you guys think? is there finally a chance to see Darksiders 3, 4 and maybe 5? or is this just another name change which noone really cares about?

  • Have they announced (ie: shown) any notable games yet? I haven't hear anything since the rights acquisitions.

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    @Haru17 So far its just been remakes I believe, like they released Darksiders 2 remake and now are working on one for the first game. I guess its mainly publishing for now, but we can hope that we will hear more soon.

  • I think that Darksiders 3 (or a reboot) is a no-brainer considering that you wouldn't buy the IP and hire people that worked on those games just to re-release the first two games. Also they have expanded in size.

    Apart from that it's pretty much a wait and see situation.

  • 23 projects? I think they will honor the thq name and release a lot of shovelware.

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    @Niriso yeah, as it says in the article "As of now we have 23 game projects in development." so assuming some of it is just publishing stuff! anything special you hope for?

  • @Lotias Titan Quest 2 will be nice.Unlike after all this time, and I don't know if they got the ip.

  • Nordic does most of its business through buying unused IPs and farming out sequels, so it's fitting that they did that to their own company name

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