[Official] What are you playing?

  • Just finished chapter 3 of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, I absolutely love how dumb this game and how silly things get.

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    I just picked up Age Of Empires 2 HD remake. I had kinda forgotten how much fun it is to just mock about on a large map vs AI and just build up a huge army and smash the enemy down! also just touched the first campaign, its rather fun!

  • Went to town to play some pokemon go today, walked about 7kms got a few of the gen 2 pokemon

  • Stuck on another boss in Nioh. I wouldn't describe it as a hard boss. I just have a hard time telling when it's going to do what...Pretty cool level stage though! Reminds me of a certain part of Fatal Frame 5.

  • Not played much this weekend, but Nioh all last week, only just reached the

    2nd region

    But I'm absolutely loving it!

  • Finished Chapter 3 in trails in the sky SC .Whoa i think this game may be better then the cold steel games.

  • I'm late to the party.. but I got A Link to the Past for GBA. I finally get to play it :D

  • Yakuza 0
    Well once done with the side stories the main story goes by rather fast, chapter 10 after the battle.

  • After a long hiatus, back to Yakuza 0 for a little while last night. I demolished Club Mars on my second attempt, and got 300 million Yen for this! WHAT?? Never had so much cash, I bought a lot of abilities, and then went on to secure partnership with all of the businesses in the Jupiter area, and am about ready to challenge them.

    It's a fun touch that all the clubs are named after Sailor Moon characters and the star girl of each club is wearing the corresponding color: red for Club Mars, green for Jupiter, and so on.

    I really hope I manage to power through the rest of the game in the next two weeks to make room for Zelda, Torment and Horizon, but who am I kidding :(

  • I got Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls on hold, and I started the first Yakuza but left it on hold as well to play RE7. But since that's done, I guess Yakuza it is. My "on hold" list is almost as long as my backlog.

  • I've progressed pretty far in Mirror's Edge Catalyst and I'm assuming I'm nearing the end. I have been having a blast just running around that city. I don't think it will hold my attention for the remaining week and a half until Zelda comes out so I'll probably have to put some serious time into Titan Souls, which I have only played a couple bosses in but it pretty fun and charming so far.

  • Yakuza 0
    Chapter 11 now and on another side thing that I will spend sometime with to complete, though most probably not as much as Cabaret Club Czar.
    Not the biggest fan though that the characters are semi randomized.

  • Yakuza 0
    Chapter 10, beat Club Jupiter, beat the Leisure King. Trying to catch up with @Musou-Tensei!

    As much as I love this game I'm probably going to focus on going through the main story now, it's almost too big for its own good!

  • Banned

    I just replayed Mass Effect 2 and did the suicide mission. Now I just have to go through Arrival.

    Not entirely sure if I wanna play Fetch Quest 3 though.

  • Yakuza 0
    Only Bed of Styx but I'm now at a point with Rank B, where the next rank up requires me to win over 200 million and the best Win to Time ratio is the one where the floor opens up, which gives me around 7 million in a minute, that's still almost 30 fights, IF I win every single one, I'm not sure if i wnt to do that as it doesn't seem to be required for completion?
    I havn't tried Endless Rout yet though which I just unlocked, maybe I get more money from there?

  • just bought ys origins on ps4 waiting for it to download, the theme that came with the game is jolly as hell.

  • For Honor

    I got it for free at work, so I'm playing through the campaign during lunch breaks. It plays so well, duels never cease to be fun, but it's easy to tell that the singleplayer campaign was tacked on, and is nothing more than a long tutorial introducing you to each character class. A bunch of scenarios stringed together by simple cutscenes. It's still fun, purely because of the gameplay, but I doubt it will leave a big impression when all is said and done. Might tempt me to dive into multiplayer though!

  • FFXV: Just did the new timed hunt his one was to kill 100 Cactuars and it can go to hell.

    Y's Origins: cool art direction and music ive only played Y's 1 and 2. just a warning its not a good port lots of weird graphical glitches

  • Yakuza 0
    Decided to not further pursue the Bed of Styx ranking for now after realizing that Endless Rout is not worth it, got the trophy for 30 fights in it though. Also got the trophy for 10 wins in the LCC. Made quite the story progress and I'm now at the beginning of chapter 15.

  • I caved yesterday. I told myself aside from Persona 5, I wouldn't purchase any full price games this year but when I woke up yesterday, I knew what I needed in my life... Yakuza 0.

    This is my first foray into this series and great beef bowls, I'm loving it so far. The main thing I'm digging right now is the pacing - so far there has been a perfect balance of player interaction and story. The pace of the tone has been excellent as well - real heavy opening scene, let's sing some karaoke right after. The tension between some of these characters is absolutely overwhelming and I can't praise the acting enough. I'm also not one to revel in graphics normally, but this thing is a beauty.

    If I had complaints to give, I'd say the world relies real heavily on invisible walls which can be a little jarring at times. I'm playing on Hard and didn't stock up on healing items for the first boss, so that one took me several agonizing tries to defeat but... it did give me more time to practice combat.

    I also picked up a real cheap PC recently so I decided to hop into Pokemon TCG Online. Their progression system feels real similar to Hearthstone to me in how additional packs and decks (or classes in HS) are dished out and I honestly hate the art style - but ugh, I've had some great matches so far. Maybe I haven't played enough matches online yet to experience it, but the amount of decks built around a meta feels non-existent in comparison to Hearthstone.