[Official] What are you playing?

  • Enraptured with Nioh!

  • I started Yakuza 0 on chapter 2 last night, I finished my 5 hour session... still on chapter 2.

    When I heard the series had mini-games, I was dismissive. I've played those in GTA, no big deal. No, these aren't throwaway games. Not only are they top quality and fun by themselves, you end up meeting new characters and getting new quests for doing well in them. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? I'm ridiculously addicted to Pocket Circuit, spent a long time playing drunken darts (and winning big), and even the dance mini-game being my least favorite is still fun and unique.

    Walk into a random bar with no map marker telling me to do so, become embroiled in an underground gun trade. Things like this feel so natural and give a sense of discovery, unlike what we're used to with most open-world games - map markers telling you exactly what activity you'll be doing at any given area. There's map markers here of course, but there's still mysteries to be found in alleys that amount to more than "collect 300 of this item".

    It feels great to just hop into a long running series without experiencing the previous installments and just loving every second. I know there's hype for this franchise in this community and I finally get it. Budding Yakuza fan here, I just hope the other entries in the series let me race RC cars.

  • Yakuza 0
    Final Chapter, did Kiryu's last substory but I have no idea how to do Majima's really.
    Used a guide for the few missing phone cards and befriended both money loaners, completed the Adventure and Business completion lists. I don't think I will platinum this game as it requires me a 100% completion, and that requires me to git gud in Shogi and Mahjong, and that is not going to happen, lol.
    Should finish the story tomorrow.

  • If we were to do the top video game characters list i would easily put Estelle in my top 10. Shes such a joy

  • @FF7Cloud Now you see why I tell people not to overlook the Trails in the Sky games? haha

  • @Minamik You guys are definitively making it hard, I still have to go through ToCS 2, but I'm seeing if I can squeeze Trails in the Sky somewhere down the line.

  • Yakuza 0
    Beat the game! I am now a fan of the series and can't wait for Kiwami. Platinum though, not gonna happen.
    Kinda pissed that the Enemy Finder for Kiryu is a missable item, how am I supposed to know? Oh well I spent over 100 hours with this game.
    Next up TitS.

  • @bard91 Tellin' ya. Story and characters are way better in Sky than Cold Steel.

  • @Musou-Tensei Cant wait to see what you think of it especially a certain bard

  • Starting Horizon today.

  • Trails in the Sky FC
    Only just started, finished the 1st mission and went back to the area to level to Lv.5
    I'm a bit bothered that the map doesn't show NPCs in this one, now I will get paranoid that I miss something.

  • Darkest Dungeon came roaring into my life yesterday and consumed most of my night. I stayed up til 3 AM with a "just one more run" mentality, leaving me with only a few hours of sleep. Even at work, I thought way too much about Darkest Dungeon. And that narrator... So glorious.

  • TitS FC
    Finished the Prologue and doing some side quests now.

    Question: The Carnelia books, are they the same as in ToCS?

  • @Musou-Tensei TitS

    alt text

  • @Musou-Tensei Yeah, that's why they were called reprints in ToCS.

  • @Minamik I see, then I don't need to read that again, thanks.

    @bard91 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I just started play Shovel Knight for the first time last night. It is absolutely a blast.

    It took a while to get used to the controls though. It felt really weird at first that when you are jumping you just completely stop moving if you let go of the directional button. I fell into a hole way too many times in the beginning because that aspect just felt so weird. It also took me a while get used to playing a 2D sidescroller like this with the joystick, I always feel more comfortable using the D-pad. However it felt even worse for me trying to jump on someone with the D-pad than joystick so I had to teach myself to use the latter.

    The music is so good! The animations and cutscenes are great. I love the map that you move around SMB3 style, even complete with enemies that move around the map as well. That town is so jolly. They really nailed the old school look and feel. I can't believe it took me this long to finally get around to it.

  • I am currently switching between Nioh, Horizon and Overwatch. There are ton of games I need to play this year so I am trying to stay focused on getting Q1 cleared before june/july.

  • TitS FC
    Not much today, only did the quests on and around the farm and the gate and am on my way back to Rolent.
    Level 8.

  • Ys Origins: Beat a boss that was giving me trouble now im in a fire area.

    Trails in the Sky SC havent really played much doing quests around Ruan

    Level 56