[Official] What are you playing?

  • Breath of the Wild: im in the desert doing my least favorite part of the game so far.

    Fast RMX this game is great for 10-15 mins at a time.

  • @Minamik Breath of the Wild has some questionable frame rate issues on the WiiU. "It's alarming". You get dips when running through densely populated areas such as forests or towns. Sometimes fighting can get real framey too if there are a couple enemies on screen with other stuff going on. I have heard that some of these issues are also on the Switch version but maybe not as bad, its hard to judge since everyone has their own level of acceptance with it. For me its not game breaking, just an annoyance every now and then. If a 100% consistent good framerate is the utmost importance to you then buckle up because you're in for a bumpy ride, unless you play the Switch version in handheld apparently.

  • I got an insane urge to replay Shovel Knight the other day, and for whatever reason I really wanted it on my PS4 (despite already having it on Steam, Wii U and 3DS) but screw it that game is worth spending another $25 on.

    It's always kind of funny to go replay something and beat the part that took you four hours in one or two tries. I remember when I first fought specter knight I just couldn't handle it but now that I actually know how to play the game (even though I'm rusty, haven't really touched it much since 2014) it was a cakewalk.

  • Finally got back to Trails in the Sky SC and learnt Agate's back story......... it takes alot for me to get emotional and that sequence did it holy crap that hit me like a ton of bricks.

  • Weekly report

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Hearts: 5, Stamina: 1 3/5, Shrines: 21, Koroks: 55

    Storywise I have now the coodinates for the 4 Titans and unlocked the Memory photos, of which I have found 3 depicted places so far. My last encounter was east of the Ranell Crossroads(?) where found a memory, I wanted to go further east but suddenly some enemy with 2000HP and Ice Arrows that one shot me (hooray for fairies) at this point attacked and I noped out of there.

    NieR: Automata
    2B Lv.27, Missions: 35%, Ends: K T U

    Storywise I'm now in the woods where I last saved at the castle. I'm slightly annoyed that it takes so long to unlock fast travel as I did every possible side quest as they appear (which means lots of running between town and desert) except one where I have to protect a parade, but the enemies are too strong at this point.
    I also ate a mackerel.

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC
    Chapter 3, Jr. Bracer - 2nd Class, BP:233, Estelle: Lv.25, Joshua: Lv.25, Others: Lv.24-27

    Storywise I'm in the Kalida Limestone cave looking for some moss.
    Slightly annoyed because I let 1 sidequest expire.

    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Lv.17, Progress: 18,88%

    No exactly sure where I am storywise, I left the Embrace, climbed my 1st Tallneck, raided my 1st bandit camp and visited Mother's Crown, now I am on my way to the north to get all the stuff there.

  • I finally beat Nioh last night! On to Nier Automata today!

  • I played Kona. Great game but it's too scary for me. If you know Kholat, it's similar to that. It's definitely worth checking out though.

    Also Northgard, an early access strategy game, but don't let that push you away. It's magical, if it will come out this year it will have the same status as did Civ 6 last year, but it's more similar to the Settlers franchise.

  • Been playing NieR Automata, and just missing ending Y but it's a lot effort haha

  • Trails in the Sky SC: how hasnt this game been mentioned in great video game stories holy crap it just keeps getting better.

  • @FF7Cloud Well, the first came out on PSP in the west in 2011...and then we had a super long wait till we got Trails SC. Both of them getting PC releases on Steam and GoG helped their popularity a lot though. Before that, about the only coverage you'd see on them would be from sites like Siliconera.

    Even the way I found out about it was very roundabout. I came back from Japan having seen an anime movie called Brave Story, and one day at Gamestop, I saw there was a PSP game for it, which I adored, so I looked up Xseed, joined their forums, and that's how I found out about the greatness that is Nihon Falcom. (And Corpse Party, which every horror game fan should play too!)

  • My friend has been egging me on to play the second game with him, but I wanted a refresher of the entire story because I remember almost nothing. It all started when we busted out with Starcraft Risk last week, listening to the tunes and declaring our favorite heroes. A decade later, it was time to dive back into Starcraft.

    After being greeted by an extremely distorted pink Blizzard logo and figuring out I needed to run the game in compatibility mode, I was instantly sucked back in by its aesthetic and great world building. I immediately cared about Raynor again, although that may be due to nostalgia. The story is much more engaging for me this time around, probably because I'm not a pre-teen that just wants to kill things anymore. It's also a more enjoyable experience as I've practiced multi-tasking for years, so I'm able to get a grip on multiple orders at once.

    Gripes are minor. Pathfinding can sometimes leave one marine just wandering around trying to figure out where his friends went. That's... about it so far. Everything else is still super appealing 19 years later - mechanics, aesthetic, music, sound effects.

    Feels damn good to get back into an RTS.

  • @SabotageTheTruth i think starcraft is damn near timeless one of the greats.

  • @FF7Cloud Definitely agree, it holds up remarkably well for how old it is. I'm hoping Huber nominates it eventually... but that probably won't happen until Resident Evil makes it in.

  • @Minamik I remember when the first came out and was interested in it but during that time Lunar, Valkyrie profile and Persona Remake came out aswell on psp and it just got forgotten in time.

    the psp was a JRPG powerhouse.

  • Just started Chapter 8 of Trails in the SKy SC that final boss of chapter 7 is the hardest fight in the series by far.

  • took a break off gaming this weekend due to the wifey feeling sick. Going back to Hyrule today I hope...

  • Playing LEGO Marvel's Avengers, bought it yesterday and finished the first movie's adventure already. That's only about half of the story missions, and then there's Free Play mode to come back with all the characters (as we all know how it goes in these games). Manhattan's big ass hub world is another thing entirely then, there'll be things to do. I'm curious about some other hubs as well that I've heard of in reviews. And if that's not enough, there's still a whole Season Pass with five additional adventures, locations and characters.

    This'll take a while, but that's what was expected. These are nice and easy games, and I looove MCU, so there's that. And I haven't played one for three years, I believe. They tend to get repetitive by the end, so I remember I needed to take a long break. Could be after this one as well, heh.

  • @FF7Cloud I haven't even scratched the surface of my PSP backlog, lol.

  • @Musou-Tensei : I'm slightly annoyed that it takes so long to unlock fast travel as I did every possible side quest as they appear (which means lots of running between town and desert) except one where I have to protect a parade, but the enemies are too strong at this point.

    I did that. I've just got the fast travel and I'm 5.5 hours in lol.

  • @Minamik Brave Story New Traveler and Corpse Party are two must plays from the PSP.