[Official] What are you playing?

  • I'm still making my slow meandering way through Breath of the Wild and really savouring the experience.

    I'm mainly playing it on my commute which is interesting because the game is holding up surprisingly well to being played in short bursts. It's all about setting a short term goal or two that I will get distracted from for a bit before finishing it as my train pulls into the station.

    I'm also still playing Fire Emblem: Awakening on and off with Zelda on my commute. The game has really opened up now and I am being given multiple opportunities to do optional side and challenge missions to improve my characters. I've got few favourites now which mean I'm having to reset more frequently than I was before when the games cruel RNG makes its presence known. Like I've said elsewhere everyone else has a three strikes and their out rule that can be superseded by a "death" being dramatic or funny enough to trump the strikes.

    For those who are interested I have made Tharja my waifu queen! Her dark charms and persistence in wooing me won me over*.
    alt text
    She is a conundrum of a simplistic character archetype with a complex depth that is there if you happen to hear the right soundbites or see right side scenes.

    *Her dress sense also helped :P

  • Just finished Trails in the Sky SC now all i need is a date for the 3rd

    didnt quite have the powerful ending of the first but ties things up nicely

  • @thenerdtheword Tharja is probably my favorite FE character, but I disapprove of you trying to steal my wife. Have at you!

  • how do you guys cope with family, work and games? dammit, Im too tired for Zelda.-

  • @Roberto-Figueroa-CGZ

    im a 25 year old single guy in a dead end job who still lives with his parents lol

  • Nier Automata: Finished the B ....route? ending? Looking forward to see where it goes from here.

  • @Roberto-Figueroa-CGZ I play in very short bursts! The most gaming time I get in one go (if I'm really lucky) is 2-3 hours.

  • Did some busywork for two particular characters in Nier Automata. They sure like to send you into the thick of it..wow.

  • I'm around 60 hours deep into Breath of the Wild and thinking I'm going to wrap it up this weekend, for real this time. I've completed 4 dungeons, got all but one memory, and have almost explored as much of the world as my little open world heart can take. I'm going to spend a couple more hours running around completing little side quests here and there for fun but then it'll be time to move towards the end game.

    I am also at what I believe to be the last stage of Shovel Knight. This game has been a real joy to play. Every time I play I have to teach myself how it controls because it just isn't intuitive for me but its not bad. I'm definitely going to get the DLC at some point in the future.

    As always I'm playing a little Rocket League on the side. I'm very casual (only barely reach challenger last season) but it's [mostly] fun to play some some friends. This current season has hurt so far though because I placed relatively low and then went on a massive losing streak in doubles so I ended up as low as you can go. Been trying to fight my way back up to a somewhat less embarrassing rank since with little success. It's going to be a long season but I can only improve. I just have to try to not care as much since I don' dedicate the time to it that I should if I really wanted to get good and rise the ranks. If my friends aren't on I'd rather play anything else.

  • And I just beat Shovel Knight. Had no idea about the extra stuff at the end. What a nice surprise! This game has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. I now know what all of the hubbub was about, and why many people like Brad have bought the game so many times on different platforms. Bravo Yacht Club Games. Bravo.

  • Returning to Destiny after the latest update. Forgot how fun this game is.

    Hitting up some Episode Gladiolus in FFXV. Immediately the combat feels way better than the core game. I hope that at some point they patch the game so you can switch characters during battle. Glady is way more fun to play as than Noct.

  • Thimbleweed pack all the way. that game is so great

  • trying for beat Cor in Episode Gladio holy hell he's hard.

  • Well... I broke the circle and played nothing but NieR: Automata since my last update, out of all 4 games I played it's the most fun to me and the urge to play it insted of Horizon or Zelda it is still on a high level.
    Lv.68, Missions: 93%, Playtime: 54:51, Ends: A B G K O P T U Z, Trophies: 61% (all legit)

    Storywise I'm (3rd playthrough spoiler)

    on my way to the resistance camp with 9S as after destroying the core of the 2nd tower (Soul Chamber?) he lost his close combat abilities. I've been alternating between him and A2 since I got the choice, starting with A2.

  • is there anywhere i can get the Trails in the Sky soundtrack?

  • @FF7Cloud The first one? I don't know if there's a difference, but CDJapan does have the soundtrack to the Evolution (Vita full voice) version of it. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NW-10103330

  • I found an optional fight in Nier Automata that is kicking my butt so hard....Think I need to go fuse some better chips if I want to survive this fight...yikes.

  • I feel like I've gotten my money's worth out of Nier Automata for now. And my in game money's worth... ;)

    I did endings A-E and a few random ones on my own, and then bought my way to my first platinum trophy...hahaha. Is this some Yoko Taro meta commentary on the value of trophies? lol

    Moving on to The Flame in the Flood, and the Gravity Rush 2 DLC. Persona 5 should be coming next Thursday, so I've finally got some free time to kill.

    Till I can find a place that gets Switch in stock, and I can get to Zelda, hahaha.

  • Died of drowning, and starvation sped up by sepsis and a staph infection...don't mess with wolves, I'm tellin ya.

  • Finally beat Cor in Episode Gladio now im in the base game Grinding fishing and walking to level up noct and gladdys skills so i can get the platnum