[Official] What are you playing?

  • Maybe I should try to join the competitive Persona 5 pro circuit.

  • I dropped Persona 5 to start Yooka Laylee and to say I love the game would be a real understatement. I can't wait to play more but i'm just shattered right now.

  • Didn't dig the end of Night In The Woods but the ride there was more than good enough to make it a game I really enjoyed. I'm gonna have to replay it one day, maybe closer to Halloween since it's a very Fall game. Bea and Selmers are my favorite characters.

  • @Minamik any idea how much Tits 3rd will cost?

  • @FF7Cloud I think that tweet had the price. Was something around $29 if I'm remembering right.

  • @Minamik ok so 35-40 here sweet

  • @FF7Cloud They mentioned that if you got it from Steam in like the first week you get 20% off, but I'm not sure if that price was before or after that discount too.

  • @Minamik I'll be grabbing it from GoG though, because being locked to steam annoys me.

  • @Minamik ok ill keep my eyes peeled it dosnt have higher requirements then the others does it?

  • @FF7Cloud Ha, no, it shouldn't. Same engine as the other 2 I believe. Could probably run on a toaster tbh.

  • Also, if anyone hasn't seen, Ben is gonna be streaming Trails in the Sky!

  • @Minamik will probally end up like cold steel only finishing the tutorial.

  • @FF7Cloud Haha, maybe, but it was enough to get some people interested in the series, yeah? Now look where we are, all excited about The 3rd.

  • I got Persona 5 today. Did not expect to play it nonstop for almost five hours, these days I rarely play games for more than one without having to stop to do something at least. If nothin else it's already got me as hooked as P4 did all those years ago.

  • just finished the 3rd palace after i found the palace a little harder the boss was a pushover

  • It has been a while since I posted there so here's my humble contribution.
    I have been digging Persona 5 and Zelda: BotW lately and I am having a blast with these.
    Great games (I might be a little bit reserved about Zelda, but still, we do have a great game over here), no doubts about it.
    Persona 5 is such a mature game, has believable characters, fantastic art style (these cutscenes !), story which knows to bump you up when needed and this perfect mood.
    This is my second Persona (first one was the fourth entry) and I definitely consider to play the previous ones.

    On the other hand, Zelda is bringing me so much joy just from the exploration aspect, so such awe to feel in this world. The only complain I have are the quests, which I find cool at best but most of the time plain. Maybe it is because I played too much RPG, and I am used to fleshed out quests but still, the new Zelda is a milestone in the video game landscape (espectially in open world games).

  • Finally started playing Hyper Light Drifter. I'm enjoying it a lot so far, it's been a while since I've played a game with a decent degree of difficulty so I was long overdue!

  • I don't know how people do media blackout. I'm trying it with Persona 5 and it feels like I'm on some kind of self-imposed exile from 80% of my usual online hangouts.

    Either way I just started the third palace. I don't want this game to end.

  • I picked up Watch_Dogs 2 during the Xbox spring sale and I'm having a great time with it. I was skeptical going in because I had a lot of problems with the first game, but I'm 30+ hours in and still having fun!

  • I have been on a major Persona 5 binge since its release, playing about 6.5 hours a day since release (currently at 90+ hours). I had to take last night off from playing so I could get a decent nights rest. I've been having the same problem with Persona 5 that I had with Civ 5: "Just one more turn (one more day, in Persona)." Too many nights have I looked up at the clock and seen that it is 3am.