[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Browarr The first Persona game is ...ehh...super rough. I tried getting into it, but wasn't my cup of tea.

  • I finished Assassin's Creed Rogue. I love these games.

    It is like an expansion of Black Flag. I guess if I would have played it inmediatly after the later, I wouldn't have liked it this much but I did enjoyed it a lot, probably more than Black Flag (I'm not saying it's better because BF is indeed much better but) because I went to BF with the wrong mindset, I sure I would be dissapointed by the lack of big citie, which wasn't the case with Rogue (which I'm playing a year after Syndicate). This helped me to appreaciate this game more in it's merita (actually BF's merits).

    There is only one big city but compared to other games, this New York feels barren, I think there are only six landmarks, while in AC3 or any other AC with large cities, there is plenty of history to dive into. Hopefully, the game acknowledges that and keeps you little time in NY.

    The most of the game takes place in the sea and small setlements, which helps a lot to change the environment. I felt the caribean overwelming in BF, in part because of every location to be tropical but Rogue, happening in the North Atlantic and River Valley, helps to change the escenery constantly.

    I will detail more on the gameplay later...

    The story is wasted potential. The assassin/templar struggle is an interesting one and can be well done and the tale from a templar perspective is an interesting proposal, however it is wasted as it tolds more how bad are the assassins rather than the good that templars are doing. If you want to take the enemie's side, you don't make the good side as worse than yours, you redeem -in the perspective of the audience- the bad side; and there is the game fails the most in my opinion. Alongside the poorly motivated story, there is you typical revege story, which is not actually a revenge but it is presented as all other AC tales of revenge. Again, it's wasted potential. I do appreciate how it connects to the other games of the america's saga, that's is remarkably done and saves a lot of character development. however, in the other hand, for someone who hasn't played any of the other games in the saga, may see characters like Aquiles and Adéwalé expendable or poorly portrayed. Finally, as you can expect of the series, the writting is excelent with remarkable performances and beautiful dialects (except the french one in last part of the game). I end up with the feeling that certain character arcs weren't properly developed like the relationship between Shay and Liam; I think the reason is that particulary that year, Ubisoft had to split its resources in two games (really commendable effort) and Rogue was the lesser one; that's why the game it shorter and arc like the one aforementioned are rushed.

    I was thinking on starting today FIFA's the journey but the CoD news pump me for some MoH Airborne.

  • Mostly Persona 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes on PS4.

  • @Musou-Tensei What do you think of dragon quest hero's i bought it at launch a couple years back and loved it

  • @FF7Cloud I do like it, but I wish less missions would be about protecting something or someone, I enjoy those where I just have to slay all the monsters without having to worry about an energy bar below the mini map, sadly the protection ones are the majority.

  • @Musou-Tensei they get fewer as the game goes on but there still there, the bosses later in the game get interesting

  • @Minamik I bought Persona 3 on PSN two years ago and never managed to play it. I watched a video about the very first Persona, seems pretty tough to get into it - especially the combat, pace is so slow -. The atmosphere is great tough
    Maybe one day, but surely I will play Persona 3.

  • @Browarr I really love the first Persona but it was one of the first RPGs I ever played, so nostalgia definitely plays a role. I highly recommend playing the PSP version if you ever want to go down that road - the localization is better and an entire different route is opened up previously unavailable in the American release.

  • @Browarr As someone that has Persona as his favorite franchise and 3, 4 and 5 amongst my top 5 games ever I say this with no hesitation but wishing it weren't the case

    Persona Revelations is pretty boring and frustrating game

  • Newbie here. I'm currently chipping away at my classic games backlog. I recently finished Link to the Past, and Metroid Prime. I'm in the middle of Final Fantasy 6 with Rocket Knight Adventures on deck.

  • @bard91 @SabotageTheTruth I will give the first Persona a try, tough. Love the series (one of my favorites) so I should play them all in order to consider myself as a Persona aficionado :P
    I still have to beat Persona 5 (and Zelda) before switching to something else.

  • @SaltyRamen FF6 is fuegofire incarnate. I'm currently working my way through FF7 for the first time. I don't think it's aged very gracefully, outside of the music. We'll see how I feel by the end, though. I just got the buggy after the Gold Saucer and it feels pretty early in the story. About 12 hours in.

  • It seems Airborne is not on EA Access yet, so I was playing FIFA The Journey and I'm very pleased with it. I don't know much about football but I enjoy the watching some matches and FIFA delivers some of that though decision making into its gameplay. I appreciate it's elaborated yet simple gameplay.

    The story is interesting, I love how grounded it feels. As someone use to play games about saving the world, it's so refreshing to play a dude trying their best in a realistic environment. As someone who doesn't play sport games, my overall impression of the game is refreshing.

    I need to mention that, before a match or training you have a momento to look at the twitter and brings a smile to my face how authentic they made it to be. I'm sure, eventually, as Alex's carrer grows, it will be interesting to see it replicated on social media.

  • I reached Chapter 7 in Yakuza 0 and it's certainly starting to get interesting, I can't believe it's got 17 chapters though. I've dropped it for now though as I just couldn't wait to start Syberia 3 and i'm obviously not finishing Yakuza any time soon. I've just reached the Youkol camp so not very far in, looks like I wont be sleeping much tonight though as I just want to keep playing all night.

    I also picked up Outlast 2 and Edith Finch, they'll have to wait though.

  • @Sheria Hows the controls? i hear they're pretty bad. I'll probably pick it up anyway if it isnt broken as i loved the first 2 games

  • @FutureCorpse Haven't really thought about it to be honest , I'm getting on with them just fine as they just seem like bog standard controls. If you've played any recent 3D Adventure game adopted for consoles such as Sherlock Holmes, The Raven, ABC Murders etc,, youll feel right at home really. The camera is mostly fixed, but does pan when needed. The one analogue moves Kate around while the other helps shift/swap between any interactable hot spots in the vacinity. Your options for how to interact are handled with the different face buttons. It's really simple and suitable to be honest, not sure how it is on PC though.

  • @Sheria Sounds the same as the other games i'll pick it up looking forward to finishing the story

  • Puyo Puyo Tetris: This story mode is so dumb...I love it! :p

    Though, the Tetris characters crack me up, because they just make me think of Kyle's made up versions of them.

  • @Minamik i wanna get the Switch version

  • @FF7Cloud That's what I got. My first Tetris since the Gameboy, and my first Puyo Puyo since Kirby's Avalanche.