[Official] What are you playing?

  • I've returned to Breath of the Wild after a short hiatus while I cleared Mass Effect: Andromeda. It may objectively be a better game than ME:A, but I have a lot of personal love and investment for ME, so I wanted to see that through before anything else. As far as progress in Zelda...

    I'm working on the final Divine Beast [Vah Naboris(?)] in the Gerudo Desert. I'll likely proceed to what I assume is the ending afterwards. I found a good number of shrines and have good gear, so I'm confident I'll do just fine.

    Also started Dragon Quest VII on 3DS between calls last shift. It's my first Dragon Quest title, and I'm only a couple hours in. It's super charming from what I've seen, but it does seem to have a rather slow pace. However, I came into it expecting just that, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm super excited to see what this series has in store!

  • @FF7Cloud You can't order online? I see it on Amazon and Best Buy at least.

  • played a bit of Yooka Laylee today, will get back to persona either tonight or tomorrow.

  • Banned

    Horizon Zero Dawn is the tits.
    I recommend playing on the hardest difficulty with minimal hud.
    On top of being the best looking game ever, the gameplay is solid af. Feels like an open world Monster Hunter with slightly meh melee combat. Love taking my time and planning out where to put traps before I engage enemies.
    So far my GotY.

  • Currently in NG+ of Persona 5 trying to get the platinum trophy.

  • Persona 5 - I have completed the fourth Palace and are in the in between setup stage for the next one. I'm still loving this game. I bought Persona 4 for the PS2 just because. I'll get to it eventually.

    As always playing a little Rocket League with friends when possible. Finally healthily sitting around Silver 2 in doubles and standard. My current goal is to at least taste Gold once before being demoted again.
    I also started playing Heroes of the Storm again with some friends I played it with a ton some months ago. Hopefully we'll stick with it because I do like that game and there is a lot of new stuff with 2.0 and just since the last time I played.
    My roommate had the urge to play some Overwatch which we haven't played since Battlefield 1 and I really hope we continue to play as well.
    The only reason I'll play any of these 3 games is with friends because otherwise I'd rather play Persona or any number of the single player games I have on my backlog.

  • It seems easy, so I'm going for the Platinum in Senran Kagura: Estival Versus.

    And if anybody would like play online with me....please do.

  • Puyo Puyo Tetris is good times.

    @parasitepaladin Been a while since I played EV but I remember it being an easy platinum, yeah.

  • @DeweyDTruman Just got Puyo Puyo Tetris on my Swiiiiaaatch too! I'm very surprised by the story mode, I never knew Tetris could have so much lore and context. Kyle needs to do a full playthrough.

  • Currently, my main game is Persona 5. Just finished the 2nd palace. That game is sooo good. Jolly vibes everytime I pick up the controller!

    In the meantime, my alts for PS4 are Mirrors Edge Catalyst (it's true what everyone says about it), and Star Trek: Online. On PS3 it's Resident Evil 6 (also true) and on Vita it's Danganronpa, since I"m trying to go through that series.

  • Mostly P5 and Dragon Quest Heroes, just beat the 3rd palace with 14 days left, lol. In DQH I'm like 2/3 done with the story.

    Also got all trophies for DuckTales 1 and Chip 'n Dale 1 from the Disney Afternoon Collection, that means beating a game (with rewinds), beat Boss Rush and beat Time Attack, also used DuckTales 1 for the trophy for beating a game without rewind (since Time Attack doesn't count for that).

  • I'm still playing The Journey and now I having troubles with the gameplay, actually I need to improve as matches are becoming more competitive. The gameplay it's engaiging, it's a constant struggle with physics laws and very entertaining as consecuence, personally I'm finding it more appealing than the arcade football games I used to play.

    The story progresses interestingly too. You and your friend are competing to be the striker of the team. It's a grounded drama and I appreciate that. As I moved from amateur to the next difficulty, the game became thoughter and I lost many matches (as I mentioned, I need to imrpove my play), however, caught my surprise that the story consequently progressed my character as if he was having a bad time. I think the story was supposed to progress like that but it's nice to see how it fit the gameplay, at list in my playthrough.

  • So I picked up Mass effect Andromeda since it was on sale, only put 3-4 hours into it so far I think, had just finished the first major planet and I have to ask does it ever pick up? I'm trying to give it a fair chance but so far its been utterly boring

  • @DMCMaster yes, it does pick up. Without spoiling anything, the following planets are much better and more indicative of the game at large. The opening sequences are very restrictive and tutorialized, but you'll next get a choice of two planets to visit. I recommend going to

    Havarl first, but either one is good.

    On those planets, you'll be much more free to roam around, explore things, fulfill interesting side quests, have better gunfights... And you won't have to return for your ship for a long while if you don't want to. Even the first planet will open up more to be a more enjoyable area a bit later in the game. I'm not saying it's without flaws, but I enjoyed my time with it immensely. I just completed it last week, but I have a friend about halfway through that just concurred with what I explained just now.

    And if you're a PS4 player, there is a fun multiplayer that I'm always down for...... ;)

  • If anyone else is getting Trails in the Sky: The 3rd tomorrow, remember that on the Twitch page, EZA now has a affiliate link to GOG, so if you buy any games thru that link they get some of it too. Good timing, I'd say, and I was gonna use GOG anyways since I hate having to rely on Steam not to screw me over.

  • After being adamant I wouldn't, I picked up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and fell in love with it again.

  • @Minamik cant wait

  • I finally started The Last Guardian last night.

    I'm only about 2 hours in, but man is it rough! The camera is a constant struggle, the character is extremely tanky and unpleasant to control, and the gameplay is already getting repetitive.

    I'll reserve full judgment for later but it's very hard to conceive how this game got 10/10s and GOTYs.

  • Trails in the Sky: The 3rd. Hype!

  • On my way to getting that Platinum Trophy for Kingdom Hearts II. Man, I forgot how fun this one is.

    Also grinding away at Breath of the Wild. I could go fight the final boss right now, but it just wouldn't feel right without that green tunic, so I've been slowly but surely making my way through every shrine.