[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 Cant wait to hear your thoughts after you finish it though i hope you play Trails in the Sky while its gameplay is not as good its characters are way better then the Cold Steel cast which is saying something.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Just checked and my completion time is sitting at 202 hours. And yes I would highly recommend getting P5 out of the way because you'll just be thinking about it while playing something else haha.

  • @MoonScentedHunter tell me about it finished it yesterday, for the second time and I'm having to force myself not to get back to it again right now.

    @FF7Cloud I played for about three hours, and it was surely enough to remind me why I liked the first so much, however as much as I don't want to I can't help but start making comparisons to P5.

    When playing I can't help but wonder how amazing this game could be if there were more polish to things, because what it does well it is great at but everything else is just ok, and after coming fresh from 200 hours of P5 it is hard not to draw comparisons, but I know that Falcom is a small company even in comparison to Atlus so considering that, it really is remarkable they are able to make products of this quality.

    As for Trails in the Sky games I just don't know, it's not that I don't want to, and I've heard great things about them but finding time for another JRPG trilogy with everything I already want to play, ToCS2 is really gonna have to convince me of it.

  • @bard91 Cold steel opens up in the second half and the story really hits its stride the last 20 hours are amazing

    i wish Falcom had a funds of a AAA developer i believe the worlds they could create would be gamechanging

  • @FF7Cloud yeah if they've had the means to realize their vision of this world, simply from what I've seen from ToCS1, it would definitively be something incredible

  • Banned

    Gravity Rush 2 is fucking majestic. Just sayin'.

  • I'm finally playing through my most anticipated game of last year Dishonored 2 and I'm enjoying every second of it! The first game is in my top 5 favorite games ever made and so far 2 is better in every way!

  • I'm currently playing through Unepic. Just finished the sewers.

  • @bard91 I'd actually say the combat stuff is more interesting in the Sky games than CS, but that seems to be just me. CS doesn't make you have to worry about self destructing enemies, and they give you a quartz for every single thing, whereas in Sky you have to make the right combinations of equipped quartz to get what you want.

    Remember that every time you hear something about Crossbell mentioned in the Cold Steel games, that stuff is actually happening concurrently in 2 other Trails games.

  • Currently addicted to Dragon Quest Builders. I think I need to go to rehab.

    Also playing Danganronpa V3 on the side.

  • Gave up on Mass Effect, traded it in for a PSN card and got the Nier DLC, along with Knee Deep.
    Knee Deep is kinda interesting, it's much MUCH more dialog based then say a Telltale game, but I like the aesthetic of it all being a play, and the scene transitions take advantage of that. Also it takes place in Jacksonville FL, so I'm curious to see how that but turns out.

  • @DMCMaster said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Also it takes place in Jacksonville FL, so I'm curious to see how that but turns out.

    Will it simulate sitting in a traffic standstill for 2 hours because you missed the exit to drive around it?

  • Im grinding for the last trophy i need in ff15 for the platinum

  • @Billy
    Literally the first thing that happens in the game

  • @Minamik And that's exactly one of the points, those fucking self destructing enemies, that's just bs imo. I mean if it would happen when they are on low HP and you don't kill them fast enough, fine, but you can't avoid it, that's shit and was rightfully scrapped for ToCS, else I probably wouldn't have liked it as much as I did.

  • They really aren't that bad...It just makes you have to be more aware of your surroundings. If you've got one of those guys left, pull melee back and hit it with ranged attacks and arts. Everyone has access to arts, so there's no reason you should ever be getting caught up in the blast.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda

    I'm addicted. Play non-stop when I can and skipping meals kinda game. Annoyed with the social justice elements. Like the Ryder's mom looking nothing like her kids. Who are white as day and their mom looks Indian. And the continued mention of the term diversity feels forced. Don't even remember that term being brought up in the original trilogy in that light.

    Fortunately the SJ crap gets put aside for the story of hope for a new better life in Andromeda. I play every side mission I can do. Messed with the PvE multiplayer a nice amount. Have to make challenging decisions that aren't black and white. Glad the Paragon markers were removed to create a more intentional dialogue.

    Andromeda story has been highly ministering to me. The Andromeda initiative is down on their luck. With so much that has gone wrong and not according to plan. And you can be the beacon of hope to inspire others to move forward. To forge a path out of your comfort zone being in another galaxy. With no way to turn back to the Milky way.

  • The hardest part of Trails the 3rd, so far, is having to pick your party, when they keep giving you new characters......feelsbadman...

  • just playing trails in the sky the 3rd some more just a little at a time as my laptop wont charge while its on anymore only when its in sleep mode (battery on the fritz maybe)

  • No changes from last week, but this is the last time I can say that I played DQH.

    I'm now in the 5th palace, design wise my favorite so far, I also maxed out my 1st confidant with Mishima, my current level is 42.

    I have finished Dragon Quest Heroes, well, I finished the main story and all side quests you get from the quest mistress, I even got 100% monster companions and the trophy for beating all veterans (in the end I got 85% of all trophies including puff puff which was pretty easy to get for me, my brother told me he had problems with it). But I quit today after ## tries to kill Zoma, a special post game boss. Simply not a fun fight unlike Bjorn was.
    Good game but I would have liked it more if it didn't had so many protection missions, really annoying and not much fun, the non protection missions are great though.