[Official] What are you playing?

  • My wife picked up Stardew Valley on the PS4 to keep her occupied while I work my 24-hour shifts. I made the mistake of booting it up last night, finally putting it down at 4am. It's definitely much more than a Harvest Moon clone. It's extremely charming and has several smart and enjoyable gameplay elements, from farming mechanics to fishing systems to a bit of dungeon crawling. It also works extremely well with a controller, which I was slightly concerned about beforehand. It's also only $15 on the US PSN, so if anyone is looking for a relaxing game to play between more daunting ones, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. The impending Switch release makes so much sense as well; it's well-suited to the "play anywhere" mentality.

  • @Billy i bought it on ps4 and will buy it again on switch it'll be great on my lunch breaks at work.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Damm you also kind of succumbed. I started the second playthrough but then i started with Yakuza 0 and well......

    It's cool to hear your digging Xcom 2 though. I also bought the ps4 version awhile back. Kind of always wanted to start the series but never got around to it. Would you rec me playing the ''first'' one though? Still have it on PC and PS3 i believe.

  • So I'm finally getting back to Final Fantasy XV, but I'm also pushing myself back to Bloodborne. Each time I tried to play it before I just got pushed off of it for whatever reason, but I'm gonna finish it this time! Hoping to get it done before E3, but we'll see how that goes.

  • So currently playing Yakuza. Deeply in ''love'' with the series now. Definitely going to play the whole series eventually. Really hope the second installment will get a remake on the ps4 as well.

    Also still going to platinum Persona 5.

    Afterwards i think i finally will move on to Final Fantasy 15,. Been postponing that great journey for ages.

  • Darksiders warmastered edition pretty much a poor mans god of war

  • Just started my first playthrough of FF9. Good vibes.

  • Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia & Injustice 2.

    Holy crap both of these games.

  • @TheworldisPein The first X-Com (the reboot at least) is a solid game and I had a lot of fun with it, but I would say you can basically skip it. The canon is that you're unsuccessful in the first X-Com anyway and Earth gets invaded, so it's a little strange to beat that game and walk into 2. Plus, I'm just loving the flow of the second a lot more, lots more options to play around with and the expansions for it are absolutely worth it.

    I've been fighting off some sort of stomach bug the past few days but I had a co-worker lend me Resident Evil 7. I popped my VR headset on, walked around for 5 minutes, and immediately had to stop playing because I felt like I was going to vomit. First VR game to give me this violent of a reaction but I'm really hoping it's just due to me fighting off illness. I'll attempt it again in a few days.

    While sick, I love playing mindless things where I just get to kill indiscriminately so what a perfect time for the release of Marvel Heroes Omega on PS4. Definitely feels like a spiritual successor to the Ultimate Alliance games, just on a grander scale. I went with my main homeboy, Doctor Stephen Strange, and he's got a lot of fun abilities, like creating astral projections of himself. The only issue I have with the game so far is the payment system. It's free to play and your first hero is free, but purchasing other heroes either takes time or money. On the time side, you get an energy splinter randomly for defeating an enemy about every 7 minutes. Most heroes take about 525 splinters. So, we're looking at about 8 splinters an hour for about 65 hours of play to unlock anyone else. I'm really hoping there's some sort of bonus for completing the story or additional opportunities to earn this currency because if that above math is correct, that's absolutely ludicrous. I honestly haven't checked out how much cash you have to spend for heroes, so maybe that's more reasonable - $5 or less for a character seems viable, considering all the abilities and voice lines each character has. I've read online that guilds exist but I have yet to see any mention of them on this version, I'd be interested in having some sort of Easy Allies group.

  • I'm playing The Elder Scrolls Online. Next month it will get a new expansion (Morrowind). It is now free to play after you buy the game itself. But there are some privileges you can get by paying per month (mostly inventory space). I'm interested to see if the game is good because I hear they changed it a lot since its release.

    Oh and I'm playing the Gwent public beta on GoG Galaxy. I'm a little nervous about playing against other people. So I've been playing the challenges. Looks like a fun card game. I'm very much looking forward to the single player campaign in the full product. If you like free games, then give it a try!

    And! Today (tomorrow for Europe) is Global Testpunch day! I can't wait to get an impression of ARMS. All the footage looks good, but I want to know how it plays!

  • World of Final Fantasy: just started about in hour in

    Trails in the sky: The 3RD: on Chapter 2

    Dark siders: going to fight Tiamat

  • Persona 5
    I'm about to send the last calling card, I think, my level is 62, playtime around 110 hours.

    Dragon Quest Heroes 2
    I'm in the 3rd area now.

    Mega Man Zero
    Did 2 missions, a train and a desert, the boss in the train killed me several with the stupid pneumatic things ramming me into the spikes on the ceiling, it's awesome when bosses have 1 shot kills, so much fun especially since for whatever reason, after every death you get set back at the beginning of teh train, not in the room right before the boss like it is in other stages.
    The desert was a whole load of garbage, the beginning as alright, the boss killed me once but was okay, but then I had to ESCORT!!!! a wounded soldier back to the beginning of the stage, and he has no health bar so I can't even tell how endangered he while he just sits there and refuses to move when an enemy is close, because that's the typical soldier thing to do, just sitting there and let the enemy hit you right? He died, I game overed, ahd to do it all again, started to use save states because screw this game. I really don't like it so far.

  • Trails in the Sky: The 3rd. Love the teases for future games they'd included in this. Had no idea Lechter and Osborne were present this early in the series.

  • @Musou-Tensei At least your rage is entertaining :)

  • @BartSpits I'd recommend trying Gwent online, it's a lot of fun! The challenges are great for earning currency to get better cards, but the computer makes a lot of strange mistakes, completely ignoring card synergies. That real world experience playing against a human helps you build a better deck and cover your weaknesses, plus it's the wild west right now (as far as I know), in the fact there shouldn't be a "meta", nor would the matchmaking put you up against high level players. I've had some really intense matches.. and then some that had my opponent burning all of their cards in the first round as I laugh maniacally.

  • Ugh. Keep trying to connect to the ARMs global testpunch thing and it keep telling me my signal isn't strong enough, despite the fact my wii u is sitting right next to the switch, and i never had any issues with Splatoon.

  • I finally got connected to the global testpunch....I walked away sweaty and ashamed. lol....Probably should have tried a more well balanced character than Mechanica....but I love giant robots.

  • played more world of final fantasy

    in cornelia when the princess tells the prophesy the stain glass window with the title image from the first Final Fantasy hit me right in the nostalgia

  • @FF7Cloud said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Darksiders warmastered edition pretty much a poor mans god of war

    Except for the fact that it's pretty much a Zelda game.

  • I've been playing some Trails of Cold Steel 2, and man I don't like saying this but I''m having a really hard time moving forward with this, if it weren't for the fact that I'm already invested in the story and characters I don't think I would even keep playing.

    I'm certainly enjoying everything that is related to the characters themselves and the story, but every other aspect of the game is something that I'm just having to power through at this point, and even though the structure isn't really different from the first game I'm having many more problems with it in here.

    Case in point being that when I played the first part I came home every day to keep playing and moving forward, now I'm juggling this with Yooka Laylee, Fire Emblem Awakening, Victoria 2 and FIFA simply because I don't always feel like playing ToCS2.

    Feels bad :(