[Official] What are you playing?

  • Currently waiting for Horizon Zero Dawn to arrive in the mail from GameFly.

    Figured I suck up not having much to play for the rest of the past week. And get Horizon before it becomes even harder to rent. Fortunately its coming faster than I thought. But its probably not gonna be here till Wednesday =(

  • Finally got around to finishing Mass Effect Andromeda, not afraid to admit that I actually really enjoyed it and think it's great. Maybe that's because I just can't get enough of Mass Effect in general.

    I personally enjoyed the characters and main story, but side missions left much to be desired, excluding the planet story-arcs, ark and crew missions of course.

    When Andromeda acted like Mass Effect is was good, but whenever it wanted to act like a different game with fetch missions and open world areas it lacked.

    Love the ending mission where allies and friends come and join the battle, bringing back memories from the game, and making go though some of the tedious 100% viability planet missions mean something and going back to Habitat 7 with the renaming was a nice touch for getting 100% viability also.

  • I'm currently playing through Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance for the first time, then I will playthrough Secret of Mana for 9th time, because that game is awesome... I feel like playing through some older games through this summer.

  • @Pat I think Andromeda is a great game too. Too bad the buggy launch and animation coding became game breaking for many. When the game gets juicer as the story unfolds and you progress further.

  • Marvel Heroes Omega - Dang, I'm starting to love this game. I can't say it's superb or does anything that different, but having an Ultimate Alliance feel with Diablo style loot just feels good. Strangely, I've had people who played the PC version say it's not fair to compare this game to UA or Diablo... but that's honestly the best description. With a nearly fully leveled up Doctor Strange, I can just summon an entire mess of stuff on screen and have it do my bidding. I've experienced a few crashes here and there but it's way more stable than the Gwent beta currently is. The story is extremely similar to the first Ultimate Alliance, with Dr. Doom being the big bad but it's serviceable. The cutscenes that bookend each chapter though are pretty terrible in quality.

    From what I've read, this PS4 version is still missing a lot of features from the PC release, most notably raids, certain characters, and clan support. I'd love to be able to play as Venom or Magneto, but it looks like I gotta wait. Daredevil is a free character if you have PS Plus, so that's... something. I think it'd be fun to set up some sort of EZA crew once that feature gets rolling, but the hype level is currently at a whisper. It's a free download people, help me defeat Doctor Doom!

    Even though I already have.

  • Trails the 3rd: Woo, that was a tough boss. I don't think I've had to use earth guard/wall that many times since the final boss of the first game. Though given who this boss was, I wouldn't have it any other way. Pretty cool finally getting to fight him, though I'd go even more nuts if you could recruit him.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yeah, me and the BF started to play this today. It's fun, though I can't say I understand all the mechanics just yet. Only played the first couple of areas.
    When do you have to buy heroes? We've been able to try all of them so far.

    I played this ages ago when it came out on PC and enjoyed it enough, but stopped after not too long. Couch co op should help this version last longer.

  • @Inustar Check out for the traits section for each hero (once you're in Powers, press triangle), the section in the middle should help explain the mechanics that are specific to each hero. You can play any hero up to level 10, after that you have to use energy splinters to buy them.

  • Also, weird fun fact with Marvel Heroes Omega, Steve Blum (the voice of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop) voices Wolverine, Rocket Raccoon, and Mister Sinister in the game.

    ... I might have been kinda bored tonight.

  • Yakuza 0 baby.

    I bought this game during Easter sale and it's been great so far. Just roaming through the streets of Japan, completing all the random side quests and the intense combat system have been the highlights for me so far.

    About 15 hours in, 10% completion. I'm on Chapter 3.

    Planning to juggle this and Tekken 7 next week :)

  • About 5 in game hours into Prey. Really enjoying it so far, getting so many BioShock vibes, classic FPS action-adventure. Story is getting me more hooked, wanting to know more, which goes along great with all the levels on the station.
    It is kicking my ass, fun to try and come up with ways to deal with enemy's.

  • I usually cycle through like 3 games. And right now those 3 games are Persona 5, Okami HD, and BotW.

  • Trails the 3rd: Every time I think I've made a good choice for my group, I end up fighting bosses that make me wish I'd brought a more relevant character, as the boss dialogue has been unique for each party member on this plane.

    I've got a lot of doors to go back and do before I finish, but if you were to choose not to do them, this seems relatively short in comparison to FC and SC. Guess that's all part of being a bridge game between the Sky and Crossbell/Erebonia arcs.

  • Trails the 3rd: Just knocking out most of the doors. Think I've only got 2 left to do.

  • Horzion Zero Dawn

    Certainly has the feel and design of a great game that's likely to win some awards. Too bad I don't have a Pro, as its evident having greater draw distance will make the game look better in bad weather.

    Story has been pretty amazing so far. The lost of certain characters does strike a cord. Goes to show that Guerilla truly had it in them to create a compelling story. At least with how far I'm into the game. Combat is fun and satisfying. Although I stick largely to stealth, as the game is apparently primarily design with stealth in mind. At least early in the game before you unlock stronger armor. Not an issue for me though.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I fully second that.I also had some trepidation of playing online but the matching system is actually surprisingly good. Plus without playing online it impossible to grow you collection of cards and hence your decks.

    Anyways the games i been in so far on the ps4 have been cool,sweet and everybody been very cordial. I love the simple yet deep mechanics of the game and adore the art and theability to learn more about all the characters from the wwitcher lore.

  • Nioh. I am about halfway. I just beat the giant Flan and I am at level 58. Overall a great game and experience, tho an inferior Soulsborne.

    22 hours in or so.

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    I picked up Starcraft 2 again yesterday with some friends! Gosh it had changed a lot since I played it like 2 years ago! It is a lot of fun but its hard to kinda re-learn and I keep miss clicking a lot!

  • I recently picked up The Order 1886 because it was real cheap on PSN and I was always a little interested. I played a few hours last night and its alright. I don't care for any of the characters. Inspecting items is really pointless. The notes/audio tapes I've found don't add any value to the game. You walk really slow. But I'm still having an alright time. We'll see how I feel at the end.

    I've also been playing a little but of Shovel Knight Specter of Torment and its great, as expected. Its really cool how they made a game where swapping out the characters and how they play can work, feel great and fresh, but still like its the same game.

    I haven't played it in a while but Yooka-Laylee is still in progress. I've been enjoying it but haven't found myself wanting to play it over other things so its going to take time. I've heavily explored 2 worlds and are just starting the third.

  • Trails of Cold Steel 2 0/10, No stars, worst game ever!!!!

    how dare they take Claire away from me, you can't just take best girl away from the party like that.

    seriously though, the game is picking up, though I'm still struggling a little with it