[Official] What are you playing?

  • Trails of Cold Steel 2 0/10, No stars, worst game ever!!!!

    how dare they take Claire away from me, you can't just take best girl away from the party like that.

    seriously though, the game is picking up, though I'm still struggling a little with it

  • Trails the 3rd: I wasn't sure going in, how much I'd care for Kevin as the protagonist instead of Estelle, but having finished through the 7th plane now, he's really grown on me. I feel the end is coming soon, and I don't want it to end....not until I know we're getting the Crossbell games anyways, lol.

  • @Minamik i feel the same about kevin however he's been good so far

  • My BF and I are still playing Marvel Heroes Omega.
    It's still pretty fun, though we're mostly just going through all the characters, trying to decide which ones to purchase.
    But I still don't have any idea how the engineering and science crafting and stuff works... and I have waaaaaaay too much gold.
    Maybe if I keep playing past the story I'll look into figuring that stuff out.

  • @Inustar been playing it a bit too its kinda overwhelming for me too.

  • @Inustar and @FF7Cloud SO! The crafting tips I picked up (or rather how to level your crafters) -

    -Stop donating your gear and what not into your vendors, sell it instead

    -Buy Engineering Schematic Data, Supplier Contact Information, and Technical Readouts (from Logistics Quartermaster).

    -After purchasing those, refresh your vendor (3 refreshes), you can then purchase the materials again, after you use all 3 refreshes, you have to wait 30 minutes for it to have another refresh.

    -Once you have purchased those, go to the Research & Development Analyst

    -This vendors offers 3 levels for Engineering Research, Logistics Research, & Science Research

    -Level 1 grants 10k exp, Level 2 grants 25k exp, Level 3 offers 50k exp

    -Your materials you bought will cost 5 for Level 1, 12 for Level 2, 25 for Level 3.

    That was poached directly from GameFAQs and I can confirm, it's a quick way to level up the crafters. Now as far as their actual use? I'm barely starting to get there myself, but I believe they can help you gear up for Cosmic trials. I have Doctor Strange at max level with Super Heroic difficulty unlocked and the game is finally starting to push back, so I'm appreciating the added challenge. I am slowly guiding 3 friends through the story, so I'll use Daredevil for that, or try out new heroes if they're barely starting out. I finally earned enough currency to purchase the lower cost heroes (Squirrel Girl, Angela, and Nova) but... I think I'll save a little more to get a character I like a bit more.

    I'm really hoping some of the features available on PC come soon. Pets to help pick up items would be such a time saver, more heroes/villains just sounds nice, and the addition of raids would give me more to prepare for. The endgame segment feels super light right now. You can prestige a hero, but you get a flourish and 5 energy splinters for doing so... not really worth it considering the amount of XP required to level up starts costing more. Definently still having fun, but if something new doesn't come relatively soon, I may end up moving on for a bit. Besides, I've still gotta platinum Persona 5, finish X-Com 2, play more of the Gwent beta, and build up my tolerance for motion sickness in VR with Resident Evil 7. Not. Enough. Time.

  • Since I'm on the last legs I decided to completely focus on Persona 5.
    1st off I made a savepoint to get some trophies, like the Guardian of the Pond, playing all games etc, then reloaded that afterwards so I can spend the time maxing out Futaba, who I made the MC's gf, and maxing my social stats, sadly didn't get Guts to 5 anymore but that's not a big problem.
    I have now beaten what I assume was the final boss, I think I will beat the game tomorrow. I also saw another bad ending.
    I have decided to do a 2nd playthrough on the easiest difficulty as that one is only for trophies and confidant scenes I haven't seen yet.

  • For anyone still playing Marvel Heroes, check out this guy's videos. He explains a lot of the systems (like crafting and making complete relics) in a pretty simple to understand way. Looks like he's also working on tips for each hero as well, I've definitely learned a lot from him!

    Youtube Video

  • Finished Trails the 3rd! I'm not exaggerating when I say the three Trails in the Sky games probably have my favorite characters and story in an rpg ever.......

    Now...I just need Xseed to announce Zero and Ao, lol.

    Until then, it's back to Persona 5!

  • Finished Prey after 22 hours total game time. Really enjoyed it overall, was just a fun experience mixed with many elements weather it be creepy, mysterious or fun.

    Spoiler How about that ending. Not sure how I feel about it, I like how everything came together, but the simulation thing and Earth is annoying but intrigues me to see what they will do with it in the future if they choose to.

  • Switching back and forth between Marvel Heroes Omega and Injustice 2. Strangely, I'm not that into superheroes... but for whatever reason, both are scratching all the right itches on me. Now I just gotta figure out why I'm so itchy in the first place.

    I finally got a chance to try the Share Play feature on PS4 yesterday and I gotta say, I was pretty impressed with it. My friend (who doesn't own a copy) got to play Injustice 2 with me for an hour. No lag, no hiccups, felt just like having someone beside me, minus their physical presence. Gotta love technology.

  • Having played a fair amount of Yooka Laylee the last weeks I have to wonder why they made some decisions with this game, I can see that the core of it would allow for a much better game built around it, but so many things just don't work well enough, for example the arcade mini games, who the hell thought those were ok

  • Paladin's Beta : nice little hero shooter that im actually decent at

    Trails in the Sky: the 3RD : just about 10 hours in just kinda slowly going through it

    I Am Setsuna: Goin back just to do some post game stuff after the announcement of the teams new game

    Marvel Hero's: Just messing around. I do like it.

    Yooka Laylee: enjoying in small bursts

    Darksiders: also just playing in small bursts

    World of Final Fantasy : game im playing the most enjoying it and surprised by the story so far i thought it would be nonsense.

  • Persona 5: Nothing beats a good old difficulty spike, yeesh....Escaped from the third palace after dying 7 times. It didn't help that the computer chose Ann to leave in my party instead of Morgana...she's weak to ice, and Morgana has media...

  • Now playing through Secret of Mana, I have 6 mana orbs, and next up is to find that spy in Tosnica if I remember right

  • I just started my first playthrough of Bloodborne this weekend. The game looks fantastic, plays like a dream, but I have no idea what's going on. I am not a fan of this game's story telling. Hearing people talk about the world doing the story telling just confuses me because its not speaking to me at all. Loving the game though.

  • @Tragosaurus Like a dream ?

    I love Dark souls, 1 2 and 3. For the past few months I've played little to nothing but Dark Souls 3.
    Maybe on NG +5 (on PC) , then got it on PS4 and really enjoyed it....just to get the trophies.

    Bloodborne however, runs terrible. Such slowdown, always dropping FPS....and that's on a PS4 PRO with this Boost mode thing turned on.
    It really doesn't run well at all and detracts from the experience.

    I really wanted to like it considering how much I love all the other games in the Souls series, but I honestly can't get into it. I also don't like the dark and dreary world, everything is pretty samey.

  • @Sean-Ó-Ceallachain When I said plays like a dream I meant more of the mechanics and gameplay, not so much framerate and such. I've only ever played Lords of the Fallen so from a pure mechanics stand point I think Bloodborne is great. I will also say that I haven't noticed any framey parts yet, but I'm not a huge "games but be 60fps or better or they are trash" person. As long as its not real bad I hardly notice/care, and I will only really get annoyed when its Breath of the Wild on WiiU running through a forest/town framey.

  • Compared to Blight Town in Dark Souls 1? Bloodborne runs smooth as a baby's butt, lol.

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    I've just started with some Tekken 7... I think im already in love! :3