[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Axel I never finished Plague of Shadows.. I might go back to it after this. I was thinking the same.. this will be a good E3 game!

  • Just started playthrough of Ys: Origins. I have played it before, but after I had to re-install my computer I didn't go back to it and finish my playthrough, So now I started again.

  • @jipostus Ys hype! I think Oath in Felghana is still my favorite though.

  • @Minamik Ys has always been a series I've admired from a distance. When Ys: The Ark of Napishtim came out, 11-year-old me was super interested in it, but I never ended up playing it.

  • @jipostus im playing though it too im new to the series but after how much i enjoyed the Trails series i figured id try Ys out too.

  • @bonfire_lit I do believe it's now available on PC, so it's not too late, haha. I haven't played all of them or anything, so yeah. Just Oath in Felghana, 7, and Celceta. I still need to check out Origins, 1 and 2, and Ark, and 8 is coming this year too.

  • Finished P5 and am now in my 2nd playthrough on the easiest difficulty to get the last few trophies, already in the 3rd palace.

    Also played some Horizon, finally entered Meridian and did some sidequests there.

  • Just started Nier Automata and so far it is amazing. I adore it.
    Granted dying accidentally in that tutorial before there was a save, was kinda annoying... but it's fun to play so I didn't mind.
    I just love the gameplay style changes and it's music is gorgeous.

    The BF started it, and he enjoyed it, so I'm hopeful he will play through it as well.

  • Cleared the 3rd palace in P5. I like trying to clear them as fast as possible, so I have a bunch of free days to do lots of dumb stuff.

  • I just started Trails in the Sky SC after finishing Fire Emblem Echoes but I was actually thinking of putting it aside for a bit to maybe get through some short games. I want to get Night in the Woods, does anyone else have any good suggestions?

  • My current actively playing list of madness:

    • Persona 5
    • Horizon: Zero Dawn
    • Nioh
    • Night in the Woods
    • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    • Fire Emblem Awakenings
    • Destiny (currently making my way through the Taken King stuff)
    • Resident Evil VII
    • Magikarp Jump
    • Injustice 2

    Yes this is too many games to be playing concurrently and yes my sanity is slowly slipping away because of it.

  • @orgnoxv Yes. I suggest sticking with Trails. :p

  • Bought Locoroco remastered expecting something kinda fun since I remember playing it a little bit (I'm talking very little) back when the vita first launched.

    I'm only like two levels in and I've already realized that this is the jolliest game ever created. This is not up for discussion.

    Youtube Video

  • Playing through Life is Strange since it was free on PS Plus.. I'm not a huge fan of the dialogue, but I'm enjoying the story so far

  • @Faaip the dialogue gets more bearable as the chapters go on

  • Tales From The Borderlands, was free last month but getting around too it because not currently not playing anything new. Always enjoy a good Telltale game and I love the world of Borderlands so its a good fit so far.

  • I borrowed Injustice 2 just to play the campaign, it's very well made and seems to be pretty long too! But it also confirms I wouldn't enjoy the game in the long term, I just suck at fighting games and would probably never touch it again after finishing the single-player.

  • I'm almost done with Tales of Berseria~

    I love the Tales games, but HOLY CRAP I WANT IT TO END

  • @parasitepaladin Oh!! What do you think of it?

  • @orgnoxv Just another Tales game. I enjoyed it! Seemed like it ran on a bit too long though, which really bugged me by the end of the game. The story is also really dark. While not a bad thing, I feel like they are pushing it in this game. Also, the combat is fine. Just like with previous games though, there is a ton of stuff to it and can be over whelming, but it can be completely ignored. (which may not be a good thing, design wise?) And I'm not to sure the English voice cast is able to probably handle some of the more emotional scenes.

    However, despite all that, I still played and beat it. I stuck with it for the 40 or so hours. If you are a fan of the series, I say go for it. You may want to watch the EZA review for a more positive on look on the game than I could give. And also by the end, I am rather pleased with how it links to Zestiria.