[Official] What are you playing?

  • @orgnoxv Just another Tales game. I enjoyed it! Seemed like it ran on a bit too long though, which really bugged me by the end of the game. The story is also really dark. While not a bad thing, I feel like they are pushing it in this game. Also, the combat is fine. Just like with previous games though, there is a ton of stuff to it and can be over whelming, but it can be completely ignored. (which may not be a good thing, design wise?) And I'm not to sure the English voice cast is able to probably handle some of the more emotional scenes.

    However, despite all that, I still played and beat it. I stuck with it for the 40 or so hours. If you are a fan of the series, I say go for it. You may want to watch the EZA review for a more positive on look on the game than I could give. And also by the end, I am rather pleased with how it links to Zestiria.

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    @DeweyDTruman the sequel is also slated to come out sometime

  • I put a bit of time into Gravity Rush 2, finally; great game, but after Prey it just felt a little lacking. So I went back to Prey. I'm currently on my No-Nuromod run, then it will be a run to try out these Typhon abilities as I didn't bother with them first run through. To say this game is good is an understatement.

  • Mostly Persona 5 as usual but I also treid out Akiba's Beat and Dark Rose Valkyrie.
    In P5 I'm now past the 4th palace, Akiba's beat I played till the 2nd chapter and DRV I'm, I did the 1st main mission., I think.

  • Trying to finish all the placement matches for this season of Overwatch and it's driving me slightly insane. For whatever reason, the matches keep consisting of people that barely unlocked competitive in the first place... Lots of Reins charging to their deaths, Mercys that would prefer to shoot than heal, and people at full health spamming the "I need healing" line. Placement matches for other seasons have usually been bad with a lot of leavers, but it's never been this frustrating. Whew, just 4 more matches until I get placed and hopefully some of this aggravation leaves.

  • I've almost finished the store mode of Puyo Puyo Tetris. It's dumb, but I'm having a blast. I needed something light after E3.

  • Persona 5, I'm currently at the 3rd palace, Horizon Zero Dawn, Valkyria Revolution, and Watch Dogs 2 for my single player experiences. Titanfall 2 and Overwatch for my multiplayer.

  • I'm currently playing Nioh Dragon of the north DLC, Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC.
    Up next is Nier Automata or Last Guardian or maybe The Evil Within DLC.

  • Beat Puyo Puyo Tetris!

  • Welp, my second playthrough of Persona 5 might be too efficient. I had finished all video games and social stats in my first run so I could focus on Confidants, requests, and books in this one. Barely starting the 6th palace, all books are finished, all unlocked requests are completed, and all Confidants are at max besides three (Hermit at 7, Tower at 8, and Empress at 1). I can almost taste that platinum trophy. I also might as well hire Kawakami as my live-in barista/curry chef.

  • Currently playing(?) Steins;Gate 0 ! All I can say is...... ;_;

  • I'm still working through Bloodborne. I really like playing the game despite the fact that my only pull if killing things and wanting to beat the game because I have no idea what is going on plot-wise. I find myself yelling at the TV "what are you?!" and "you are a madman" all the time.

  • Playing Wolfenstein: New Order now since I saw on Steam it was on sale for like $12.

  • @Tragosaurus There's really cool lore and a good plot underlying the madness, and while it compliments the experience, it's not essential to enjoying the game. I'd suggest looking up a lore video after you finish (like one from VaatiVidya on YouTube). Indeed, you not knowing exactly what is happening mirrors the state of your character within that world.

  • @Billy Haha ok as long as I'm feeling the same as my character I can feel a little bit better about it. A friend told me that a lot of the story/lore is in item descriptions and such, but that's just a little too Grimoire Card for me and I don't care that much. When I'm done I'll definitely look up some lore videos to provide a little context to what I just played.

  • I've made a good amount of progress on Trails of Cold Steel 2, and I'm enjoying it much more now, but there have been some developments and some reactions from the characters to certain events that have let me down on the way the story is handled, and that I feel overall cheapen the incredible world building the rest of the game does.

  • @bard91 what parts are bugging you?

  • @FF7Cloud

    Currently taking Auroch Fortress after they razed Celdic, the things that are bugging me is how this doesn't really feel like a war. I mean a town is razed and I'm supposed to believe that only a single person died (and I'm not getting this simply from exposition, but an actual line a character said while in town).

    However that's not the thing that is getting to me the most

    Rean getting so upset after V dying, what the hell does he think war is? does he think people just hit each other until the other one surrenders, it's understandable that he would relate more to it, but I can't believe students from a military academy could be so shy (can't find a better word) to realities of war, and never mind the fact that despite fighting against tons of soldiers and jaegers they're all just knocked out, that's complete bs in my book.

    And since I'm ranting I will also throw this one in there

    Enough with the sympathy for Crow, he is a murderer and triggered a civil war, I think that could be enough in most cases to lose the sympathy of your friends, I just want to slap Rean senseless whenever he talks about reuniting with Crow. NOOOOO!!!!! that bastard played all of you for fools, and most importantly to me as an observer didn't do enough to actually gain my sympathy to care enough for him after what he did.

  • @bard91 Some of those things get resolved. Some of those things don't. Some of them just get worse, lol.

  • Secured a route to the 4th palace treasure in P5. That first week leading into summer break, or it might have been the first week drove me bonkers though....I hate when the game wastes days that I could still be fitting things into without affecting what happens that day....