[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Minamik there goes a small fortune

  • @FF7Cloud Ah, well I've had them for a while now, lol. Just getting around to them though. Still not gonna mess with the sfc games, cause I want a legit sfc instead of the crummy emulator system I bought a few years ago.

  • LoH: A Tear of Vermillion: Resolved the hostage situation in Tibri and rescued Shannon. Can definitely tell that these games laid the groundwork for the Trails games.

  • Started playing Ever Oasis this weekend, not enough to have any big opinions on it yet but it is cute and jolly.

  • I'm about 5 hours into Suikoden 2 now and I have a question: will the end of the game be significantly altered if I miss some of the 108 stars? I've been told by just about everyone that it's totally worth it to scour the world for everyone, but I'm just not having fun. It feels like a grind and is seriously killing the pace of these opening chapters for me.

  • @naltmank Yes. You have to get 108 stars to get the 'true' ending.

    That said, if you didn't have a save file with all the stars from Suikoden 1, then you can't get all 108 stars in 2 anyway. There are a few decisions you have to make too to get that ending.

    Also for a first playthrough, there are certain ones that are on a timer so you'd really have to be on a guide to get everyone.

    I think I finished with about 90.

  • I'm about half way through Bayonetta 1, this time on Wii U though.

    Keen to clear it though as I just bought Get Even this morning.

  • @tokeeffe9 okay, that actually makes me feel way better. I think I'm just going to play at my own pace and then watch the true ending on youtube or something. Or, if I really end up loving it, I'll try it all again at some point. Thanks!

  • Finished Tales From the Borderlands a few days ago, only got better and better with some great emotional points. Can't go wrong with a free platinum trophy either.
    Now finishing up Battlefiled 1 collectibles and codex challenges so i can finally get this plat.

  • The rest of my family have commandeered the HD consoles (I can only have one plugged in at a time), for Hulu and Netflix. So I can no longer play Persona 5. That's a bit of a bummer. I just got addicted to a new Manga, so when I'm not reading that I'm playing Persona Q. I finally got around to buying the DLC so I'm really excited ton try the older personas out.

  • @michemagius how the hell was I not aware that Q had DLC, I doubt that would get me back to play it again, but I would have checked out for sure when playing it.

  • I picked up Ni No Kuni to get excited for the sequel. I've put about 10 hours in so far and I'm really enjoying it.. such a delightful game.

    I'm glad they did away with the turn-based combat in the second.. I've never been a huge fan and this isn't changing my mind much. Its a pain going through all the battle screen stuff when you fight an enemy every 10 seconds and they seem to respawn immediately. I enjoy the strategy more during the boss fights but it gets old for the regular enemies in my opinion

  • Bloodborne, my first From Software game.

    I keep getting Father Gascoigne to about 1 HP, and then I choke and try to rush to beat him. My next strategy involves stocking up on molotovs for beast form.

    Really liking it so far though, just really want to get this boss done so I can really explore more and build up my character.

  • @Jamicov It's a huge hurdle to overcome so early in the game, but you can walk away from it utterly confident in your skills and ready to take on the rest of the nightmare. You can do it!

  • LoH: Tear of Vermillion: Made it to Guia...still being stalked by Shannon, lol.

  • @Jamicov You can also be cheap like me, and trick him into the tree and attack him without him being able to get at you.

    I regret nothing.

  • @Jamicov I'm playing through Bloodborne for the first time too (also first From Software game). That father Gascoigne fight glitched for me. The first time I got him into beast form he had me on the ropes and I was getting destroyed. I was near the stairs and he jumped at me, I dodged and blindly tried to hit him a couple times (he was in between the camera and my character) whiffing the entire time. I run away and he's just gone. For the next 30 seconds I'm nervously running around waiting for whatever crazy thing he's about to do to me, and then Prey Slaughtered appeared. He just disappeared.

  • Currently playing Wolfenstien: The New Order because the trailer for The New Colosus intrigued me. It's a bit ropey in parts but I am really enjoying it. It mixed old school shooter ideas with more modern conventions really well.

  • LoH: A Tear of Vermillion: Made it to Theta! This game is just a real gem. Even with the poor localization, I've been enjoying most of the characters, and there have been a ton of moments where I caught myself laughing out loud.

    My only real complaint aside from the localization quality would be that spells take too long in combat. I thought about complaining about not having a map aside from the region map, but that's just me being spoiled by modern games.

  • I went and bought Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy this morning. What a joy just to hear that music again! I remember every track on every level. Finished the first island on Crash 1 on the first sitting. There's definitely a challenge building up from now on (though even Papu Papu managed to surprise me a few times, which never happened before!). But what a pleasant-looking game this is, they've done a great job updating everything to this day's norms. If you ever liked Crash you should pick this one up. Only 40 ā‚¬ / $, even. (And three different trophy lists, if you're into them. I know I am, but boy, these look difficult.)