[Official] What are you playing?

  • Trying to 100% Majora's Mask on the 3DS, and I also just got Ratchet and Clank and Metal Gear Solid V! Really enjoying those so far, and it's looking like Ratchet is going to be easy to get a Platinum Trophy. Also playing the odd game of Overwatch with friends on PS4. My PSN is Jamicov!

  • @dafoomie said in What are you playing?:

    @BogusMeatFactory Almost tragic that so few have gotten into The Longest Journey series, the story, the characters and the worlds are all amazing. Dreamfall Chapters could be adventure game of the year if you count it towards 2016.

    The beauty of the series is that a lot of the story was planned from the beginning unlike most games that develop the plot and world by the seat of their pants. It really is great stuff and I am so happy to see other people enjoying it.

  • GrimGrimoire, Danganronpa 2, The Banner Saga, Fallout 4, Persona 2 and One Piece Ultimate World Red.

  • Tons and tons of Overwatch on PS4! Just achieved level 86.

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  • I've been playing though Witcher: Blood and Wine (fantastic romp) and Trials of the Blood Dragon (good fun, but the platforming leaves a lot to be desired).

    Doom and Rachet and Clank are future purchases.

  • My currents include Doom, Uncharted (just started number 1 yesterday for the first time), Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, and a weekly Destiny Oryx raid with friends. Then there's the random one play session of "older" games.

  • Overwatch on PS4. God, soooooooo much Overwatch.

    Though I also am playing Pokemon X when my better half needs to play Overwatch. It'll be my first Pokemon game that I made past a couple hours, and I blame Brandon and Kyle.

    On Friday I will have to pick up #FE and start that, hopefully it'll be the weird, colorful, artistic japanese RPG I need until Persona 5....

    I also have been jumping into Bayonetta 2 every once in a while to amuse myself after frustrating Overwatch matches. It's such a bizarre game, but super satisfying to play. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Currently replaying The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, a lot of Rocket League (new update!) and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. It's an oldie but a goodie, available on Steam.

  • Still working my way through Project X Zone 2 which has been a blast so far, I'm close to 50 hours of enjoyment with that game and going by the previous one I have another 10 hours to go. Having the God Eaters and Leo S. Kennedy work together is a perfect match but set up Segata Sanshiro with anyone and it's a guaranteed laugh fest. I wish more people talked about these games because they are overall just fun and are brimming with humor.

    After I've finished that I'll probably start making my way through the Yakuza series or I might go with Resonance of Fate. Not sure yet.

  • In preparation for the launch of Star Ocean 5, I've decided to finally complete Star Ocean 3, and see for myself, the plot point that people say ruined the series.

  • Dota 2 for me :~) Add me, PeachesTheWalrus.

  • PS4:

    • Elder Scrolls Online
    • Rainbow Six: Siege
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
    • Dragon Ball Z: Zenoverse
    • Smite
    • Alien: Isolation


    • Persona 4
    • Old Spider-Man games


    • Neo Monsters
    • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
    • Unison League
    • Hearthstone

    I have a hard time sticking to one game at a time...

  • Playing Dishonored Remastered on PS4 and Over Watch on PC but just reinstalled Dead Space on a whim this evening so i'll play through that again.

  • Doom and its by far GOTY this year so far and best FPS since long long time

  • GTA 3 on ps4 is my dark souls lol

  • PES 2016

  • Pokemon X and Baulder's game 2 - well until my laptop died 😖

  • Finished Kingdom Hearts I.5 RE: Chains of Memories and 352/2 Days both I enjoyed although CoM design can get really repetitive but playing as Riku was a blast , now playing through Kingdom Hearts II.5 from the beginning since i haven't touched my old save for over 8 months now and I'm super hyped to continue playing maybe because I'm playing on Proud and the challenge is just right , also still juggling that with Wild Arms 4 which I'm half way through and Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance I don't know who are the people calling this the weakest of GBA Castlevanias yes the music isn't the best but everything else is SO GOOD!

  • Mechwarrior Online, it's one of those games where you sit down and say "Okay just a couple matches then I'll go to bed" and then it's 2am.

    Send help

  • I have a few gams on the go at the moment:

    Forbidden Siren (PS4): Though I own this on the PS2, I downloaded it again on PS4 as I fancied another playthough and liked the idea of picking up some trophies at the same time. truth be told, I'm actually done with this one now as I snagged the past trophy late last night before I went to sleep. Such a great game.

    Atelier Sophie: I think I must be about half way through now. While I do feel this game is a little weak coming straight out of Shallie, the game still has all the charm and brilliance that the series is known for. Like Shallie before it, they have sadly decided to stick to the complete removal of any time constraints, but I find I've adapted to the change quite well. I do want to polish this off before I forget where I was with it.

    Mirrors Edge: Catalyst: As a huge fan of the original, I truly believe that the shift to a sandbox was the wrong choice for this game. That said, I am really enjoying the game and I am surprised by the mearly 'luke warm' reviews that it has had. Presentation is top notch, the core Mirror's Edge gameplay is still in there and is as good as it ever was, and the soundtrack is simply wonderful. I just hope this does not end up as another one of those games on my shelf that is only partly complete, simply because of the daunting, overcrowded mess that is your typical open-world/sandbox game's map. I'm usually quite good at following the core missions, but these games to seem to do their upmost best to make it difficult for you to stick just to what is important.

    Anima: Gate of Memories: I love this game, I just got distracted from it sadly. It really is one of those gems that I just stumbled across, much like when I gambled my money on Neir when it first game out. It reminds me of Neir actually, in more ways that one. The game reminds me of PS2 games and how they used to play, and in a good way. I just need to get back to it -.-"

    Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma: What can I say, its the third game in a series I absolutely adore. It's all about the story though so I can't say much about it without spoiling things. While that story has been exactly what I wanted so far, this game is going to hinge A LOT on how it decided to conclude itself, so let's just see how that goes shall we. Oh, and a word of advice for anyone who might want to give this series a try starting with this one: don't, you will be confused as hell.