[Official] What are you playing?

  • Because YouTube was populated by Oblivion a while ago, I decided to play Oblivion myself. It's... Interesting... That dialogue is janky at best (with the few exceptions). I avoid the main quest like it's plaque, because while it's not bad, I hate the Oblivion gates. They halt the game for 30-120 minutes (for me at least) just to go through one, and there are 64 in the game...

  • @jipostus Yeah, the gates can get pretty annoying after you close a bunch. The game doesn't expect you to go closing all of them, so just don't bother if you're finding it pace-breaking and tedious. I loved Oblivion, but there is quite a bit of jank that makes returning difficult. I'd say the worst is scaling enemies. You level up and feel great until you realize it just upgraded the regular brigands, making them ready to smash your face in with shiny new weapons and armor.

  • The deed is done, I platinum'd Persona 5 and finished the 2nd playthrough after 182 hours, 9/10

    Also in my quest of clearing my retro backlog I dared to play through Castlevania Adventure for Gameboy on my Retron 5, what a rancid piece of garbage that game is, no way I'll beat that without save scumming. 0/10 will never play again. I heard the 2nd one is better (not really an accomplishment but apparently it's decent?).

  • Got to 100% on Crash Warped. Is the platinum on that game hard? I might go for it. I want to start Wild ARMs 3 again, but...if I'm close...

  • Trails of Cold Steel 2, uuugggghhhh this game has officially outstayed its welcome

  • I got back to The Last Guardian last night after a long hiatus. I think I'm halfway through now.

    It has some great moments but the controls and camera are so ridiculously bad it severely affects my enjoyment of the game. It feels like a constant struggle. I'd probably have more fun watching a Let's Play of it.

    I'll power through it because I am genuinely intrigued by the story, but it's gonna have to pull off something truly mind-blowing for me to reconsider my opinion.

  • @bard91 Ah, you in that part that's like...unnecessary post game? lol, it annoyed me too.

  • @Minamik furious is more like it, because that annoying dungeon in Crossbell was not enough (the story was cool, the dungeon was a drag)

  • I'm really excited to play Trails of Cold Steel eventually (love love love TitS), but I keep hearing the same kind of complaints that it's a real slog. One guy I know said that he'd need at least 10 years before he could stomach playing the original ToCS again

  • @WarpDogsVG I don't really feel that way, i think I could play them again soon, if I didn't have a million other things I want to play, despite my complaining I enjoyed ToCS2, it simply didn't live up to the hype I had after the first and the fact that I'm playing it straight after my favorite game ever came out doesn't leave it in a great spot.

    I can't complare with TitS since I haven't played them, but to me the slog was not too bad in either of the two games.

  • @WarpDogsVG If you've played through the Sky trilogy first, you'll definitely get more out of the Cold Steel games, but yeah, I didn't really enjoy them nearly as much as the Sky games.

    But I'm devoted to seeing the overall story through to the end, haha.

  • Played the opening tutorial bit that comes with the Splatoon 2 splatfest demo. I love the designs for Pearl and Marina, but c'mon internet...Pearl is best girl.

  • Not playing anything right now lifes been getting in the way.

  • Kingdom Hearts 2 - My wife and I are both huge Disney fans, we saw Mulan together in the theater when it came out. We played through KH1 last month and are almost finished with 2. I don't think we'll play any of the other stuff before 3, Disney is kinda the draw (FF as well for me). I never liked any of the original KH universe after the first game (Hollow Bastion is great).

    Nier: Automata - I really need to find some time to devote to it before next month. I like what I've played but so much else got in the way, from Zelda to Mass Effect to now KH1/2.

    Nex Machina - I just really like the way Housemarque games play!

  • I just finished Chapter 3 of Life is Strange last night and hot damn.

    Just when I was starting to not just be annoyed by Chloe but really hate her.

    Working my way through Trails in he Sky FC. I think I'm in Chapter 2 now and I'm really enjoying it.

  • @Tragosaurus im glad your liking it its not that long either and is a great set up for the second game

  • Been grinding away at my Steam library this year. To do so I've been playing two games at once - a bigger game (currently Divinity: OS) and a smaller one. Right now that's Legend of Grimrock

    It's interesting because this really isn't a genre of game I'm all that fond of, and I never played the older games that it takes inspiration from. Despite that I'm really really enjoying it

    I think an underrated part of puzzle design in a non-puzzle game is limiting the tools at your disposal. I'm only on the 5th level, but so far every single puzzle is either a wall switch, pressure plate, or requires a key / item. Because that list is so small they can do some cool things with the puzzles that play with your expectations

    It actually reminds me a bit of Breath of the Wild in that every puzzle seemed doable because you knew it'd require either your 4 runes or climbing, and even in the worst case scenario you can just experiment with every single approach without wasting a lot of time

  • Persona 5: Made it to the 6th palace. I wish there was a button you could press that would just make the mc tell everybody to chill the f**k out, lol.

  • Finally started playing Nier Automata, played just past the demo.

    I really wish I could do the same thing I did for P5 with this one, but I'm all out of vacations days right now, so no chance of just taking days off for this.

    I've managed to avoid all spoilers thus far, and with Nier being one my top 5 games ever, and Drakengard 3 being an incredibly interesting but terrible game, I'm super excited about going deeper into this and see if it manages to give P4 and P5 a run for their money just like the first did.

  • So I've been feeling empty and hollow. I've had brief moments of joy with Rayman Legends and Overwatch, but I've just been listless and unable to concentrate on a game properly since I beat Persona 5. I shifted my attention to movies, my work, taking late night strolls, music... anything to help spark that passion for gaming back into me. Nothing would work, no matter how many different genres or games I tried. Then I decided it was time to dive back into what I was playing prior to Persona...

    Yakuza 0, baby! I hadn't gone very far in the story beforehand since I was distracted with Pocket Racers, but I finally got to the real estate game and bam, my love of gaming came back. Those were some of my favorite moments of the older GTAs, buying up property and watching my profits grow, and this just takes that initial idea and expands it into something more compelling. If it was just buying property, I'd be having a blast but add in the Five Billionaires making threats, fighting me, challenging me to Outrun... and it's perfection. I love that certain locations require you to befriend the owner before you can purchase, so you have even more context to everything. It completely blows my mind that this is optional. I'm still in chapter 5 and probably will be for awhile because of how incredible this optional content is, yet the main story is great too! This would easily have been my game of the year had Persona 5 not come out this year. The fact we're also getting Kiwami very soon for only $30 also just seems insane. Sega absolutely destroyed this year with quality games.