[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Minamik Dang, you're taking your time then, haha. I'm close to completing a 2nd playthrough with a platinum and I've got maybe 160 hours logged in total.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I swear, just one more fusion...just gotta get Lucifer and I'll be ready to finish...

    Maybe cause I never avoided fighting any shadows? Man, I don't know how it's taken this long...I did always make sure to fully explore each floor of Mementos so I wouldn't miss any treasures...

  • @Minamik Are you going to try to unlock the super secret ending by leveling all characters to level 99? It's so secret, no one has even posted about it online!

  • @Danjin44 Maybe it's just because I'm playing on a PS4 (not pro) but it seems like it drops frames HARD sometimes when I'm just walking around the overworld.

    Still a great game despite its technical faults. I mean there's a part where you visit basically Disneyland but horribly run down (so, Nara Dreamland I guess) to collect stamps for a stampbook and watch a bunch of machines trying to re-enact Romeo and Juliet. Not a lotta games would do something like that, and I really love it for that.

  • @DeweyDTruman Oh yeah, I looooove that Quest. this game has some awesome side quest. be sure to go to bunker. there are quest there too.

    Nier Automata is my GOTY and this year Persona 5 came out and as u can tell from my avatar I LOVED Persona 5. So this game is beating Persona 5 as GOTY was my biggest surprise this year.

  • @SabotageTheTruth Hell with that. I think my party is around 78 right now, and around 73 was where levelling really slowed down. I'm just playing with fusions, even though I know I can't even get all of them since I didn't max every confidant. Stopped last night after finishing Metatron, and now am going for Lucifer, since I have everything, I just need the money to summon them all....and the money to pay for the fusion, lol.

  • Just hit Archadia in FFXII with 17 hours played.

    I criticised this game pretty heavily when it first came out, and while I don't disagree with anything I said about it back then, this is one of the first times ever where I have revisited a game, only to find myself enjoying it more than I did first time around. I think a large part of it simply lies with what we've been playing and gotten used to in all the years following. FFXII definitely was a disappointment back in 2006, but now there's an awful lot that stands out that really needs some kind of appreciation.

    As with pretty much anything Matsuno was involved with, the story/plot is still a bit of a snore and never really escalates to anything epic or interesting, but at least it feels pretty complete and not just thrown together. Mostly I'm just enjoying scouring the maps and building a strong party. The areas are just about the right size in this game, and they are cut up nicely into sections so as to make it much more manageable than any of the large open worlds we seem to get these days.

    The remaster itself is really well done and I must say that it's really nice to finally get to try the Zodiac job system. Love the inclusion of a "speed up" function as well, every game needs one of these as an option lol.

  • I finally went back to Life is Strange last night and played most of Chapter 4. It was getting late and I was about to stop and then things started to get nuts and wouldn't stop. Chapter 3 was good but 4 has really pulled me in making me want to go back and finish the story asap. I unfortunately didn't find the end of 3 before I went to sleep but I'm definitely going to later today.

  • I had expected Automata to be more of a continuously weird experience, but so far (about halfway through the 2nd playthrough) it really hasn't been. Nothing has topped the absolutely wonder and insanity of the first few major set pieces

    I presume it'll deliver more as I go through it, but I'm getting pretty bored of the gameplay

  • @WarpDogsVG Yoko Taro games are not weird just for sake of being weird like most of suda 51 games.
    Im gussing u are in Route B, Trust me when I say you are in for a treat in Route C.

  • Finally finished Persona 5. I got what I'd call the True Bad Ending...thanks for the chocolate, Ryuji...

    There was one other thing that kind of left a sour taste, but overall I had fun.

  • I caved an bought Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I've been tempted ever since they announced it but tried to resist because I probably won't have time to finish it.

    Never played it, and it honestly looks a lot more appealing than XV, in every way. I played for about an hour so I'll have more impressions in a few days.

    I had to pick a job for Vaan and had no idea what to pick, went with Shikari, did I mess up? Are there jobs better suited for some characters and not for others?

  • @Sheria said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @Minamik Brave Story New Traveler and Corpse Party are two must plays from the PSP.

    How'd I miss this?! Are you me? lol

  • I know I said I needed something shorter to cool off after Persona 5...but Tokyo Mirage Sessions is calling my name...Why am I doing this to myself?! haahaha

  • @Minamik It's not that long unless you want to do a ton of the sidequests, and honestly most of those are pretty boring, so I can't imagine wanting to complete them unless you want to 100% it

  • @bard91 Nothing is long compared to Persona 5! Haha! And this game is silly enough where the similarities between the series don't make me feel too burnt out.

  • I'm close to the 70 hour mark in Yakuza 0 and despite enjoying my time with the game.. I'm kinda starting to feel burnt out. That's totally on me as I'm strong enough to power through the rest of it, I just keep getting distracted with side quests. I've purchased every building in Kiryu's story and saw that portion end (loved the payout for completing the real estate game) and I just need to take down one more club with Majima. It's one of those situations where I've invested so much time and effort in these side activities, I'd feel a little disappointed if I completed the main story without seeing it through. Perhaps just a little bit too much padding on the time it takes for payouts to pop with Kiryu (even after using completion points to max it out) and the cabaret club mini-game can sometimes really drag when you're getting constant requests for help. The game is definitely better for having these activities, but it honestly feels more like work than fun towards the end of them. Pocket Circuit racing also took up a huuuuuge chunk of time and that payoff was pretty bad.

    That storyline is still damn good though. Better than most crime movies!

  • I finished FFXII this morning, just over 25 hours. While I probably should have just stuck to the PS2 version, I'm sort of glad I picked it up again, the new steelbook looks really nice in the collection. I'm just not sure if I prefer this one or the US PS2 steelbook more.

  • @Sheria How Long to Beat lists the main story for that game at around 58 hours... what in the world did you do? Haha. I was actually planning on skipping it because I have too many long games to play right now, but if I can knock it out in 25? Then I'm interested.

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @Sheria How Long to Beat lists the main story for that game at around 58 hours... what in the world did you do? Haha. I was actually planning on skipping it because I have too many long games to play right now, but if I can knock it out in 25? Then I'm interested.

    Main story really. The remaster has a 4x speed option you can toggle on and off at any time though, you can't go by that really anymore.