[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 It is, however, subjectively true. :p Also, axes!

  • Pyre, obvs.

    Also, NG+ Yakuza 0, Life is Strange, MLB The Show.

    Just passing time until Everybody's Golf and Kiwami.

  • i am currently playing Splatoon 2 and Fortnite. Sometimes Hearts of Iron IV or Rome Total War 2.

  • I decided to carry on a bit with FFXII, so I cleared up to and including Yiazmat & Omega Mark XII. With 46 hours on the clock, I feel I'm done with it now though, and I'm certainly not doing boring stuff just for a "platinum".

    I'm going to try this Crash remake next.

  • @Stormcrownn how do you like Hearts of Iron 4, I love Victoria 2 and EU4, but haven't looked into HoI at all, the impressions I heard from it were that it was a bit of a let down in comparisson to previous entries.

  • i really enjoy Hearts of Iron IV, the frontline mechanic makes all previous HOI's feel unplayable to me.

    The audience of HOI that loved the insane engine with features buried 7-8 menu's deep is upset that its simplified, but HOI4 is still one of the most complex strategy games you can play.

    The mods are pretty awesome for it, Road to 56 and Kaiserreich are two of the biggest. Kaiserreich is an alternate history mod with Germany winning World War 1.

  • @Stormcrownn good to hear, how is the development for those mods? one of the huge letdowns I had with Vicky 2 was a mod I followed for a while that was pretty much in development hell, I know that for CK2 and EU4 they are far more active, but I hear much less buzz about HoI3 so I'm really not up to date with that.

  • I've finished Crash 1 and now half way through Crash 2. There was definitely something a little off about the jumping, but I do like this remake.

  • @Danjin44 said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @WarpDogsVG Yoko Taro games are not weird just for sake of being weird like most of suda 51 games.
    Im gussing u are in Route B, Trust me when I say you are in for a treat in Route C.

    I won't sat anything else other than: you were absolutely right

    Phew, Automata is now finished and also very much deleted. Continuing on my backlog train, and next up is Final Fantasy 15. I'm psyched that I picked it up along the same time as Bosman and so far completely agree with his take - it's cool to have your bros

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions: This game just keeps on getting weirder, lol.

    I.e. alt text

  • I really hope they port that one to the Switch, it's the last Wii U game I haven't tried.

  • the level "native Fortress" in crash one is giving me lots of problems

  • I finished Crash 2. I'm not really wanting to start 3 yet. Both 1 and 2 were admittedly very short, quick to finish games, but I still feel a little burned out on it for now. Instead I started Space Quest 4 again. Why that one in particular, I'm not really sure.

  • I'm nearing the end of the Titanfall 2 campaign, which is most excellent. The MP is great too. I'm also a few hours into Final Fantasy 4 The Complete Collection on Vita, which is really awesome despite some of the archaic stuff such as no quest logs or in game tutorials. The music, story and ATB system are all superb though. This is also my first real try of playing a FF game.

  • I have Platinum'd Wolfenstein The New Order, the 2nd playthrough I did in 999 mode which was kinda more fun than the regualar game.

    In Tales of Haerts R I'm now at Level 24 and on my way to a town called Hanselar or something.

  • this is me right now

    alt text

  • Got Ending A in Nier Automata. Good stuff, gonna go back for more in a day or two. Loved the credits song, kinda reminded me of SOTN's for some reason.

    Also replayed Sonic CD for the first time in a while. Did two things I don't normally do; use the US soundtrack and go for the time stones instead of making a good future the hard way per level. A few observations:

    1. The UFO special stages are by far the best of the genesis-era sonic games. Already knew this from the few times I bothered in the past but making them a priority reinforced that in my mind.
    2. While I prefer the JP soundtrack the US one is pretty alright. Not fond of Quartz Quadrant but Wacky Workbench and Tidal Tempest are better than the JP versions.
    3. This game is insanely short when you aren't exploring. I think I get why a lot of people don't like it despite it being my favorite.

  • The Kingdom Hearts PS4 HD collection.

    Took at least 2 hours for KH1 to get going. But its pretty enjoyable. Even if the level design is a bit dated in some areas. May go on a 1 disc rental plan to finish it. As my Gamefly subscription ends this week.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions: On chapter 5. No mistake, this game is goofy as hell, but I love how they did the protagonist, Itsuki, compared to the Persona games. Itsuki is still sort of an avatar for the player, but at the same time he's voiced, and when you do make dialogue choices, his own personality shines through.

  • Currently playing Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue on PS1. It's been on my shelf for over a decade, not sure why I never gave it a go before. Some minor camera issues aside, it's actually a lot of fun.