[Official] What are you playing?

  • I'm nearing the end of the Titanfall 2 campaign, which is most excellent. The MP is great too. I'm also a few hours into Final Fantasy 4 The Complete Collection on Vita, which is really awesome despite some of the archaic stuff such as no quest logs or in game tutorials. The music, story and ATB system are all superb though. This is also my first real try of playing a FF game.

  • I have Platinum'd Wolfenstein The New Order, the 2nd playthrough I did in 999 mode which was kinda more fun than the regualar game.

    In Tales of Haerts R I'm now at Level 24 and on my way to a town called Hanselar or something.

  • this is me right now

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  • Got Ending A in Nier Automata. Good stuff, gonna go back for more in a day or two. Loved the credits song, kinda reminded me of SOTN's for some reason.

    Also replayed Sonic CD for the first time in a while. Did two things I don't normally do; use the US soundtrack and go for the time stones instead of making a good future the hard way per level. A few observations:

    1. The UFO special stages are by far the best of the genesis-era sonic games. Already knew this from the few times I bothered in the past but making them a priority reinforced that in my mind.
    2. While I prefer the JP soundtrack the US one is pretty alright. Not fond of Quartz Quadrant but Wacky Workbench and Tidal Tempest are better than the JP versions.
    3. This game is insanely short when you aren't exploring. I think I get why a lot of people don't like it despite it being my favorite.

  • The Kingdom Hearts PS4 HD collection.

    Took at least 2 hours for KH1 to get going. But its pretty enjoyable. Even if the level design is a bit dated in some areas. May go on a 1 disc rental plan to finish it. As my Gamefly subscription ends this week.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions: On chapter 5. No mistake, this game is goofy as hell, but I love how they did the protagonist, Itsuki, compared to the Persona games. Itsuki is still sort of an avatar for the player, but at the same time he's voiced, and when you do make dialogue choices, his own personality shines through.

  • Currently playing Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue on PS1. It's been on my shelf for over a decade, not sure why I never gave it a go before. Some minor camera issues aside, it's actually a lot of fun.

  • @bard91 Both are still receiving updates. HOI4 still receives pretty frequent updates that break mod support, so any top mod usually gets updated quickly.

    I'd say both are fairly "Complete" so to speak, although road to 56 is more or less a compilation mod.

  • Tried playing Knuckles' Chaotix for the first time. I don't hate it, but it's definitely not that good. The graphics, the music, the general aesthetic of it all is pretty great but that's only gonna get you so far. The actual gameplay is either tedious and boring when you're spending half the stage just going through a dozen halfpipes in a row or throwing your partner up to the next level, or obnoxious and annoying when your partner is just spazzing out, you're going ridiculously fast and just ram into an enemy you can't see coming (I always thought this was a stupid argument when used to say the genesis games aren't good but this game is way, way faster when you're using the rubberband mechanic and it actually feels like a real problem here on the rare occasion you actually come near an enemy) or you're doing the frankly terrible boss fights.

    The special stages are pretty great though. Don't like them as much as the UFOs in CD but I do dig them. Definitely the highlight, gameplay-wise.

  • I'm nearing the end of Trails in the Sky FC and its been a joy. Really enjoying the characters and writing. The real reason I am posting though is to say how much I hate what I assume is the last dungeon area. Everything looks exactly the same and its so easy to get turned around. Despite my best efforts to remember where I've gone I always forget the second I wrap up one of those long chest battles. I really just want to sprint through this area and be done with it but I still end up going to every single chest and fighting everything.

  • I'm really not enjoying FF15 like I thought I would. Everything just feels so clunky and unpolished :(

    And am I nuts, or are the sidequests almost completely terrible?

  • @WarpDogsVG Dino's voice.... ugh. It's my least favorite Final Fantasy, so you're not alone.

  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Getting close to the end!

  • I'm about 20 hours into Mass Effect Andromeda and having a really good time. As a Mass Effect fan it makes me sad to see it get such a bad rap, sure it's got some bugs and performance issues, but there's still a lot of fun to be had with it!

  • @Gheremie_Johnson I think you made the correct choice to play the game this long after launch. It's been improved with all the patches and the zeitgeist has moved on. You can play it with a clearer head and realistic expectations.
    I'm positive I would have liked the game more if I had waited, and not paid full price.
    My main problem was just that the original trilogy are my favourite games of all time, and I expected too much from Andromeda.

    I think I'll revisit it in a year or so, and probably have a lot of fun with it.

  • @Inustar It's refreshing to see Bioware putting so much effort into fixing Andromeda's issues, you don't see a lot of devs doing that anymore.

  • I'm currently playing final fantasy XII. I Didn't care for it much back in the day but with the zodiac jobs & the fast forward I'm loving it. I'm 20 hours in so far.

  • Just picked up Fidel Dungeon Rescue the other day and I'm hooked!

    It's this clever little dungeon-crawler puzzle rougelike, where you play as a dog diving through dungeons to save your human. There's both the right amount of depth and limitation to make it really easy to get into but still create a sense of wonder as you work out how all of the enemies work. Even after you beat it there are cool ways to self-incur additional difficulty and plenty of secrets to find. Even just trying to complete it quicker and more optimally is a blast! I'm definitely going to be playing this whenever I need a quick study-break for the foreseeable future.

  • I received XCOM 2 as an anniversary present, and I am blown away by how much I love this game.

    I enjoyed Enemy Unknown, but there have been many improvements that make what was a tactically stimulating title even more entertaining and well-rounded. For example, your soldiers have much more customization options. It may seem small, but it can get you more personally invested into the units you send storming into alien territory. They introduced several new abilities that synergize with the classes well and make wise ability selection more crucial. Rangers now have access to melee abilities, snipers pick up a rapid fire pistol for close range, and there is a new stealth system implemented overall that allows you to flank enemies, set up ambushes, or accomplish objectives more easily.

    The game also has a great underdog vibe that compliments the sense of planetary patriotism well. Every time I receive a mission from the resistance, it feels like a huge opportunity, and I will just sit on the squad select screen listening to the music swell in anticipation of the operation.

    I digress, but this is an amazing turn-based strategy title. To counter the new tools at your disposal, the aliens have upped their game as well, with many enemies receiving genetic enhancements to improve their own health and abilities. However, the perceived difficulty shouldn't deter you; there are multiple difficulty settings, and there is the ability to save before each turn in case you regret your choices.

  • @Billy What would you say was the ratio of enemies, aliens: humans?