[Official] What are you playing?

  • Just finished Ratchet and Clank PS4.

    Currently got Trails of Cold Steel, Fire Emblem Fates, Overwatch, Xenoblade X, FF9 and Tales of Zestiria.

  • Just finished UC4 and prolly taking a break until I Am Setsuna. Also weekly D&D game.

  • On pc I'm playing some overwatch and just finished blood and wine. On PS4 Gamefly sent me mirror's edge today so I'll start that tonight.

  • Mainly Mirrors Edge Catalyst. Still want to finish Killer is Dead, Doom and Ratchet and Clank. And a few rounds of Rocket League from time to time.

  • Currently playing a lot of Overwatch and whenever no one is online for that, I'm playing through A Link to the Past for the first time on my newly purchased N3DS.

  • All Overwatch all day

  • playing some NBA2k16 My Career. It's been ages since I played a basketball game and I'm having a blast dominating the paint :basketball_player:

  • Playing through Dark Souls 1 right now. Also playing through Sunset Overdrive on and off. My multiplayer fix right now is Rocket League and Halo 5. Ever since they've enabled cross-platform play on the Xbox version of Rocket League the competition has been fierce. Those PC players are no joke. Forcing me to up my game.

  • Still ripping through Dark Souls III, I'm on my like fourth build. I need to pick up ME:Catalyst, how are you liking it @Dragonhunter ? I loved the original ME so I'm thinking it's a no brainer for me.

  • @Theomeny I think it's great. Some really stunning visuals and the running is extremely fun. Not sure if it's the game, the open world or just my skills that improved but I have a much better flow in Catalyst than I ever had in the Original ME. The story isn't pretty long but combined with some of the sidemission that kinda play like mainmissions with those puzzle like climbs it's pretty long compared to the first one.
    Dashes and creating own Time Trials are also alot of fun. I don't think you'll regret it if you liked the first one.

  • Homeworld: Remastered Collection and House of the Dying Sun, with a bit of World of Warcraft on the side.

  • I'm about to start up Zero Escape:VLR. Going to get ready for the next game!

  • Overwatch & Battleborn on PS4 , Wild Arms 4 PS2 i really need to drop OW and BB I've put over 25hours in both games and it's about time i go back to Bloodborne and DOOM.

  • Been playing a bit of Overwatch. If any Australians want to add me I'm koenji#11253

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    Lots of Overwatch and some Doom and Uncharted 2 on the side.

  • FF14 and I'm trying to start up Atelier Sophie. I started it yesterday, but had to pretty much immediately stop due to how sick I was feeling, I just couldn't play any games and had to lay down and just watch TV. Definitely looking forward to really getting deep into Sophie.

    Prior to that I just finished Blood & Wine and got all the trophies. I was incredibly happy with how it all ended for me. It was deeply satisfying and also pretty sad, since there's just no more for me to play. I can't wait for their Cyberpunk game. And before I played through and platinum'd Wild Arms 3 on the PS4, which really held up and was excellent. Hopefully we can get a PS2 Classics port of Wild Arms: Alter Code F (the WA1 remake) on the PS4 as well as I think that's my favorite Wild Arms game. I wouldn't mind playing through 4 and 5 again either.

    My PSN ID is SeanTSC and I think my Steam one is as well. It's also my XBL one, but I haven't used any Xbox services in a long time now.

  • I've been plugging away on Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition on PC still. Those versions are a really nice way to play the Infinity Engine games. I can't wait for Beamdog to get Icewind Dale II out.

    On PS4, like Huber, I keep coming back to Uncharted 4's multiplayer. It's a really chill time. I prefer the Command mode since it's less about racking up kills so I can stay alive a lot longer.

    I do wish I was playing Overwatch. Just haven't been able to afford that so far.

    Oh, and I've been playing some Severed and Royal Librarians 2 on my Vita.

  • Overwatch if people are online and a little Guild Wars 2 if not. I have a lot of backlog to catch up on, but whatever.

  • At this very moment, trying to beat a high score in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Then it's back to Dirt Rally.

  • Lots of Overwatch as well! Finished Uncharted 4 and Gone Home the last couple of days, both great games!