[Official] What are you playing?

  • After Ben mentioned Magical Drop this morning during the stream I got a real bad jonesin for that game. II's the only one on PS4 so I picked it up, and I'm digging it a lot. Not as good as 3, but that doesn't mean it isn't still a total blast to play.

  • Currently playing Persona 5 again. Feel like I've got a lot to do still. I've also been playing a game that I've been surprised to not see mentioned on the forums yet. I'll see if anyone can guess it.

  • I'm now 30 hours into Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and I'm on my way to Archadia. I'm guessing I'm about halfway through the main story?

    Yesterday I tried to clean up some Hunts, got stuck for a while against the White Mousse in the Rabanastre sewers, I think I was under-leveled (my team is around level 30) but managed to beat it by finally figuring out how the Quickening system works. This is such an obscure and convoluted feature, and it's barely explained in-game! I had to look up several YouTube tutorials to get a rough idea and it's still a bit fuzzy.

    Apart from that I'm really enjoying the combat system and the gambits, so much so that I might have trouble going back to the old, slow turn-based JRPGs.

    This game is everything I want from a Final Fantasy game and I'm pretty happy I picked this one up rather than XV.

  • @Axel XII is great in many ways, and those few problems it had previously are pretty much fixed in the Zodiac Age release. BTW, in XII, equipment matters way more than levels, so while leveling up does make characters stronger, gearing up properly makes more difference than few levels here and there.

  • @Faaip Same here! I never had the chance to play any of the games, but I'm wanting to finish up at least the main 3 entries before the new one comes out.

  • @Billy They're really fun games.. definitely worth playing! Absolution is good if you want more but its definitely not necessary to catch up and doesn't have as strong a story in my opinion

    I'd recommend the remaster of 1/2 for PS3 (if they aren't available on 4) and to wait for a sale for 3 if you want because I got it for like $4

  • Finished Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Now...finally...I've moved on to BotW!

    I went foraging so I could make some money...which in itself is oddly satisfying for some reason...and after about an hour (I'd cleared out the moblins), out of nowhere, I hear some dude scream, and I jumped out of my chair...lol. After that I climbed up on a rock so I could get a better view of the guy getting beat up by bokoblins...

  • BotW: After investing in a house (player housing is not something that's done enough in games that I love!), I wandered off into the desert. You could say it was bananas.

  • BotW: One down, three to go! Plus a neat hat that was a real pain in the butt to get!

  • Playing Dark soul's 2 on PS4 and Role playing as Guts from Berserk, smashing week enemies with the Dragonslayer inspired Greatsword feels good.

  • Been playing Life is Strange, the first 2 episodes have been meh but holy hell the end of that 3rd episode holy fuck!!!!

  • After getting sidetracked for the 500th time in BotW I'm finally making my way to my second destination, which appears to be the Rito place.

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    @FF7Cloud I KNOW!! RIGHT!! RIGHT!!! Its one of those "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?!?" Moments! Try to not spoil too much... but I actually cried there.. with the music and everything, it really cut into my soul! I liked the ending of episode 2 as well, but episode 3 was too good!

  • Feels weird to admit this in 2017, but here I am playing...No Man's Sky

    I came down hard on the game at launch (and justifiably so imo) and while updates 1.1 and 1.2 didn't really do much for me, 1.3 is right up my alley

    At this point it feels like they actually finished the dang game. I wish they had delayed it a year instead of rolling out it this way!

  • @Lotias and then Chapter 4!!!!!!!!!!!! didnt see that comin

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    @FF7Cloud haha yes! That ending had me drop my jaw to the ground and then shout out at the TV "I KNEW IT!! I BLOODY KNEW IT!!!" even though I clearly didnt know xD I would also say that episod 4 are the weakest of the bunch, but totally necessary as a buildup for episode 5!

  • BotW: After having done 2 beasts now, I've gotta say I'm way more impressed with all the work that went into the Zora part I'm working towards now. In comparison, the Rito one felt like it was kinda...just there. I do still have to go back for sidequests though, so I'll see how I feel about it later.

  • Not interested in playing games now.

  • @Lotias

    Spoiler I thought he was the only nice guy in the game up till that point great misdirection

  • Akiba's Beat
    I'm now in Chapter 12, so far I really like the game but there was one really bad part where the story splits the team up, and of course the 2 worst characters in terms of fighting were put together and I even had to fight a boss with those 2, that was shit. It redeemed itself after that tho with the 2nd of 3 teams, because Reiji reks.

    Tales of Hearts R
    I realized that the names of places in the german version are different so there is no use to say them, I'm now at the part where I had to stop someone flooding a town, and am now inside her to fix her Spira.

    Resident Evil VII
    Another game I have borrowed from my brother, purely because I really want to watch Kizuna Ai's gameplay videos of it so I thought might as well play it alongside, since she started the game with japanese voices and text (switched to english voices now tho). I'm now at the part where I have to find 2 key cards. The main character is lethargic af though, I wonder why they voiced him at all, even Link has more emotions.

    No Man's Sky
    I havn't played it since 1.1 actually so there is even more new stuff for me to discover, I did restart my game though, I was already at the center of the universe on my old save state ad thought it might be better to start a new game.
    My biggest gripe with the new stuff is that they changed the Animal collection screen, back then with 1.1 it was sorted between land, sea and air animals which made it easier to search for the last one as you basically could cross out at least one of the types, this is gone now which makes finding all animals on a planet much more difficult again since I can't tell what type I'm looking for. Bad idea.