[Official] What are you playing?

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    Spoiler I thought he was the only nice guy in the game up till that point great misdirection

  • Akiba's Beat
    I'm now in Chapter 12, so far I really like the game but there was one really bad part where the story splits the team up, and of course the 2 worst characters in terms of fighting were put together and I even had to fight a boss with those 2, that was shit. It redeemed itself after that tho with the 2nd of 3 teams, because Reiji reks.

    Tales of Hearts R
    I realized that the names of places in the german version are different so there is no use to say them, I'm now at the part where I had to stop someone flooding a town, and am now inside her to fix her Spira.

    Resident Evil VII
    Another game I have borrowed from my brother, purely because I really want to watch Kizuna Ai's gameplay videos of it so I thought might as well play it alongside, since she started the game with japanese voices and text (switched to english voices now tho). I'm now at the part where I have to find 2 key cards. The main character is lethargic af though, I wonder why they voiced him at all, even Link has more emotions.

    No Man's Sky
    I havn't played it since 1.1 actually so there is even more new stuff for me to discover, I did restart my game though, I was already at the center of the universe on my old save state ad thought it might be better to start a new game.
    My biggest gripe with the new stuff is that they changed the Animal collection screen, back then with 1.1 it was sorted between land, sea and air animals which made it easier to search for the last one as you basically could cross out at least one of the types, this is gone now which makes finding all animals on a planet much more difficult again since I can't tell what type I'm looking for. Bad idea.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou Right, the voice acting for the main character in RE7 was painful to listen to, that dude did not care at all. Whoever voiced the Baker family did a much better job luckily.

  • BotW: I tried to eat my way through the mountain, and gave up halfway through. Time to try going around the other way.

  • BotW: 4 down, and I got a new sword! ;)

  • just bought neir automata it was on sale im excited to try it

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    "Sonic Mania" my inner child is happy

  • Sonic Mania.

    Youtube Video

  • Man I wish he made more videos, haha.

  • Phanton Trigger on Switch
    Really cool art style, looks fantastic in handheld mode. Curious about the parallel stories going on. Only quarter way through so will see if it has a meaningful conclusion...

  • Watchdogs 2
    I am enjoying the game enough but parts of it feel really weird to me. Like Huber has mentioned numerous times when the game was more relevant it feels weird to kill people. They really did a good job of making good people with character. The crew is definitely more charming than Aiden, but all of that makes them people that I do not think would kill people in the masses or drive like a maniac on the roads. It took me a while to push that out of my head but as soon as I did it lost part of its charm. I still try to stealth and nonlethal take down as much as I can but its not really possible to play pacifist. Past the characters part of the game seems a step behind the first one, but that could just be me not remembering correctly. I felt like you had more things to hack while driving and fun ways to evade the cops which aren't present in 2. I think I actually enjoyed the original more than the sequel so far, but I'm not done yet.

    Dark Cloud 2
    I loved this game back in the day and just recently had the urge to play it again. I am roughly 17 hours into it and well aware it is nearly all nostalgia for me. I can say safely say its not a great game. The story is not great, the writing is bad, the characters have no depth, combat is phenomenal, and the town building isn't robust. Despite all of that I am enjoying the game and will continue to play hopefully to the end.

    edit: Oh yeah, and I finally got gold in Rocket League! Totally mediocre now!

  • At work and nobody is here, so….
    After E3 2 month ago, I played a lot and finish 6 games (all on pc).

    Need for Speed (2015): Good: I like how my car was embedded into some of the videos. Looked good. Also it was surprising that every actor played their role with a straight face considering how potentially cringey it was. Graphics are nice. Bad: Some time trials are bucked. No day night cycle. “Story” is bland.

    Mirrors edge catalyst: Hmmm, Story feel more like a prequel to something better and all the optional stuff is way too overwhelming, so I concentrated on finishing the Story at some point. But one of the best things in any game I´ve played is the sense of presence in first person. Seeing your body when looking down and on reflecting surfaces just feels good, especially in combination with the parkour part. For Skyrim I had to install a mod to have first person on the 3rd person body and it felt incredible.

    Dark Souls 3: I really like games with a good narrative, potentially interesting story, good characters and character interaction. DS3 has nothing of it. Yeah gameplay (fighting) is okay but feels at some point limited. It was the only thing I could recollect after playing DS1 years ago and even this feels kind of bah now. At the end you are more exploiting the fighting system than actually have a dynamic experience e.g. baiting one enemy at a time, circle around obstacles or beating a boss just before you are out of estus flasks. Beating the game felt as exciting as finishing a Sudoku puzzle.

    Nier Automata: How disgusting! Unplayable! Muddy graphics! That is if you want to play the game on PC with a GTX 780. Really bad port of an amazing game. Anyway I found that like in the original Nier I wasn´t able to follow the story 100%. But that isn´t a problem if you have interesting characters and interaction between them. Game on normal is way too easy for the most part and I would have played it on hard if it wasn´t for constant crashes and the ability to use an infinite amount of healing items. Music was great and the game is going to stay in my memory for some time…

    Yeah I subscribed to Origin Access for a year to play a number of games I wouldn´t pay money for. So after stopping Unravel half way through because of some frustrating level/ check point design I played 2 FPS witch at least promised good graphics. And both run quite well….

    Titanfall 2: Didn´t like the gameplay in the Titan but on foot movement was awesome. Maybe being a little too sticky on walls. First game with dynamic resolution (downscaling) I played. Actually feels like having something in your I or on your glasses/ contacts. Don’t know how console players are okay with this. Story was meh and I feel nothing for the relation of the pilot and his titan. One enemy being and speaking German felt more comical and lame than anything else.

    Battlefield 1: runs extremely well and I think I even maxed out the graphics at 1080p. Nothing to engaging gameplay wise. Multiple short campaigns where I couldn’t really connect to the player characters and often felt more stereotypical story wise. Didn´t like that most of the story was in video sequences and not ingame like in Battlefield 4. And hey this was the 3rd Battlefield game I didn´t (technically) have to pay for to play the story.

    Sims 4: Actually bought the game before it became part of origin access. Spend most time in the character editor and modding in new clothes, cosmetics and haircuts. Designing houses might be also interesting but the actual game, …. just why? How great a Sims game would be in VR, preferably first person and maybe some social multiplayer.

    So next maybe Mass Effect 3. Never played it after my Xbox died. But first have to mod it to even support a controller and maybe have better textures.

  • @Minamik He said he is working on something, he is barely active on Twitter these days so maybe that's even true.

  • @Jigoku-no-Musou Yeah, well, I feel like I remember him saying he wanted to branch out from video games too. Something about Broadway, iirc.

  • Finished BotW! What a journey that was!

  • For whatever reason I've found myself subscribing to a month of World of Warcraft. I've probably done this exact thing on and off for what feels like a decade now, but this time I really want to sink my teeth into the new content that I inevitably miss (I'm a constant reroller)

  • we have the largest Flea market in Canada in my home town this weekend and i just snagged a 360 with some games for 10 bucks so hello lost odyssey i always wanted to play you.

    only bad thing is it dosnt come with a hdmi and there dosnt seem to be a place for one

  • Due to my recent stress and varying emotional state, I've just wanted a game that is dumb fun, where I can turn my brain off and not worry about much. I thought that game would be Sonic Mania and although I'm having a decent time with it (I'll post impressions when I finish it), it just wasn't what I felt I needed. I was playing a bit of Minecraft but accidentally lost all of the items I worked so hard to create, so I stepped away from that. However, I finally found what I was looking for...

    Just Cause 3.

    Dumb fun personified. I'd almost consider this a lesser version of the FarCry series in third-person save for one extremely important key difference - the tethers and mobility the game affords you are just outstanding. With such destructible environments, it is an absolute joy to tether objects together and destroy them, and hell, why not throw an explosion in there too? The map itself is huge enough to where I know I will probably never take the time to finish it and I'm sure everything will feel repetitive in a few days but for now, this is what I need to relax.

  • @FF7Cloud Wow, that's a steal. And someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the 360 HDMI is not proprietary, so just use any old HDMI cable or get a cheap one anywhere.

  • @Billy theres no plug on the back for one