[Official] What are you playing?

  • @parasitepaladin That's ok. Everyone apparently hates Luke too, which I could never figure out.

    And yes, Berseria has been a blast so far. Loving the characters and their interactions too.

  • PLayed the first 90ish minutes of Berseria what a great start to the game

    is this game a sequel to Zesteria?

  • @FF7Cloud Prequel :)

  • Booted up an oldie buy a goldie today - F.E.A.R.!

    The AI is a bit over-exaggerated in terms of how good it is, but it still feels better than nearly any other FPS created in the last 5 years

  • Destiny 2.

    At 267 Power level now with a Titan class. Totally loved the direction Bungie took with the story. Kept it short and sweet. Was pretty good too. And instead use those resources on what people really want out of Destiny. A variety of Quests for loot and exotic weapons. With bigger more expansive maps to explore. And the PvP of course. Also got a bunch of nice weapons so far.

    Must have spend over 30 hours in less than a week. Still have to learn the new Destiny 2 app to figure out that stat. Totally see this game taking up my free time at home for the coming year or more. And I'm getting ready for the Raid next week.

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    Destiny 2

    Really enjoying playing my Titan and punching enemies in the face!

  • Played a little more of Xenoblade Chronicles, I'm liking it so far, the plot and world are interesting enough thus far, however the combat I really don't like, it just feels like too much of a mess, and not enough input from my part

  • @bard91 i gets a little better as you go on when you have to use certain colored artes in a certain order to damage foes but dosnt really get too indepth unless u wanna fight the superbosses

  • @FF7Cloud yeah ... the chances of me doing that are a zero, in any case, I don't think it is awful but I certainly don't think it is great, I would much rather any sort of turn based system, but I've played worse so I'll guess I'll see how I like the game in spite of it.

  • @FF7Cloud I'd say more in depth than most rpgs, considering you have to keep your position in relation to your opponent at mind at all times, and manage your own aggro while trying to build some kind of tank to keep the baddies off of you.

    It's kind of similar to mmo mechanics in those regards.

  • @bard91 They do add new wrinkles to combat through enemy types and player abilities throughout the entire game, so hopefully something there will spice it up for you. Also, different characters have very different approaches to combat, so switching your active character can help if combat gets a bit stale.

    If nothing else, the music and character banter mid-battle kept me engaged with the game's vibes, especially for unique/named enemies. It's not my favorite combat system, but it grew on me as the game went on.

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    Rhythm games make me so TENSE. But I love this team and want to support them. It is a very good and fun game. Would recommend to anybody who wants a good rhythm game.

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    @parasitepaladin I've had the game on PS4 since it came out. It's my go to game when I feel like playing something not so serious. I love rhythm games and this one is fun. I tried the harder difficulties but it was a little too overwhelming for me.

  • @Swordfish00830 Glad somebody else likes it! I'm amazed at how you can consider rhythm games a chill time. NICE. Yea, I feel you. I was decent on Vita, but I'm learning it all over again! And glad to do it!

  • I've been working my way through Hollow Knight. I've been having to play it in ~2 hour chunks because I get frustrated (mad cuz bad), but I'm having fun despite that. The game is gorgeous, as well, both visually and with regard to sound.

  • Played a bit more of Berseria it may take over Xillia's spot as my favorite of the series

    When velvet gave the kid the name Laphiset it kinda hit my feels abit

  • @FF7Cloud I love Xillia, but Berseria has definitely overtaken it imo. Finally gotten to the point where I can upgrade equipment past 3.

  • How do you guys feel about Berseria's combat?, i played the demo and it felt ... messy.

    My only experience with Tales is Vesperia, and I loved the combat in that one, it felt way more "direct" and let's say controllable that from what I saw with Berseria (which granted is very limited experience), and there seemed to be so many things going on in Berseria that it seemed like a lot to keep track of.

  • @bard91 you set up artes for each face button so you can combo quite easily however is my 5 or so hours its been pretty much spam your special which is L2

  • The only Tales game where I was actively impressed and hooked on the combat was Tales of Graces F, which is...unfortunate, since I can't stand the story, characters, or voice acting in that game. Even then I'd still say it's worth it for just how addictive the game itself is.