[Official] What are you playing?

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    @parasitepaladin I've had the game on PS4 since it came out. It's my go to game when I feel like playing something not so serious. I love rhythm games and this one is fun. I tried the harder difficulties but it was a little too overwhelming for me.

  • @Swordfish00830 Glad somebody else likes it! I'm amazed at how you can consider rhythm games a chill time. NICE. Yea, I feel you. I was decent on Vita, but I'm learning it all over again! And glad to do it!

  • I've been working my way through Hollow Knight. I've been having to play it in ~2 hour chunks because I get frustrated (mad cuz bad), but I'm having fun despite that. The game is gorgeous, as well, both visually and with regard to sound.

  • Played a bit more of Berseria it may take over Xillia's spot as my favorite of the series

    When velvet gave the kid the name Laphiset it kinda hit my feels abit

  • @FF7Cloud I love Xillia, but Berseria has definitely overtaken it imo. Finally gotten to the point where I can upgrade equipment past 3.

  • How do you guys feel about Berseria's combat?, i played the demo and it felt ... messy.

    My only experience with Tales is Vesperia, and I loved the combat in that one, it felt way more "direct" and let's say controllable that from what I saw with Berseria (which granted is very limited experience), and there seemed to be so many things going on in Berseria that it seemed like a lot to keep track of.

  • @bard91 you set up artes for each face button so you can combo quite easily however is my 5 or so hours its been pretty much spam your special which is L2

  • The only Tales game where I was actively impressed and hooked on the combat was Tales of Graces F, which is...unfortunate, since I can't stand the story, characters, or voice acting in that game. Even then I'd still say it's worth it for just how addictive the game itself is.

  • I've only played three levels so far but DOOM 2016 is pretty cool.

  • I just played the first 45 minutes of NieR:Automata and wow, I am blown away! I was afraid my expectations were set too high after all the praise I'd heard about the game and it managed to surpass them. So spectacular and stylish and exhilarating. I can't wait to play some more tomorrow.

  • Destiny 2 has consumed my gaming time at home while Mario + Rabbids has my attention on the go!

  • I can't stop playing old games! This time I grabbed Enslaved for $5 and played a couple hours this morning.

    It's soooo good

  • Pretty far into Tales of Berseria now, and out of curiousity, I went and watched the EZA review.

    ...It's like Damiani and I literally played 2 different games here, lol.

  • Played some more NieR:Automata last night, now about 4 hours in. The story got weird real fast! I'm slowly starting to get into the plug-in mechanics, it's pretty interesting! I'm slightly struggling with the combat and tend to cheese it by using my ranged weapon, but I'll get there!

    I had heard many good things about the soundtrack, but it still blows me away. Right after I stopped playing I went to youtube to replay the

    amusement park

    theme on loop.

    Just about to dive back into it, I think that's gonna be all I do this weekend.

  • A little more of Xenoblade Chronicles, I clearly see stuff here that I like, but man this combat, it is not fun, it is not engaging and it has gotten frustrating a couple of times, it is a perfect example of why I tend not to like real time combat in JRPGs

  • Finished Pokemon TCG2. Great game, stomped on the final boss with a deck built around the four legendary cards, eevee and his three dark evos in the same colors as the birds.

    That said my best deck all game was my psychic one. The MVP was by far Dark Alakazam. Man I wish there were more trading card games out there with actual stories like this one.

  • I've been playing the new A Hat in Time Speedrun Event build. I'm far from a speedrunner but I want that sweet reward hat with my time on it, so I'm gonna submit a run once I've practiced some more.

  • Finished Tales of Berseria. Glad I caught Ben's stream and didn't skip this gem.

  • @Minamik what was your finishing time?

  • @FF7Cloud Somewhere around 80+ hours. But, that's mostly on me for getting carried away with dismantling everything I could get my hands on, trying to hunt for rarer equipment, trying to get everyone to learn all the equipment skills...trying to find all the stuff with the ship...yeah...