[Official] What are you playing?

  • @bard91 X is basically the same combat system. If you're not enjoying XBC, you should just stay away from the series.

  • @Minamik Definitely, especially since X is inferior to XC1 in every other aspect except size.

  • @Torigasa-Reta cough and giant robots cough (secretly loved XCX)

  • @Minamik I gave it XCX a quick try today (I've had them both for ages) I found it a bit better, but I don't think I had as much of an issue with the combat at the beginning of the first either, so it is possible I'll run into the same issues, I'll probably give them another shot at some point, but I can't say I wasn't disappointed

  • @bard91 I never managed to get into XCX's combat either, I finished the game yet still felt like I only grasped half of the mechanics and fumbled my way through. Definitely not something for everyone.

  • the only real thing that really erked me about Xenoblades combat was the fact no matter where you where you couldnt dodge the attack. this gets worse in XCX

  • @FF7Cloud that's for sure a point of frustration for me, and it makes very little sense to me given that aside from that position IS important.

  • The last week and a half of my life has been some serious bullshit that I don't wanna get into so I gotta say Peach Beach Splash is exactly the kind of dumb "turn your brain off" game I really needed right about now.

  • just got invited to the mewtwo event in pokemon go

  • Super Mario Galaxy (never played either and need to get ready for Odyssey)
    I Am Setsuna (I needed something to play on the switch. Already owned it on PS4, but never got around to finishing it.)

  • @binarymelon said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    Super Mario Galaxy (never played either and need to get ready for Odyssey)
    I Am Setsuna (I needed something to play on the switch. Already owned it on PS4, but never got around to finishing it.)

    God I'd love to play Galaxy for the first time again

  • @FF7Cloud Cool, my brother got one too, he's very excited.

  • @seppo91 Thimbleweed Park on the Switch. just finished Samus Returns recently - great game! Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for multi fix.

  • Final Fantasy IX

    I'm beginning to understand why this Final Fantasy isn't wowing me as much. Aside from the sluggish combat that is now beginning to become a bit annoying, I just don't think the game handles a light-hearted atmosphere very well... which would explain why I was close to not even enjoying the beginning. When the game dives into darker themes (Vivi questioning his existence, Kuja being... Kuja) it just comes together so much better. 20 hours in and finally getting to decide who makes it in my party... woof. Miss you Freya, please come back soon.

    The Evil Within

    I think... this game needs to be shorter. There are still great, tense, freaky, strange, wonderful moments and there there's things like chapter 8, where you're going through caves with not much context, there's a bunch of enemies, and not many supplies - plus these enemies you can't sneak up on, because reasons. I was reading an article (can't remember the source) that was stating this game feels like two ideas smashed together - a continuation of Resident Evil 4 mixed with something new in the horror genre. I couldn't agree more. I don't mind the combat, it can actually be pretty rewarding at times, but I'm starting to notice more and more when I'm dropped into an arena of sorts. "Welp, no story or real spooks in this chapter, just enemies to kill..." I have about 6 chapters left but I'm already feeling a 7 for this game. A very strong 7 due to the atmosphere, but a 7 nonetheless.

  • Peach Beach Splash has a good shotgun.

  • With Assassin’s Creed: Origins coming up, I figured I’d catch up on the last couple AC games I missed, the first being Unity, which I’d wager I’m ~70% through.

    Granted, I have the advantage of my first experience with it being after it’s received numerous patches and I’ve always had a soft spot for Ass Creed, but I am genuinely enjoying it. Really, the only thing that’s really bumming out is the microtransaction-friendly multiple currencies and that many pieces of gear/weapons can only be unlocked by playing co-op missions, most requiring multiple playthroughs. Frustrating, and a bigger pain to go through solo.

  • @Smoalgate What platform are you playing on? Someone gave it to me a couple years ago, and for some reason I have never booted it up yet. I have it on PS4, if you would like someone to co-op with.

  • So, I've messed around a bit here and there in Gundam Versus. It's pretty cool, but I'd love it way more if it had some kind of actual story mode/campaign to it. My internet isn't good enough to go online with it...reminds of Smash Wii U...haha. I seem to prefer mobile suits that don't use beam based guns, so I've had a lot of fun screwing around with Char's Zaku II, the Ground Gundam, and even though I hate Gundam Wing, Heavy Arms. I have been trying out different suits though, since there are so many. I don't remember what it was called, but I liked one of the 00 suits, and the ZZ Gundam's missiles are pretty fun to let loose, and that hyper beam cannon or whatever it has...feels pretty good to let loose, lol. For my list purposes though, I'm not sure what I'd consider completion of this game...doing all the trials?

    I also started White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Just trying not to get freaked out by tutorial noises and trying to get past the janitor to go back downstairs...I spend a lot of time in bathroom stalls...

  • @Minamik hate gundam wing? thats the best one

    Youtube Video

  • I love Just Communication. I can't stand watching Gundam Wing, lol. If the characters aren't annoying me, it's how they portray Gundams as some sort of invincible machines.