[Official] What are you playing?

  • Grand Kingdom and loving it so far👍🏻

  • I got back into Destiny after renting it on release for a month. Was starting to think maybe I should have invested my 30 bucks elsewhere. But after switching back to my Titan build (from trying Hunter), and upgrading the defender powers. I'm in love with Destiny.

    There's so much content and fun to be had. I loved the Crucible in the past, and its just as fun. Even if my Defender build doesn't help me take top score (compared to the striker), the shield has proven invaluable to helping the team win and holding crucial positions. Actually used the shield to shut down a probe in salvage to win the game, while two enemies tried to kill me. But the shield was placed just in the right spot, that they were hitting it instead of me.

    PvE was always fun too. And the loot system is massively better than the release version. The additional content was much needed, and now I'm going to look into the Rise of Iron expansion.

  • Started playing some Uncharted 4 multiplayer recently.. I'm having a lot of fun with it

  • Bought Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario, working on PM first.

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    I believe its now time for me to start with Uncharted 2! as people may know I recently finished the first one in Nathan drake collection (as I posten in the forum). Will write a post with my thoughts once I finish it

  • Just finished replaying Nights into Dreams since it turned 20 years old today. Love that game so much, could not recommend it enough.

    For something more recent I picked up Furi since it's free on PS+ and it's pretty rad. I think it's the good kinda hard, where it encourages you to become good and not just some late 80's arcade tier "we're going to murderize you nonstop until you run out of quarters" hard.

  • Mother 2 (in Japanese) - New 3DS LL
    Evil Within - PS4

    The former is an absolute delight and playing it on my commute has been great compared to playing it at home. Just got out of Brickroad as Jeff.

    The Evil Within on the other hand is slowly crushing my will to live with its awful final chapter.

    I thought the mass brawl in the eyeball area was bad, but the two box guys are ridiculous. There just isn't enough ammo (playing on Normal), even utilising the explosive traps and their own leg traps. Best I can do is kill one before inevitably running out of ammo and getting murdered. Half considering just YouTubing the ending and then getting the DLC.

  • Mafia 2 and Hearts of Iron IV!

  • Currently playing Heavy Rain

  • I just bought and stared Fire Emblem: Awakening per @Hero-of-Lime's suggestion from another thread. Loving everything about it so far, was just what I was looking for on the 3DS. Great suggestion!

  • NG+ in Ratchet & Clank and trying my best not to drop FFXIII

  • Going through ZTD on the Vita and Star Ocean 5 on the PS4. The camera has a mind of its own in Star Ocean but it's been otherwise pretty fun so far. My first Star Ocean too.

  • currently finishing Minecraft story mode

  • @TheChrisGriffin Awesome! I'm glad you love it!

  • Doing a replay of Borderlands 2 because the Handsome Collection was super cheap on PSN

    Playing Dying Light co-op (amazing)

    Just Platinumed Zero Time Dilemma (also amazing)

    And as always, Overwatch. I've got like 70 hours in so far, don't feel the need to play ranked and enjoying Quick Play.

  • Just finished Blood & Wine for Witcher III. I've done pretty much everything in that game except Gwent, horse races, and fighting clubs. That side stuff just doesn't interest me. Oh, and I guess I still have 90-something undiscovered locations in Skellige I can't be bothered to sail around to...

    I started Teslagrad the other day. Unfortunately I started backtracking and got stuck somewhere I can't get out of, so I have to restart... I'll get back to that game eventually. Now I'm starting up Furi since that's free on PSN this month and it looks super cool. I've also been playing a ton of Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends lately. Just good, dumb fun, and it's nice to play one of those games after so many years ignoring them.

  • Managed to get Star Fox Zero, although ive only played the first mission before heading to work.

  • Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Tearaway and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix. Nearly done with all of them!

  • NBA 2k16. Like it a lot. Last one I played was 2k13 so there has been much improvement.
    The story in the career mode has been highly criticized. I can understand why, people might not want to spend more time watching a cutscene than they get playtime in their match. This story only takes place on school team years and the rookie year, after that it ends. But even though the execution could had been better, I liked what the story was doing. It tells a grounded and realistic tale.

    Playing Witcher 3 on new game+ Also Hearthstone

  • I've been playing Blood & Wine now for two days. What a magnificent return this has turned out to be, the hook is deep (again!). You can't just play Witcher in small chunks, this game is all about diving deep into it and to let the world and its stories and characters overwhelm you. Such a great game, love it.