[Official] What are you playing?

  • @SabotageTheTruth We have literally opposite opinions on the story, lol. I loved the beginning up until the latter half, when I thought it became a little more generic. Still loved it overall, though, and it's really grown on me in the few months since I first beat it.

  • Really digging White Day. I kinda had a hunch I would, since I like Corpse Party, and asian horror in general, but yeah, this is definitely super creepy.

    Made it to the new building tonight.

  • Trying to make my way through Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and Ys 8, but depression is a bitch.

    @Minamik I've been interested in White Day. Love me some creepy Asian horror. Does that game have combat? Or is it a lot of running and hiding.

  • @parasitepaladin

    There's zero combat in White Day. It's all exploration really and then hiding when necessary. It's a lot less linear and scripted than the likes of Outlast though, a game where you learn exactly when and where an enemy will appear and "disappear". Providing you stick to the same building, your stalker is constantly roaming on his own desired path.

  • @parasitepaladin Well, like Sheria said, there's no combat, perse, but there are what I'd call bosses that you have to "defeat."

  • @Sheria Thank you! The game sounds and looks super cool! Hopefully I can suck it up and deal with the no combat. Korean horror is where it is at.

    @Minamik Thank you as well! I see....

    In time, in time. Didn't another Korean horror game just get released on PSN this past week?
    EDIT: YES. it is called The Coma: Recut

  • Started up Psychonauts.. I love these types of PS2 era platformers and this one seems really fun so far!

  • Been messing around with a few games the last few weeks.

    No Man's Sky - I plan on posting a bit in the general topic, just haven't had the time to really put pen to my thoughts. Basically the core idea of the game is exactly what I wanted. I'm really enjoying going from planet to planet, checking out interesting points, the different kind of planets and hazards and it's a nice chilled out experience. On top of that, I've had loads to do in terms of quests which is a benefit of the updates. Between base building, following the atlas path and this new distress signal path, side quests, it's a bit overwhelming to decide where to go next. My biggest gripe with the game is how much time I had to spend early on shifting inventory because it's so small. I was constantly getting inventory full and that really annoyed me. Overall, looking forward to more.

    Axiom Verge - My on the go Vita game. I was playing a decent bit of this when I went to EGX to help with any ,major queues I had to join. In the end, that was really just the morning queue to get in so I reckon I've played about 4 hours worth of it and it's great. It really nails the vibe of a metroidvania game. The tone, visuals and soundtrack are all great. I'm not a huge fan of the new weapons you pick up (some are either useless or a bit samey) but there are some cool upgrades and they allow some really interesting exploration in the game. I haven't really felt annoying by the backtracking and there is a nice little feature to mark 2 spots per area, just so you remember to come back. Not sure why there is a limit but there you go. The main issue I have is with the controls, the vita is clearly lacking a bit and there is this radar you can use with the touchscreen which I find really awkward.

    Ratchet & Clank - Only about 2 hours in and I'm just having a good time playing a R&C game again. I don't know if it's age or what but it feels very much like a re imagining because I'm struggling to remember much of the content from the original game.

  • Used some overtime pay to pick up Metroid: Samus Returns, Sonic Mania, and Cuphead. None of these are particularly long games, and they are perfect for shorter gaming sessions that I don't have to think about overly much. All of them are delightful so far.

  • I've been playing through Heat Signature, which is a roguelite in space. It has missions of variable length/difficulty, so you can hop in and out for a some short missions, or put in some more serious time if you like, which is something I really appreciate. It's from the same creator as Gunpoint and the mechanics feel very similar, which may or may not mean something to you. It's good fun.

  • I'm 250+ minutes into Undertale (PS4 version), i like everything about this game and apparently i am on the genocide route.

  • Yakuza 2
    Chapter 12 now, around 20 hour playtime, only 4 missing locker keys in Sotenbori and thsoe I found I found by myself, not going for completion here though, that i will save for Kiwami 2 (which hopefully has a detector item), still did a fair amount for sidestories.

    Also found a text box they forgot to translate, lol
    alt text

    Nothing mayor though, it probably says something like "What's going on?"

    Boobs in Paradise
    Finished the Hebijo story arc and 1 more sidestory, also the 1st 2 of the V-Road challenges.

  • It's been a while.

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is fantastic. I love tactical games like that so much and I feel like this one nailed simplicity, so it's not overly complicated, and the mechanics. I've beaten it and just have I think 2 of the ultimate challenges left.

    Destiny 2 has been a lot of fun. It still is a blast jumping around and shooting things and I think they nailed the weekly loop, especially for someone who isn't interested in playing Destiny 100% of the time. We almost beat the raid tonight but couldn't close it out.

    I just started playing Ori and the Blind Forest yesterday and oh man what have I been missing? This game's art is beautiful, soundtrack is stunning, and gameplay is solid. I've only just started but I'm really excited to play more.

    I picked up Everybody's Golf a couple weekends ago on a whim and love it. So jolly. It's the perfect game for when I just have 30-60 minutes to play something. Shortly after I got it another friend picked it up and is hooked as well. We are planning on having monthly tournaments which will be fun.

  • I've been playing Kingsway. I love RPGs, old school aesthetics, and roguelites so.... this game is really scratching every itch I currently have. For those unaware, the main gimmick of the game is you're playing a RPG on an "old" OS, so you can move around your UI, choose where you want certain important menus, etc. Certain enemies will basically attack you with pop ups or disappear behind all your screens. Despite the gimmick, it's just a solid RPG with random elements to each run and some really catchy music. Well worth the $10.

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    I have really been sinking my teeth into “Golf Story”. Solid fun golf game with RPG elements aka side quest skills not necessarily used for golfing. The writing is great with some nice jokes thrown here and there. If you love golf this is a good one to pick up on the Nintendo Switch.

  • The final boss in Peach Beach Splash is great in the dumbest way.

    Also started Cuphead. Took me a moment to get parrying and aiming down but now that I know what I'm doing I dig it. Feels nice to have a challenge.

  • @DeweyDTruman I found that, for me at least, it helped to re-map the controls for Cuphead a bit. Having jump, shoot, dash, and super all on face buttons isn't ideal for such a fast-paced game when many times you want to constantly be shooting.

  • I'm really loving Cuphead. Almost finished with the second island and so far, the difficulty has been right on point. I've not felt like any of the deaths are cheap and it's so easy to climb right back in. A few bosses have given me some problems, but I don't believe any of them have taken over 10 tries... plus it feels really good to crush a boss with full health if they were giving you lots of problems fifteen minutes ago. I've watched a few people clear the first island but no one is using the roundabout weapon.. and I love it. I have plans to play co-op with a friend next week, but I get the distinct feeling that will be more of a challenge... guess we'll see!

  • I've been trying playing A Hat in Time and loving every moment.

  • When I was a kid my dad got me a Gameboy Color that came with some games. One of them was Link's Awakening DX. I had no idea how to play that game, I never made it past the Lost Woods and maybe the first dungeon but I spent hours (not even joking, one time when we were traveling back from visiting my grandpa out of state I just spent two hours playing the crane game until I had max money and bought the bow that way) in Mabe Village. Hanging out with Marin, talking to the woman with the chain chomp as a guard dog, giving the worn out father a Yoshi doll, etc.

    Point is I decided to give it another go recently and I'm working through it now on my 3DS. It's good stuff, but damn the nostalgia hits entirely too hard any time I come back to town. I can't even handle it sometimes. Never thought this of all games would be the one to have this kinda impact.

    @SabotageTheTruth I've only done a few bosses and two run-and-gun stages but outside of the second run-and-gun roundabout doesn't really feel worth it compared to either the default or the red one whose name I forget. Not that it's necessarily bad though.