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    *That joycon docking controller thing is an abomination and I couldn't even use it for two minutes during setup without throwing it back in the box never to be touched again.

    I have to disagree, I think it feels pretty good, been playing a lot of Xenoverse 2 with it without problem.

  • @Torigasa-Reta To be fair I've got giant gorilla hands (which is probably why I loved the Wii U gamepad, I've definitely heard complaints about its size before)

  • @DeweyDTruman Okay tbf I do have rather small hands, the original Xbox pad was a nightmare for me, lol.

  • I did not like The Duke, but I did grow fond of the Wii U gamepad...Just goes to show ya, it takes all types, lol.

  • @Minamik Had no problem with the Wii U Pad, played the entirety of Bayonetta 1 & 2 with it after not liking the Pro Pad.

  • I'm currently 17 hours into TEW2 and on chapter 12. I'm actually liking this one a lot more than the original. Thankfully the game hasn't gone and turned itself into a pure sandbox game like a good number of others have; instead, this hub-like structure to some of the chapters actually works in the games favour, and they are sized just about right as well. Combat it a lot more enjoyable as well, as now you actually have the space & means to approach the enemies tactically, and then run away to start again if you make a mistake.

    There are a couple of things I don't like, such as the need for a crafting/gathering system and the fact that the franchise still looks & feels too much like TLoU, but it's definitely still one of the years better games.

  • I'm trying to 100% A Hat In Time right now when I'm at home, but on the go I'm replaying Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest and debating whether or not I should jump in to Revelations. All I know is that Birthright is not an option, I cannot and will not betray Nohr. I feel like I haven't said this before on these forums but my love of Fire Emblem runs deep. I feel like I'm one of the few people who is eagerly anticipating FE Warriors, I know that it looks janky and all but like, it's Fire Emblem. I can't just pass up more Fire Emblem.

  • All I really got left in Peach Beach Splash is finishing up V-Road and if I feel like it grinding out the rest of the cards/leveling up everything/achievement hunting but I doubt I'll bother with that stuff. Fun game but I've more or less had my fill. Solid 7.

  • @DeweyDTruman Getting all cards and leveling everything is absolutely masochistic but the Platinum wasn't too bad
    alt text
    After beating V-Road and maxing out a team of 4, giving them only group heal and group shield skill cards they were actually able to win the last V-Road battle without me doing anything, and since that battle is on the stage with the high up platforms I could just go up there and never be in danger, play on my Switch or Vita while the A.I. fights, that way I earned 10k every 4 minutes, I don't think there is a faster way to earn money. I think the hardest trophy was beating 100 of the Shinobi with melee attacks, that was kinda annoying.

  • So im playing evil within 2 and im on chapter 5 something. its a really good game so far minus the hub based structure which im not a fan of.
    what i like is it run and play much better than original game which imo was terrible game.

  • @seppo91
    Middle Earth Shadow Of War & The Evil Within In 2 and some Battlefield here and there

  • GT Sport now and then, always been a series I have to be in a specific mood to play. Game is Fucking pretty though.

  • Tried some Mass Effect Andromeda since it is now included in Origin Access. Just a little more than character creation but looking at the male presets was nightmare fuel. Also direct comparison between male and female body proportions, ... just BARF! But managed to create a somewhat presentable female PC.

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    I've been putting in a lot of time into Dragon Quest Heroes 2 right now.

  • Decided to just put on the Gundam building stream archive and grind in Peach Beach Splash this morning, surprisingly fun. Wouldn't say I made any actual progress towards completing the binder or anything but at least I found a mech pet which already seems way better than most of the other ones (besides Kagura since shields are way too good) and got the shotty maxed out.

    Also I don't know if I like Super Bomberman R or not. I mean, if I didn't I wouldn't still be playing, but I can't get a grip at all. I've spent entirely too much time yesterday and today just trying to beat the first world in story mode. (Edit: just beat the first world. I only really did it by basically suiciding and then using I-frames to spam bombs when he was near me until I got lucky, and then when I realized there was a second phase I just spammed bomb rows and strafed around him. It didn't feel good. I don't think I deserved to beat it, and honestly if the next world isn't better I think I'm done playing this game outside of messing around in multiplayer or something.)

  • @Black-Cell I'm playing the Evil Within 2 too but I think the first one was way better. Open(ish) world structure deteriorates the whole horror aspect for some reason. Map & waypoints don't fit the game either.

  • I'm really into Fornite: Battle Royale now. I own PUBG, but Fortnite BR but scratches that itch in a way PUBG doesn't. The rest of my gametime is spent whittling away at Golf Story, Splatoon 2 and Crash N-Sane trilogy furiously before Odyssey comes out and takes all my time!

    Been meaning to replay Horizon, New Vegas, and start Witcher 3 too, PLUS there's the Overwatch Halloween event to jump on. Times are tough.

  • On World 4 of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. I’m still enjoying the heck out of this game the only real annoyance is the random difficulty spikes.