[Official] What are you playing?

  • GT Sport now and then, always been a series I have to be in a specific mood to play. Game is Fucking pretty though.

  • Tried some Mass Effect Andromeda since it is now included in Origin Access. Just a little more than character creation but looking at the male presets was nightmare fuel. Also direct comparison between male and female body proportions, ... just BARF! But managed to create a somewhat presentable female PC.

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    I've been putting in a lot of time into Dragon Quest Heroes 2 right now.

  • Decided to just put on the Gundam building stream archive and grind in Peach Beach Splash this morning, surprisingly fun. Wouldn't say I made any actual progress towards completing the binder or anything but at least I found a mech pet which already seems way better than most of the other ones (besides Kagura since shields are way too good) and got the shotty maxed out.

    Also I don't know if I like Super Bomberman R or not. I mean, if I didn't I wouldn't still be playing, but I can't get a grip at all. I've spent entirely too much time yesterday and today just trying to beat the first world in story mode. (Edit: just beat the first world. I only really did it by basically suiciding and then using I-frames to spam bombs when he was near me until I got lucky, and then when I realized there was a second phase I just spammed bomb rows and strafed around him. It didn't feel good. I don't think I deserved to beat it, and honestly if the next world isn't better I think I'm done playing this game outside of messing around in multiplayer or something.)

  • @Black-Cell I'm playing the Evil Within 2 too but I think the first one was way better. Open(ish) world structure deteriorates the whole horror aspect for some reason. Map & waypoints don't fit the game either.

  • I'm really into Fornite: Battle Royale now. I own PUBG, but Fortnite BR but scratches that itch in a way PUBG doesn't. The rest of my gametime is spent whittling away at Golf Story, Splatoon 2 and Crash N-Sane trilogy furiously before Odyssey comes out and takes all my time!

    Been meaning to replay Horizon, New Vegas, and start Witcher 3 too, PLUS there's the Overwatch Halloween event to jump on. Times are tough.

  • On World 4 of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. I’m still enjoying the heck out of this game the only real annoyance is the random difficulty spikes.

  • Playing Stormblood, currently in the process of leveling up my Paladin job which is at 68. Completed all the Level 68 sidequests, so I'm gonna have to rely on Kojin beast tribe quests and a few roulettes to grind to 69.

  • About to finally boot up Prey. Been playing Destiny 2 almost non-stop for the last month and a half but I can't get the last piece of gear I need to get 305 on my third character, which bums me out. Took a bit of a break to play SOMA too.

  • Replayed Super Metroid last week. Hoping to finish off Final Fantasy Tactics TWotL before Odyssey drops.

    Between Odyssey and Stranger Things Season 2, I'm going to be in full hibernation mode next weekend.

  • Playing through Dishonored Death of the outsider. Haven't heard to many people talk about it but I'm having a good time with it. I've played all 3 Dishonoured games this year its now one of my favorite series. I've got Prey on my list next. Hopefully Bethesda will keep letting Arkane make more gamed like these it be a shame to see the disappear especially since Square have put Deus Ex on ice.

  • At the moment I have been jumping between South Park AFBW and Gran Turismo Sport.

    But i bought a g29 and now i noticed they have added full championships into the sport mode, the game really is something special. Just such an amazing racer and that feeling when you do that perfect lap is something else.

  • since I was traveling and I only had my Vita on me I've only played Steins Gate for the last 3 weeks, and not a ton of that tbh, this game has been so weird, I do like the story, there have been a few times I've felt the game is about to go into fifth gear, and then it just pumps up the breaks again, and while interesting it hasn't had a huge payoff yet, but knowing the general perception of it I'm hoping there will be, even if thus far it seems to be taking it's time and then some.

    I'm hoping I can finish it up quickly to move on to Danganronpa 3

  • Yakuza 3
    Chapter 6, got all keys I can get so far (aka most) and am going to do all possible substories next.

    Dragonball Xenoverse 2
    Level 50, maxed out 8 (all I have unlocked so far) Masters, going for stpry progression next.

    Cyberdimension Neptunia
    Started it played through the 1st 2 areas, Nep, my main character, is on 11 all others are 7-9.

    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Decided to play through it before I sell my XB1 next saturday which should be possible, I got all 3 things but after the sequence in the mountain the game bugged outm now I have to redo a rather annoying part again...

    Started it, beat the 1st island and the Candy Lady from the 2nd, which took me a while.

  • I am playing Left 4 Dead 2 with a friend of mine. It is the first time for me and I am loving it. Everything is better with friends and nothing is more fun than turning on the Jaden Smith tweet mod that turns all the wall writing into his manic tweets and messing each other up! It is a blast!

    I am also staring blankly at my SNES Classic and wondering what to play next. I've beaten Super Mario RPG, Star Fox, Super Mario World, A Link to the Past and Donkey Kong Country. I have never played any other titles on the system and try8ng to figure out what to play next. Any suggestions?

  • Finally getting back to White Day after a few weeks away from it. That janitor is still after me.

  • @Minamik I need to go back to that as well, maybe when I'm done with Ori and Cuphead since both are rather short... though I am itching to play my PS4 copy Rabi Ribi as well.

    Also lol
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  • @Torigasa-Reta Ha, it's part of the reason I love this avatar. You've done well to catch on to my plans to look down on all who post below me, lol.

  • I've been playing Dark Souls in what I think is an interesting way. I've started one of each class and have been building each character to fit into themed stat and equipment load outs. I play each character in turn to a certain point before progressing further. Currently I have the lordvessel on about half of them.

    I came up with the idea because I realized that I almost always build the same type of character in souls games (medium armor, medium shield, mid-roll with a light ultra greatsword, maybe a heal spell) and wanted to experiment with different play styles (ranged, caster, dex, etc.).

  • @Gaming_Groove I always fall into that trap too, lol. Every time, I say I'll do it differently, then look at my stats and equipment at the end...and back to jack of all trades master of none once again.