[Official] What are you playing?

  • So, so close to finishing my Gen 1-6 Pokemon in Omega Ruby before diving in to Ultra Sun next month. Hopefully the Move Tutors come back for the new Pokemon to take advantage of.

  • Playing a little Mario Kart 8. That's pretty much a constant. Also trying to finish the last course in Golf Story.

    Super Mario Odyssey will be joining those shortly.

  • i have been playing so much Destiny 2 and PES 2018 lately. They are also very different so i can just switch between the two. Also fun doing some trophy hunting

  • Borderlands with friends, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • On Switch Fire Emblem Warriors and PS4 Final Fantasy IX. I last played Final Fantasy IX back when it came out on PS1. Can only remember small bits of it when I play. Incredible game with such an emotional punch.

  • Divinity original sin 2, CSGO and Night in the Woods on PC,
    Golf Story, Axiom Verge, Mario + Rabbids and Stardew Valley in bed/while commuting

  • Lately I've been going through Hollow Knight (goty runner up behind re7) Prey, and the Artorias DLC from DS1.
    That Hollow Knight is on some next level metrovania my dudes. Get that bad ass shyte up in you if that's the kinda flavor you're into. It's excellent.
    Youtube Video

    Prey really got me hooked. It's got that Bioshock feel that I've been missing for a while. The story may not be as on par, but the atmosphere and gameplay are top notch.

    Souls is, well, Souls hahahaha. I totally forgot about Artorias DLC until I watched the EZA souls retrospective so Ive been dabbling back into that here and there. Missed getting my dome bashed in lol.

  • @ZombieProof That Artorias DLC is the best. Beautiful art direction and awesome boss fights. I won't spoil them if you haven't completed it yet, but man, that DLC makes the second half of Dark Souls so much better than it was without it.

  • I've been playing a lot of Elite Dangerous on PS4 in between gamefly rentals coming and going. I most recently played through Nier Automata, which may be my goty, and I just received RE7, which I'm going to play this weekend.
    I was trying to replay Dark Souls last week, but my laptop is so shoddy and barely holding together that the framerate in Blighttown was causing my game to kick me out.

  • @sigmalives VR or TV? RE7 in vr is probably one of the most intense experiences I've ever had with video games, haha.

  • ok, so it took like 15 hours but Steins Gate is finally getting pretty interesting, I've probably played it more yesterday and today that what I had played in the last few months

  • Sony killing the online features pushed me to start gravity rush 2 even tho i wanted to replay 1 remaster to refresh my memory
    also starting danganronpa 2

  • @Master_Alucard GR2 is a gem. I feel like it's gonna get robbed hard when GOTYs come up (not just at EZA I mean, all over the place) because of how insane this year has been and how it was right at the start of the year but it's definitely in my top 5 of 2017.

  • About 140 hours into Divinity 2 between single player and multiplayer coop. Don't think I'm anywhere close to completion.

  • Geez, didn't expect Evil Within 2 of all things to crash on me... :(

  • I have beaten Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition 100%.
    It was a nice and very beautiful metroidvania, not going for all Gamerscores though as that would require at least 2 more playthroughs, I don't have the time for that, I've seen everthing, I'm done.

  • Legend if Kay.

    I've actually never tried this game before; so with its similarities to other great PS2 action platformers of the time, I wanted to give it a try.

    It's worth noting that I'm not too far in yet, buy I think I've got a good grasp on what this game is all about. First off, the main character is extremely unlikeable. He has an extremely cocky attitude, and his posing animations just make this even worse; bring in the atrocious voice acting, and this just really brings the game down.

    The platforming, exploration and action are all here, but this game is a perfect example as to why not every developer can pull off a decent game just because everything looks great on paper. Animations are way out, the camera is beyond saving and the combat is laughable.

    The funny thing is that I will probably see this thing through to conclusion, but it's not good.

  • I reached world 4 in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, after a long break. It's getting pretty challenging, I'm enjoying swapping team members based on the type of battle ahead. I'll try to mop up the Challenges from world 3 before proceeding.

  • @Primethius How are you feeling about Original Sin 2 compared to 1? I recently tried playing 1 again and found the story and writing to be all over the place. I'm tempted to just skip to 2 as I've heard much better things about it.

  • @RooterMcGavin said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @Primethius How are you feeling about Original Sin 2 compared to 1? I recently tried playing 1 again and found the story and writing to be all over the place. I'm tempted to just skip to 2 as I've heard much better things about it.

    I know you didn't ask me, but I must say that both games are as good as one another. It's actually a case of a sequel that just does what the original does well, once again. I don't really understand your criticism of the original, but the second doesn't change anything.