[Official] What are you playing?

  • Just starting Battlechasers: Nightwar.

    Really gorgeous game and love that it has JRPG style turn-based combat.

  • EW2: Been slowly making my way through Union, dispatching any and all freakos I come upon for that sweet sweet goo. Investigated a certain unknown signal that I'd have been better off never touching, lol.

  • Wasnt planning on buying it but i bought odyssey today

  • currently playing Batman Arkham City on the PS4

  • Trying to grind out the last few levels in my fishing skill in Final Fantasy XV. Haven't played the game since December last year when I beat it and there's a surprising amount of new features if anyone has played the Assassins creed special content is it worth doing??

  • Super Mario Odyssey is good stuff. Just went through the water world (fourth one, I think? I did it second of the two options it gave.)

    I heard there would be throwback outfits but the one based on this commercial caught me off guard. I'm definitely wearing it whenever I don't need another costume for a moon until something even crazier shows up.

    I'm definitely going back through these worlds at some point to get all the world-specific coins. I wanna deck out my ship with all these souvenirs. I think Sonic Unleashed had something like this but it wasn't as well done since I think they all just went to the professor's place or something.

  • I just got to the last chapter of Steins Gate, visuals novels may not be the most exciting games out there, but man this story takes you through one hell of a ride.

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    I've picked up Horizon Zero Dawn again and I had almost forgotten what an amazing game this is and makes me wonder why the hell I put it down in the first place!

  • after finishing Berseria last week i went back to Zesteria today to see if i could finished it

  • @FF7Cloud How does Breseria compare to Zesteria? I've put like 10 hours into Zestiria and haven't opened Breseria yet, should I just play Breseria?

  • @JamboHyland95 berseria is a much better game i put a mini review of my thought in the "last game you finished" thread

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    Finally playing one of the great games that kicked off this year 2017. Resident Evil 7

  • Starting to delve into Etrian Odyssey V, very very light on story, but I've enjoyed dungeon crawlers before, so I don't think that would be much of an issue, and i think I can just have this as a side game.

  • Been playing Destiny 2 lately. Still on the main campaign but having fun.

    Also, just curious. Do Adventures in Destiny 2 scale up to your current power level when you accept them or do they have a set difficulty? (and thus it'd be more optimal to start them when you first get the chance)

  • I am playing Arkham City

  • As if I weren't juggling enough games already I'm starting Danganronpa 3 right now.

  • I've got a few games on the go at the moment, but with picking up Hack G.U's re-release today, I've decided to go through the trilogy again.

  • Since the release I have been playing nothing else but Super Mario Odyssey, I have finished world 9 for now (I always choose the upper world when given a choice), have 293 moons and got all purple coins, costumes and purchasable stuff I can get so far.

  • I never watched much South Park back in the day but I enjoyed Stick of Truth back when it came out so I got Fractured But Whole the other day. So far I like it, dunno if I prefer the grid based combat to the more Paper Mario-ish style the first one had but it's fine. Jimmy's still the best partner from what I've played.

  • playing

    Persona 5 - Think I'm about 10-15 hours from the end. My joy for this game has been dipping for the past few dozen hours. I think its due to it being a really long game(I'm just about to hit 100 hours) Hope I can finish it soon. As I get older, the less and less I enjoy super long games.

    Evil Within 2 - In chapter three. only about 4-5 hours in and enjoying it so far.

    Mario Odyssey - Enjoy this but I'll been taking my time with this one for sure.