[Official] What are you playing?

  • currently playing Batman Arkham City on the PS4

  • Trying to grind out the last few levels in my fishing skill in Final Fantasy XV. Haven't played the game since December last year when I beat it and there's a surprising amount of new features if anyone has played the Assassins creed special content is it worth doing??

  • Super Mario Odyssey is good stuff. Just went through the water world (fourth one, I think? I did it second of the two options it gave.)

    I heard there would be throwback outfits but the one based on this commercial caught me off guard. I'm definitely wearing it whenever I don't need another costume for a moon until something even crazier shows up.

    I'm definitely going back through these worlds at some point to get all the world-specific coins. I wanna deck out my ship with all these souvenirs. I think Sonic Unleashed had something like this but it wasn't as well done since I think they all just went to the professor's place or something.

  • I just got to the last chapter of Steins Gate, visuals novels may not be the most exciting games out there, but man this story takes you through one hell of a ride.

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    I've picked up Horizon Zero Dawn again and I had almost forgotten what an amazing game this is and makes me wonder why the hell I put it down in the first place!

  • after finishing Berseria last week i went back to Zesteria today to see if i could finished it

  • @FF7Cloud How does Breseria compare to Zesteria? I've put like 10 hours into Zestiria and haven't opened Breseria yet, should I just play Breseria?

  • @JamboHyland95 berseria is a much better game i put a mini review of my thought in the "last game you finished" thread

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    Finally playing one of the great games that kicked off this year 2017. Resident Evil 7

  • Starting to delve into Etrian Odyssey V, very very light on story, but I've enjoyed dungeon crawlers before, so I don't think that would be much of an issue, and i think I can just have this as a side game.

  • Been playing Destiny 2 lately. Still on the main campaign but having fun.

    Also, just curious. Do Adventures in Destiny 2 scale up to your current power level when you accept them or do they have a set difficulty? (and thus it'd be more optimal to start them when you first get the chance)

  • I am playing Arkham City

  • As if I weren't juggling enough games already I'm starting Danganronpa 3 right now.

  • I've got a few games on the go at the moment, but with picking up Hack G.U's re-release today, I've decided to go through the trilogy again.

  • Since the release I have been playing nothing else but Super Mario Odyssey, I have finished world 9 for now (I always choose the upper world when given a choice), have 293 moons and got all purple coins, costumes and purchasable stuff I can get so far.

  • I never watched much South Park back in the day but I enjoyed Stick of Truth back when it came out so I got Fractured But Whole the other day. So far I like it, dunno if I prefer the grid based combat to the more Paper Mario-ish style the first one had but it's fine. Jimmy's still the best partner from what I've played.

  • playing

    Persona 5 - Think I'm about 10-15 hours from the end. My joy for this game has been dipping for the past few dozen hours. I think its due to it being a really long game(I'm just about to hit 100 hours) Hope I can finish it soon. As I get older, the less and less I enjoy super long games.

    Evil Within 2 - In chapter three. only about 4-5 hours in and enjoying it so far.

    Mario Odyssey - Enjoy this but I'll been taking my time with this one for sure.

  • I can understand all the criticisms people have with Evil Within 2, but I'm still having a blast with it. I missed a key though...and I'm pretty sure it's in a place I can't go back to...worst feeling ever!

  • I feel like that old Penny Arcade comic about Shadow Hearts is highly relevant to how my playthrough of Fractured But Whole is going so far.

  • Started playing VA-11 HALL-A and I'm addicted. The writing is great, the music is fantastic and the art is so on point, you can definitely lose hours to it. I'm trying to pace myself though.