[Official] What are you playing?

  • @Axel Yeah, I had just finished 0 and went into Kiwami and felt a lot of what you're feeling now. I put it down (with intention to go back) just to give myself a little distance from it. Even though I was enjoying the story, it just wasn't enough to keep me around but I'm sure I'll finish that fight sometime next year.

  • I'm currently playing thru some backlog. I dropped NITW, and started The Witcher 3 expansions. I'm prob gonna try and finish Horizon after putting that down for P5 earlier this year too.

  • .hack G.U. Last Recode Volume 1
    Finished and completed it, Book of 1000 on level cap, all Vital Vista (Bikman etc) sidequest completed, Abyss Quest done, Doppelgänger beaten, everyone I can level is at the level cap, I'm ready for Volume 2.

    Cyberdimension Neptunia
    My Guild Rank is Level 4 now and I'm on the search for the 3rd artifact.

  • I've been watching more than gaming just recently, that said, I have been working my way through .hack G.U again slowly.

    It's the best game released this year, but I can't fairly count it as a 2017 release though. There are a number of things that bug me though, to which I suggest sticking to the original I you can. The biggest one though is this huge exp boost they have implemented, it trivialises the entire game without you even trying or knowing about it.

  • @Sheria I was definitely wondering about that, because I remembered having a much more difficult time of things in what I played of Infection and Mutation.

  • @Minamik said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    @Sheria I was definitely wondering about that, because I remembered having a much more difficult time of things in what I played of Infection and Mutation.

    There's even a cheat mode if you want it. I'm just disappointed that a remake feels a need to make such drastic changes and not give an option to play it as normal.

    I did notice they gave the email from BlackRose right away. It's only fair, but it will still confuse people

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    Picked up Final Fantasy XV again now that Im done with Horizon Zero Dawn. Also started to stream on twitch, that was so much fun that I decided to keep on streaming a couple times a week and hope I finally can get around to finish this game!

  • Just finished the first ending for Nier: Automata... wow. That game escalated to an insane level once I hit the Twisted Religion quest. I loved every damn second of that sequence. Apparently, it only gets better from here, so I'm insanely curious about what I have to experience next.

  • @SabotageTheTruth the second playthrough can drag a bit as its 75% stuff youve already done i had to take a break at this point but stick with it

  • I just bought a PS4! I also bought with it The Last Guardian, Persona 5, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5. I'm really excited!

  • Did you guys know you could find akuma in Breath of the Wild?

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    Did you guys know you could find akuma in Breath of the Wild?

    See? A kuma! Hyuk hyuk hyuk!

    alt text

  • Shadow of War

  • I've reached the final stage of Cuphead, I found a few parts of the game too frustrating for my liking and somewhat cheap, and the highs were not so good to make love the game, I think it is fine, the style is great and very well implemented for sure, but when and if I actually beat the game I'll probably just uninstall it from my PC and never think of it again, I guess I didn't really find it memorable to put it simply

  • Chipping away at Ys Origins for 30 minutes here and there when I get home from college. Really loving it so far, combat is really fun and addictive and the boss fights are amazing, only cost me 10 euro so I'm super happy with it. Great podcast game if anyone is in the mood for something to play while getting through an audiobook or something.

    Started .hack//GU vol 1 rebirth last night and played for about two hours or so. Looks really nice and the music is amazing, CyberConnect always delivers on the music front. I wasn't expecting so much lore packed into it though which is really nice, reading emails and scouring forums is pretty cool too. They really nailed the feel of it being an actual MMO. Also, the cutscenes are on point too, but if you played any of the Naruto games or Asura's Wrath you knew that already.

  • I finished Hack G.U Rebirth and have decided to install Peach Beach Space next, I've only had 5 mins with it though.

  • Anyone played ELEX on ps4??
    I want to play it but the reviews are not promising.

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    @A7X458 Im in the same boat, I wanted to but then the reviews really scared me off! let me know if you decide to give it a go

  • Been playing and almost finish with Trails in the Sky and I am so in love with the world and characters, it really feels like an adventure, amazing jrpg that fans of the genre should check out. Makes me think of Grandia (1), just that sense of adventure is so fun and the two main characters are fantastic

  • @ACardAttack Trails of Hype!