[Official] What are you playing?

  • After spending a good part of the last two days listening to the soundtrack I determined that I need to play Persona 3 again, so time to dust off the good old PS2

  • Just finished playthrough B of Nier: Automata. I feel mixed on it -

    I loved the added context for certain situations that didn't make sense, or bosses that just existed in the first playthrough. The opera singer background story I thought was especially effective. While it is a little annoying to do some of the same tasks as before, you obviously complete them much more quickly and hacking lets you finish fights with ease - maybe too much ease as the hacking mini games are very easy and do insane amounts of damage.

    I'd say the second playthrough did hit me a little harder in certain aspects and from the little I've played of the third, things are about to change drastically.

  • It's December 1st, which means I begin my month-long journey of replaying Christmas NiGHTS Into Dreams every few days (it's like twenty minutes to do both courses so it's not like that's saying much, but still) till the 25th. My old saves got wiped since my Saturn's battery died apparently since the last time I used it, which sucks but isn't a huge deal. Feels good to re-unlock all the presents at least.

    My personal best is around 295k so I'm hoping I can cross that 300k mark this year somehow. I actually managed to pull off the Gillwing trick to get his entire tail in one loop the first time, which was insane since I always have trouble with it and besides that the rest of the run was real sloppy since I'm horribly out of practice. Sadly I couldn't in the Elliot run until I'd already wasted too much time for a good multiplier (which in my experience is easier to get a high score in) and only got around 265k. Ah well, there's still 24 more days.

  • After 280 hours of playtime I have finally obtained the Platinum trophy from Persona 5, the one that I tragically missed in my unguided second playthrough because of one silly quest and one Treasure Demon I didn't know existed. It should have been mine long ago, especially considering I was probably in the first thousand to beat the game in English (according to my estimations and the trophy percentages) and immediately replaying it, nevertheless it is finally mine, now to finish this third playthrough.

  • .Hack//G.U.

    Just having fun. On Part 2 right now, getting ready for more tournament stuff.

  • @DeweyDTruman said in [Official] What are you playing?:

    My personal best is around 295k so I'm hoping I can cross that 300k mark this year somehow.

    alt text

    Never underestimate the paraloop on Gillwing's tail. I thought this run was a lost cause until I got it (even if I did waste more time than I wanted to.)

  • Played a few hours of Persona 3 FES over the weekend.

    Atlus please remake this, it will be great.

  • @bard91 I wanna say that Persona 3 dancing game gives hope of a remake but then again it isn't like they ever did anything with the P4 DAN models, so I dunno.

  • @DeweyDTruman I've thought about that as well, one thing that makes me wonder is what exactly P Studio has been working on since P5 (which went gold around may of 2016) as I find it hard to believe that they've all been working on the dancing games, and I can't imagine they are looking into future installments at this point.

  • Wolfenstein 2 veeeeeeeeeery slowly. I'm in the middle of finals so I'm making progress at a snails pace.

  • well there goes playthrough 2 in anticipation of Cold steel 3 video/song may contain spoilers
    removed video even thumbnail has spoilers and cant find a video of just the song :(

  • @bard91 Catherine 2! :p

  • @Minamik while I would love that I think that Catherine 2 would be pretty weird, but I'm more than open to any other weird ideas they may have

  • @bard91 I think I'd just be fine with a PS4 remaster actually. Hmm...Catherine had coop, right? Man, that'd make a crazy stream, hahaha.

  • @Minamik that would actually make a lot of sense given the competitive scene and everything so yeah that would be pretty sweet, I wonder how much influence Sega might actually have with Atlus on that, they have mentioned they are looking to strengthen their relationship and seeing how Sega's has been doing a lot of rereleases it makes me hopeful that may also happen with Atlus, afterall it's already kinda happening with Odin Sphere and Dragon's Crown.

    Besides that, been playing a little Shovel Knight as well, and yep that game is really awesome.

  • @FF7Cloud

    Just finished it, gonna post a thread here soon about it, loved it!

  • @bard91 Actually, ya know what, maybe a Switch port? Having Catherine on the go for some quick runs once in a while sounds pretty good.

  • Still playing Christmas NiGHTS. Don't think I'll be able to top this any time soon.

  • @DeweyDTruman Jolly. The Saturn is the secret best console.

  • I'm currently slowly playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I haven't really put that much time into it at all due to work, school, and life being petty crazy for the past few weeks but I'm enjoying it so far. There are a few voices I'm not a fan of but I am in love with Pyra's English VO, such a beautiful voice in my opinion.

    I picked up Halo Wars a little bit ago and have been slowly chipping away at it. I'm not very good at RTS games but I love them. I think this one is decent, but maybe only because it's a Halo game.

    I thought I was over Call of Duty at this point in my life but my friends who I used to play with all the time on MW2 through Blops2 all finally have PS4s. We all set aside one night to rent WW2 from a Red Box and it was a lot of fun so we are ended up getting it. I never play solo but it's always a good time playing a good CoD with buddies. The campaign was also pretty good, definitely better than Ghosts and Blops3.