[Official] What are you playing?

  • Just started 2nd playthrough of P5.

  • @TokyoSlim That's neat, are you just in the first arc still? Going for any different confidants?

    I started playing New Nier after playing the demo like thrice. It's real dumb that the prologue doesn't have checkpoints. The combat is fun but the starting weapon set hasn't impressed me and I don't see why people hold Platinum combat up so far in this game.

  • @Haru17 yeah in terms of combat I just think it is alright, and not up to the same level of other Platinum games, to me personally that was fine seen how the first Nier is one of my favorite games and it plays like crap.

  • @Haru17 I got all the confidants but like 3 or 4 maxed on the first pass, mostly just going back through for the atmosphere.

  • Continued on my love/hate journey through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 today, and reached a weird place that I can't talk about, because the spoiler tag doesn't work midsentence?

  • Ive took a break fron Xenoblade 2. Hoping they do a patch to fix the many problems it has. lm currently playing through Wolfenstien 2 really enjoying it. Probably my favourite movie of 2017

  • The Yugioh nostalgia trip continues, I ordered a copy of Duelists of the Roses for the PS2 and it came in the other day. Loved it as a kid, and after playing the first level against Weevil this morning I think it's still cool as hell and a very interesting take on the series. Always loved the whole "Deck Leader" concept, reminds me of Commanders in Magic the Gathering.

  • I've been itching to play Horizon but I promised myself I'd finish some of the games I have in limbo first.

    For Nier: Automata, I completed the third run and... I gotta admit, I'm confused. The C route is the one everyone seems to brag about but it doesn't have the scope of A route or the context of B route. It just felt like a lot of filler honestly. I appreciate seeing things from a different perspective and the increased levels of nihilism, but the pace just... felt off. I don't know how many more hacking mini games I can complete before my brain explodes from lack of interactivity - a real and very dangerous problem to worry about. I'm about 40 hours in and... I kinda just want it to be over already. I had a lot of fun the first 30 hours or so, but it's starting to overstay its welcome a bit. Maybe I'm just a broken human being, I have no idea. Hopefully D and E are breezy and I'll knock it out over the weekend.

    I did love the concept of the end boss of C - A2 and 9S fighting very similar enemies and it cutting between their battles - but the cuts were too frequent. 30 seconds of shooting with 9S, 30 seconds of slashing with A2, rinse and repeat far too many times.

    It felt really good to return to Cuphead after an extended absence. I cleared through the remaining bosses in the third world pretty easily, which surprised me considering how rusty I was. Then I hit the gatekeeper to the rest of world 4 and the gauntlet of mini bosses that comes along with that. Whew... first time I've felt like a second player would benefit me greatly. I think I'll just keep picking away at it occasionally but it's such a joy to play and absorb. I'm still impressed with each new background, song, and enemy I see.

  • Neir Automata: still doing side quests in B play through about to enter the forest
    Horizon: about 5 hours in just playing around the world doing quest and getting used to the controls
    Until Dawn: i would say im about half way through
    Xenoblade 2: about 20 hours in

    vandam just died

  • Playing through FFVII for the first time ever (PS4 port).

  • Back on 999 on Vita in the Nonary Games collection. I had finished VLR and ZTD before this but lost track at some point. Time to stick with it and finish the trilogy out of order.

  • @SabotageTheTruth I completely understand burnout with Automata near the end, and it is in part why I like it less than the original even if it is in most aspects a much better game.

    Danganronpa 3 in the middle of chapter 5

    I really hope there's some big twist or revelation to come because the reveals thus far in this chapter have left a pretty bad taste to me

  • Finally got around to starting Yakuza 0. I'm only a couple of hours in, digging it so far.

  • Finally got round to the Gravity Rush 2 DLC and finished it. It was fine for what it was (and the price) but it was just a collection of the things I enjoy the least about the series. More Raven is always a good though.

  • Something shocking has happened in my life. Something that has greatly altered how I see myself as a gamer. A game has altered the way I think about the world around me. I played Splatoon2. I haven't ever spent more than like 2 hours in a shooter. The issue I have with shooters isn't that I dislike them in concept or anything, but I just get motion sickness very easily and they tend to bring it on. But, I played Splatoon2, and no motion sickness! (Probably because it's third person.) I'm having a blast with this game! I never thought I would really dive deep into Splatoon, it always looked cool but I didn't think I'd be able to play with people who were much more experienced then me and enjoy it. Much to my surprise the game is really easy to pick up, and now at level 9 (I've only had the game for 2 days) I'm enjoying pretty much every moment. I don't play competitive games very often but I've learned just how fun it is to work as a team and face off against other players. And I think I've improved a lot since I started playing, so I feel like I'm carrying my own weight on the team. Outside of battling I've also learned to appreciate the fashion, music, and visuals of Splatoon2. I had no idea how crazy stylish and cool this game was!

    TLDR: Splatoon2 is awesome and I love it.

  • @michemagius i recieved it for christmas i have to complete some games before i get into it but hopefully later this month i can put some time into it

  • @FF7Cloud It's a fun in between game. I usually pick it up and play for like 20-30 minutes at a time.

  • @michemagius yea thats a good way to play however nhl 18 is that for me right now

  • @FF7Cloud Sounds like a good in between game. But be forewarned if you find yourself in a wide open space with varying terrain in real life, you will start trying to figure out where best to spray ink.

  • @michemagius hahahah ill keep that in mine :P