[Official] What are you playing?

  • The Stunt series for GTA5 has actually got me interested in GTA:Online again, also I feel the sudden urge to buy Trackmania

  • Now playing through SteamWorld Heist. Jesus, that is one slick fucking game. And it's so much damn fun too!

    For those not in the know, it's basically 2D XCom with a dash of Worms, featuring steampunk robots in space. It doesn't get better than that.

  • Just started I am Setsuna. So far I'm really liking it!

  • Started and completed the SFV story mode. Absolutely awful stuff. It's so jarring going from something like Uncharted 4 which is so expertly crafted to such a poorly cut mess.

  • I just bought Dead Nation: Apocalypse during a PSN flash sale. What a super fun game. I've always been a fan of twin stick shooters, and this scratches that itch perfectly.

  • I am playing a game called "I am KyleBosman"

    alt text

  • I got stuck and gave up on Ys Book 1 a long time ago. Just turned it on for the hell of it and got unstuck. At the final dungeon and have no idea what is going on. Dang.

  • @parasitepaladin Just restart Ys I is only about 3 hours long.
    @Whoaness ......Why??.

  • I just started to replay S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl with Complete 2009 mod. It's a bit different after going through something like Fallout 4...

  • Destiny has become my go to game on a daily basis. I'm amazed of how much content and overall improvements Bungie has made to Destiny since its somewhat messy vanilla release.

    I love playing PvP and PvE. There's just so much you can do and it doesn't get old. And they added an arena. Just sucks how hard its been trying to get my light level up since I got it to 285. And I'm just under 300 light, but need 320 to really do these raids and nightfall strikes with a little more ease. Also joined a clan via the nice Destiny app and have people to play PvP with more often than not. And a video posted on the group chat really helped my confidence and gameplan.

  • @ErbenSebastian Yeah, I'm with you on that. I LOVE Batman stuff and rarely buy new games day one. Don't get me wrong, the game looks great and plays great. The batmobile is fun to drive and chase around but those tank missions....My poor wife had to hear my loud profane rantings on what the hell is with all the stupid tank missions. Those really bummed me out.

    I just beat Uncharted 4. Good game. It's not groundbreaking, but graphics and presentation are top notch.

    Looking to continue Ocarina of Time. Hoping to start and finish Inside sometime this week. A while back I started making my way through the MGS series. Stepped away from it for awhile but I think I'll jump back in. So next big game to play through will be MGS 4.

  • Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Elite Dangerous and I'm thinking of returning to WoW :/

  • Bravely Second. I was craving a JRPG to play while I wait for Dragon Quest 7 and really enjoyed the first game, even with the horrible last half. So far I'm really digging it.

    Me and my girlfriend are also playing through Borderlands 2 coop, so that's been pretty fun too.

    I also downloaded I Am Setsuna, so I'll probably taker that for a spin at some point.

  • Almost done with Shadow of Mordor main missions. I stopped playing it when I got hooked to Destiny. And I was getting bored of killing captains and trying to unlock abilities. Unfortunately, you can't brand enemies to your side till towards the end of the game. This would have been a nice ability to have unlocked no more than halfway through the story.

    Also want to finish this up so I can put some time aside to start Bloodborne.

  • I've been saving up a few vita games for a backpacking trip I'll be going on but I've finally decided to let loose a few weeks early and start Zero Time Dilemma.

    Just watched a recap of the other two, forgot how insane yet wonderful the stories were :)

  • Been playing Downwell over the weekend and got really into it, it's a pretty addictive shooter / platformer roguelike - this guy explains why it's so good better than I could...

    Youtube Video

    Gonna start Hyper Light Drifter today :D

  • Finished The Wind Waker yesterday. Solid 6/10.

    Playing through Paper Mario right now, and going to start Monkey Island 2 and Metal Gear Rising soon.

  • Started playing Bloodborne. As a Souls veteran (Demons and DS1), it has been an adjustment. I died at least 15 times trying to reach the checkpoint after the top of the church after the clinic. Lost all my vitals and currency. Then saw I was suppose to buy the armor from the bath messenger in the dream that essentially doubles your health.

    So I ended up restarting the game, as I wasn't far from the start. Got the armor, and starting doing much better. Helps that I learned to not be intimidated by the sheer number or size of unknown foes. As my charge from the extended axe can take them out, and to engage enemies one on one for the most part. Still learning how to time gun shots to stagger enemies. As the second boss gave me a hard time before I finished him. And I had to get used to not using a shield, relying more on the dodging mechanic that isn't full proof to avoid attacks.

    I'm getting far. But its been a tense ride. Any enemy that gets the jump on you, can kill you if you aren't careful. And there's no good starting shield to hide behind. Although I haven't tried the wood shield I just got.

  • Started playing Grim Fandango on PS4. I'm mostly using a guide because I want to experience the game without wasting a ton of time figuring out how to move forward. Still really enjoying it though

    I'm downloading Furi now.. I'm really excited to give that a try after all the positive things I've been hearing about it

  • Ive just finished FF1 and have starting streaming FF2 over on http://twitch.com/0m39a its an event to play every FF up to the release of FF15 http://ffcountup.com #FFCountUp (sorry if this is a bad place to post this)