[Official] What are you playing?

  • Okami HD PS4 : fun game with amazing art and soundtrack, but the game is too long. ( 40+ hours)

    CoD WW2 : played 3 missions and i love the story and the characters.

    Yooka-Laylee:i played the first zone and i like this game type of ''4th wall breaking'' humour but it's seems like a high seven.

  • Cleared the story mode in Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma. Hadn't played since Continuum Shift Extend, so it was fun getting back into the weird story.

  • Still playing A Hat in Time. Battle of the Birds is a 10.

    Especially the fight with the conductor. I almost wish I didn't replay the sneaking mission (by the way I loved how there was a giant TV with a Metal Gear Solid title screen in one of the rooms and another was just straight up that area from the tanker in MGS2 where there's a hundred soldiers all lined up) to get his score higher. I wanna see what it would have been like if I fought the DJ instead.

  • I usually try not to start several games at once.. but I've got a lot on my plate right now. Nioh, Prey, Doom, Nex Machina, Cuphead, Divinity 2, Hollow Knight.. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed

  • Well...since it was free on PS+, I just played through Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness. It was...so so, but I guess it was decent enough for me to see it through. Not sure how happy I am with the ending I got though.

  • I've gone back to Batman Arkham Asylum. It's seemed rather mad that I've got all four of the games, but only ever really touched the first one. It's just one of those series that I kept buying, but never put a new game on because I want to finish the first, first. I made it to just after Bane last time, but that was yonks ago, I was also playing on hard back then, something that I just don't really do anymore, so It's on easy this time.

  • Welp, my neck decided it wanted to give me tremendous pain this past week, but I have been able to get some gaming in.

    Still working on Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm having a good time, I still really enjoy Aloy as a character, but I gotta say, they made the stealth mechanics extremely easy to exploit in this game. Wait in tall grass, lure over one enemy, stealth kill, lure in another enemy, stealth kill, continue until all threats in the area are wiped out. This is especially hilarious for human enemies that will sometimes make a comment about a dead body (or y'know, like 8 of them) near a patch of grass, but will still continue to eagerly walk inside my death trap.This doesn't work for the larger creatures luckily, but my "fear" of dying in the open world has been greatly diminished. Finished one cauldron so far which is a highlight of the game and finally reached Meridian when I stopped playing.

    Even though I've seen Jones play it already, I decided to give Batman: The Telltale Series a spin, since it's free. Full disclosure, I'm not a huge fan of Telltale but I do like Batman just fine, so that leads to some thoughts that are all over the place. I won't harp on the engine too much because everyone does and it's obvious how complacent Telltale has become, but woof.. look at this example. I finished Chapter 3 last night and instead of showing me the percentage of players that went for my choices, I was treated to a black screen with some music. No big deal, I'll just exit the game, load it back up, and go to the "My Choices" section of the menu. Hmm, weird... when I go into that section, I'm treated to the menu visual of Bruce/Batman transitioning between each other, but nothing else... and I can't back out. Close the game, same thing. Check forum posts from a year ago... and people reported the exact same problem and it's just never been fixed. Considering I've done some things radically different from Jones, I was pleasantly surprised to see things did change around a bit - I mean, it's still the illusion of choice, but there do seem to be some "consequences", even if those are more aesthetic in nature.

    For example, in dealing with Harvey Dent -

    It just seems like he's going to fly off the handle, no matter what you do. Two-Face has gotta be Two-Face. Yet Jones went out of his way to protect and save Harv whenever he could, and I let him become burned by a spotlight... making my version of Two-Face actually look more appropriate. Characters in the world do comment on how deformed he is now and he even carries a mask around to try and hide the shame. Cool touch, although if there was a way to avoid him turning at all, that would be so much more impressive.

    I'm having a good enough time but I'm certainly glad I didn't pay money for it.

  • Yume Nikki is really, really good. A surrealist, horror indie adventure game made in RPGmaker from 2004. There's a new countdown for a new game or something. Some of the artwork for the new game has been gotten from that site and looks pretty horrifying. One image in particular.

    But for the game itself is something else. You're just traveling through various dream worlds trying to collect "effects" which change your appearance and sometimes do other things. A lot of wandering around and looking at crazy stuff and being creeped out. No dialogue, story, objectives Just a bunch of weird visuals and creepy music. It's free on Steam and worth spending 15-20 minutes looking around at the very least.

  • Not sure I'm liking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided too much...it's all a bit complicated to me, and it being first person doesn't help.

  • @Minamik It can be pretty tough knock the difficulty down you'll probably have a better time until you become accustomed to the games systems.

  • Yeah...I gave up on Deus Ex, lol. Just wasn't feeling it....and then I decided to finally start something equally overwhelming...The Witcher 3...I never learn!

  • @Minamik Witcher 3 is my all time favorite open world game

  • Haven't posted in a while and I've managed to finish a few games that I wanted to before handing in my GOTY votes. That said, still playing a few others.

    Persona 5
    I'll probably use the topic more to talk about Persona 5 but I've put 12 or so hours into the game so far. I finished up just after completing the first dungeon so I've yet to properly see the effects of that decision. I've been loving the game so far, no surprise that the look and music is just incredible. I love digging into any cutscenes, I absolutely adore the victory music and the music for the final push in the palace. Incredible! I've found most of the side characters to be awful in the best possible way so far. They're all mean bar one who I think is nice for very obvious reasons after an in game day or two.

    Now I'm looking forward to getting back to it since I've finished off some other chunky games

    Hollow Knight
    Another one that I wanted to play some, I've only played 2 hours of it so far and been in maybe 3 areas and it's everything I'd want from that kind of game so far. The animations in the game are really impressive. There has already been a nice mix of enviroments, the general tone is really great. I've really liked all the npc characters you meet and so far the enemy design has been really cool. It is a lot more forgiving than I thought it'd be from what people had said. I heard the usual souls combined with other genre comments but you're given a decent chunk of health and are able to get back health pretty easily.

    So another game I'm looking forward to getting some more time in to.

    Majora's Mask
    Just an update on this. I've beaten the first two dungeons and put it down again. I was and am having a great time. I just think I've come to really admire what they went for as opposed to loving it. As an example, I was rushing through the second dungeon area and afterwards I still had some time to do a race etc so I did and won it. This gives me a certain prize but of course I've no time to really use it for it's purpose so I thought fine, surely the area will be cleared anyway. Of course after resetting time, the area was back to it's old self. So you'd have to go back and clear the dungeon again. I just found that a bit frustrating really as there is no way you're going to complete that side mission in the time needed without having to redo it. So after that, I just put down the game and have taken a break from it. Still really like it and I will finish it, I just had enough for that time.

    Not much to say here but I've been going for competitive play a lot more with the new PC and with the Overwatch League starting. Hoping to push on up at least a rank to Diamond but we'll see how it goes. Either way, still having a blast with this game.

  • I was about to buy Divinity 2, then I realized that I haven't actually played The Witcher 3 yet, so that kept me from doing so and I may imagine I'll be playing that in small intervals for a long time.

    Also playing Oxenfree, love the setup and I think it was executed very well for the most part, I'm interested enough right now that I think I would consider starting it again once done and see if it varies in any interesting ways.

  • @bard91 It's meant to be played a couple of times at least to get the full story I didn't know this until I read it somewhere later. Its actually quite clever the way it's done.

  • Stardew Valley. SO MUCH Stardew Valley. I didn't believe the hype until I played it but now I'm hooked.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2: just hit the 40h mark
    Neir: started route 3
    Just bought my first 2018 game digimonj story hackers memory

  • Just started Final Fantasy XV. I already like Ignis.

  • Played the Monster Hunter World Beta all weekend. Enjoyed it so much that I bought it on the spot. Now I'm just patiently waiting till the full release on Friday.

  • I just realized I'm not playing anything! Help!