[Official] What are you playing?

  • Monster Hunner and Telltale Batman

  • @Musou-Tensei i grinded a couple levels did some side missions and my whole party is now 62

    i beat that Sephiroth wannabe's ass just to have another bossfight right after that is 2 levels higher so i have to grind again lol

  • @FF7Cloud No his 1hit kill chance is only for humanoid enemies, AFAIK no rare balde has it for beasts, so you need a common blade that ahs that (it's the yellow dots on the affinity chart).

  • @Musou-Tensei just rolled the credits

  • I'm a couple of hours in Ys VIII. Was holding of playing it until the localisation patch came out. Combat super fast I can tell already I'm going to enjoy it.

  • Monster Hunter World! Got up to getting the quest to fight a monster so I can start making (I assume) mantles.

  • Dissidia worth a purchase?

  • I'm weak. I bought the latest WWE game again even though I told myself I wasn't gonna this year. My initial takeaway is that I'm glad I'm finally able to do a proper survivor series match, but jesus does the framerate tank when you get 8 people on the screen.

  • Just bought a 3DS and currently trying out Super Mario 3D Land. It's so jolly and fun!

  • Nier: Automata
    The Evil Within 2
    TitanFall 2 - Campaign (heard great things)
    Shovel Knight

    I have Persona 5 on the backlog. Need to clear at least one of the above!

  • @bam541 Oh wow, if you’re just jumping into 3DS for the first time, you have quite an extensive library of great games awaiting!

  • Streaming some Dragon Quest 11
    Youtube Video

  • @Billy Yeah, it's a bit overwhelming actually lol. My previous handheld was the PSP, been with me for 10 years, and it died last week unfortunately. I absolutely loved it, i have pretty much tried out almost every game it has to offer, and i'm ready to do the same with the 3DS. Too bad there's not much racing games and shooters though.

  • Literally, all I have dreamed about (or remember having dreams about) for this past week has been hunting monsters. The addiction is real.

    Also, really hoping a ska band makes a song about Pukei-Pukei already.

  • @bam541 I've still got a ton of PSP games I haven't even managed to get around to yet, haha.

  • Started playing Pokemon Crystal. With the way I play 3DS games most of the time I'm probably gonna spend most of my time on this game at night and I think that might be a good thing. The music and setting of Johto always kinda gave me this melancholic feel, if that makes any sense, so playing it at night just kinda works.

  • More Dragon Quest
    Youtube Video

  • I picked up Celeste on Switch, has anyone else been playing it?

    It's an indie 2D platformer and... wait, don't leave yet! It's actually really good! I'm usually not into minimalist pixel art graphics, but this one got so many amazing reviews (it's sitting at 91 on Opencritic) that I had to give it a shot, and I'm not regretting it.

    The controls are tight and precise (I recommend a d-pad over an analog stick though). There are new mechanics introduced regularly, you never feel like you're going through the motions. It's very challenging but always fair, you respawn instantly and each room autosaves so you never have to repeat more than a few seconds of gameplay. You may die 50 times in the same room before finally conquering it, and it feels GOOD!

    On top of that, it has a charming lead and simple but compelling story. And it's by the creator of TowerFall Ascension.

    Check it out!

  • Chapter 11 of digimon hackers memory

  • well so much for not buying games until my backlogs cleaned up just bought yakuza kiwami for 15 bucks